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Durapipe Water Treatment - Plastic Systems

Pipework systems

for Water Treatment

Plastic pipework solutions...

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Durapipe ABS

Durapipe ABS is a lightweight and corrosion-free material that is commonly used for low

temperature fluid transportation. ABS is designed to operate at a wide temperature range

and the system remains ductile even at temperatures as low as -40°C.

ABS pipework is suitable for a multitude of different applications within water treatment.

It is typically used for chilled and process water, cooling water and general water and

sewerage treatment.

Durapipe Air-line Xtra

Durapipe Air-line Xtra is a purpose designed pipework system for the distribution of air, a

lightweight and non-corrodible system with a protective layer on the inside of the pipe,

Durapipe Air-line Xtra is the ideal solution for ensuring that air is kept clean and

uncontaminated until use.

Durapipe PVC-U

PVC-U has become the established material for the pipework requirements of water and

waste treatment applications. PVC-U allows the safe transportation of different fluids and

even some chemical concentrates without fear of corrosion and environmental pollution.

Durapipe PVC-U is fully WRAS approved and the fully matched system of pipe, fittings

and valves is available in both metric and imperial sizes.


C-PVC is ideally suited for the conveyance of hot and cold water, the material is suitable

for transporting corrosive solutions at elevated temperatures up to 95ºC.

C-PVC is lightweight & extremely easy to install making it a cost effective alternative to

either copper or steel.

Durapipe FIP – Manual & Actuated valves

We offer a complete range of manual and actuated valves to suit a variety of different

applications. The valve range includes ball valves, butterfly & diaphragm valves,

sediment strainers and air release valves which can all be manufactured in materials to

compliment the pipe and fittings ranges.

Furthermore, a dedicated in-house actuation team provide an unrivalled service level

including technical advice and assembly of actuated valve packages which can be

delivered to site within 48 hours.

Durapipe FLS – Flow control & Monitoring

In addition to our valves offering, we also provide a range of flow control and monitoring

products offering cost effective flow measurement solutions.

The range includes a selection of variable area flow meters and the innovative FlowX3 &

ChemX3 family of products. These highly engineered products can be interfaced with

monitors, indicators and transmitters and the range includes both paddlewheel and

electromagnetic flow sensors which can be used as important tools when measuring

flow for waste


Plastic pipework systems for the

Water & Waste Treatment Industry

Durapipe UK has been at the forefront of

thermoplastic pipework for over half a

century. Our products are used in a variety of

different applications around the World and

are manufactured to the highest standards.

The pipework requirements of the water and

waste treatment industry can be complex and

diverse, whether it be for the transfer of

potable water, waste water, reverse osmosis

systems, slurries, ultra pure water or effluent

treatment, our wide range of products are

ideally suited to fulfil these needs.

Our high quality, fully matched plastic

systems of pipes, fittings, valves and flow

monitoring products, are the perfect

pipework choice for numerous water

processing applications.

Waste Water

Our products meet the highest level of international standards and

approvals including the appropriate drinking water standards. In particular,

Durapipe ABS is the commonly used system for the mass movement of

contaminated water and sewage. Durapipe ABS is available with a full

range of pipes, fittings and valves up to a large diameter of 315mm/12”.

Industrial Water Treatment

Durapipe PVC-U has become the industry

standard for the transportation of acidic

and caustic fluids. Furthermore, our

sophisticated range of flow control and

chemical monitoring products lead the way

in terms of technology for the handling of

corrosive liquids from industrial plants.

Pure Water

Durapipe ABS is the perfect pipework system for the

development of pure water via reverse osmosis or other

clean water processes. ABS pipework ensures that the water

remains completely pure due to the lack of plasticizers or

other contaminants in the system. Additionally, Durapipe

ABS is extremely ductile even at low temperatures and

operates with a 10-bar pressure rating.

Chemical Treatment

Our range of products are ideally suited to the

treatment of water. For example PVC-U & PVC-C

along with our specialist flow control packages

can be used to their full potential for Flocculation,

Ion exchange, Water softening, Chlorine/fluorine

dosing, Ph adjustment, Sulphate/nitrate removal

plus other chemical treatment processes.

Aeration Beds

Our highly engineered products are

widely used within aeration

facilities across the world,

including Durapipe Air-line Xtra,

which is our specialist system for

air distribution and for use with

certain compressor oils.

Standards and Approvals

Durapipe high performance plastic pipework systems are lightweight

and easy to install whilst having excellent corrosion and limescale

resistance properties.

Durapipe UK products are manufactured to the highest level and meet

the requirements of many international standards and approvals.

Both our Durapipe ABS & PVC-U pipework systems are WRAS approved

and our ABS system is approved for use within public water supplies

and by the Secretary of State. Durapipe ABS is listed in the “List of

Approved Products” published by the DWI.

Furthermore, our products are manufactured in an environment that

complies with the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

For further information on which of our products conform to the various

standards approvals shown below, please contact our technical support

team on 01543 272445.

Approved for use within public water

supplies and by the Secretary of State.

Durapipe ABS is listed in the “List of

Approved Products” published by the DWI.


Certificate no. FM34819

*Applies to

Durapipe pipes

and fittings

- inch series only

This document does not contain technical information.

For full technical specification along with advice on jointing procedures,

please contact our technical support team on 01543 272445

Durapipe UK reserves the right to modify the details in this publication as products and specifications are updated and improved.

The content of this publication is for general information only and it is the user's responsibility to determine the suitability of any

product for the purpose intended.

For further information on all Durapipe products and services contact our Customer Services Team as detailed below.

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