Trek Mount Rinjani April to November - Whistling Arrow

Trek Mount Rinjani April to November - Whistling Arrow

Trek Mount Rinjani

April to November

View from the summit

Camping on the crater edge View of the summit View down into the caldera

By the lake shore Tiu Kelep waterfall Lumbung-style cottage

‣ Setting the scene

Rising to 3726m, Mount Rinjani is one of the region’s best kept secrets. In our opinion, the strenuous four day

summit trek is one of the finest short adventures to be found anywhere in Asia. Indonesia’s second highest

volcano rewards intrepid trekkers with an unforgettable experience and a backdrop that is truly awe-inspiring,

almost otherworldly; A summit with huge panoramas, an immense caldera partially filled by a 200m deep crater

lake and spectacular Gunung Baru (New Mountain) rising from the depths in all its smoldering glory.

Mount Rinjani is also believed to be the abode of the local Gods. Every year Sasak and Balinese pilgrims climb

up to the crater lake known as Segara Anak (or Child of the Sea) to throw offerings into the holy waters and bathe

away their ailments in the nearby hot springs.

The volcano and its caldera are protected by the Gunung Rinjani National Park which was established in 1997

and its forests and savannahs are home to a rich variety of flora and fauna (although they can be difficult to spot).

These include the rare Ebony Leaf Monkey (or Lutung), the Leopard Cat (or Bodok Alas), the Palm Civet (or Ujat)

as well as a wide variety of birds including the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo which is found no further west than

Lombok (and the famous Wallace Line). Orchids are also a feature of the grassland areas and above the tree

line we also find Edelweiss (or Bunga Abadi).

‣ Experience required, gear and flights

The Rinjani summit trek is a serious undertaking and requires a good level of fitness and endurance although by

designing the trek over four days we have shortened the daily distances and allowed for plenty of time to

recuperate. In particular, the climb up to the summit (which begins in the dark to catch the stunning sunsets) is

tough and in parts involves scrambling over loose scree.

For this adventure you will be provided with an expert guide, porters, good food and first class camping

equipment. Our guide is vastly experienced, English speaking and trained in mountain rescue. He will arrange for

the National Park entry tickets and brief you on the route, the sights, as well as rubbish management and safety

procedures. In our opinion (and those of previous guests) he is the best on the mountain and we do not use

anyone else. Porters will carry all of the provisions and most of your gear and you can expect only the best tackle.

For example, you will have proper mountain tents, airbeds and a toilet tent. Prior to the departure date we will

also give you comprehensive advice on what (and what not) to bring.

At present flights to the new Lombok International Airport are via Bali, Jakarta, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

although new routes are expected to be added in 2012.

‣ The bottom line

Pricing depends on group numbers and the nature and length of any trip designed around the trek itself. It is

possible for example to combine the adventure with a stay at one of our distinctive accommodation options on

Lombok, some world class surfing or a cruise by traditional schooner to Komodo Island and her famous dragons.

‣ This is the outline of a previous trip we designed for a client in 2011. They were an adventurous family of

four with two children aged 17 and 15. Obviously, all trips can be tailored to suit different dates, groups

and their respective interests. Individual trip documents will be created for each distinct trip and will

include an exact costing and payment details (although these have been excluded in this example).

Day 1: Saturday August 13 th 2011

Fly to Lombok International Airport where you will be met and transferred to your rustic, lumbung-style family

bungalow on the slopes of Mount Rinjani. The road up through the emerald green rice terraces is bumpy but you

will be rewarded by stupendous views down the mountainside and out to sea. The accommodation

( is simple but spotlessly clean and the surroundings

are one of the most picturesque in Lombok. This is truly one of our best ever finds. The transfer will take

approximately 2-3 hours.

Day 2: Sunday August 14 th 2011

Spend the day acclimatizing, relaxing, swimming or exploring the local surroundings. There is a beautiful walk to

the natural springs and some interesting local Sasak villages nearby.

After dinner or a BBQ your hosts can arrange some wonderful music and dance by the local villagers around a


Day 3: Monday August 15 th 2011

After a hearty breakfast on the panoramic terrace an English speaking guide from the local village will lead you

through beautiful rice terraces on a 2-3 hour hike (one way) to the thunderous Tiu Kelep waterfalls. The Jurassic

falls rush over the fissured slopes falling 30 metres into a spectacular plunge pool. It is an awesome sight.

Spend the afternoon relaxing on the day beds or in the spring fed pool after the day’s exertions.

Day 4: Tuesday August 16 th 2011

Today the real adventure begins.

You will be transferred to Sembulan village and the start of your four day summit trek. The trail starts with a gentle

ascent through open grassland used by the local villagers to graze their cattle. After 3 hours you will reach a

resting post at 1500m with wonderful views of the summit. After a further hour the climb steepens through the

pine-like casuarinas known locally as cemara to the Sembalun crater rim at 2639m. Here you will make camp for

the night. The views down into the crater lake are breathtaking.

Day 5: Wednesday August 17 th 2011

A 3.00am start is required for the hard 3 hour climb to the summit at 3726m. The volcanic scree and the thin air at

altitude ensure that the going is tough and the trek to the top is a real achievement. The view of the morning

sunrise across the Bali straight is truly unforgettable and the panorama in all directions is spectacular. From the

summit you are also situated directly above the opening of the relatively new cone of Gunung Baru. You will then

return back down the ridge to the campsite and a well-deserved breakfast.

After breakfast you will proceed down to Mount Rinjani’s amazing crater lake. The trail is steep and takes 2 to 3

hours. Once there you can take a refreshing dip, explore the caves or try out the volcanic hot springs which locals

believe to have healing powers.

After lunch, you will have time to relax, recuperate and enjoy the spectacular surroundings. You will spend the

second night camping by the crater lake.

Day 6: Thursday August 18 th 2011

After breakfast and at your own leisure you will leave the lake behind you and climb for two and a half hours up to

the Senaru crater rim. Here you will make camp for the third night. The sunsets over the Northern Gili islands and

the view down into the crater are stunning.

Day 7: Friday August 19 th 2011

After watching the sunrise over the summit and a hearty breakfast you will descend down the long trail to Senaru

village. The surrounding tropical forest is inhabited by a large variety of birdlife, butterflies, orchids and long tailed

grey macaques. The trek down to Senaru takes 6 to 7 hours and there are several rest stops along the way.

After arriving in Senaru and the end of the adventure trek you will be then transferred to Teluk Nara and collected

by small boat for the short crossing to beautiful Gili Meno. The most pristine of the three Gili islands that lie off the

North West coast of Lombok, Gili Meno has picture postcard white sandy beaches, some great snorkeling and a

wonderful, laid back tropical island vibe.

Your accommodation for the next 3 nights is a lovely traditional family bungalow set in its own garden, just a short

walk from the beach (

Day 8 & 9: Saturday August 20 th and Sunday August 21 st 2011

Spend the next couple of days at your leisure relaxing, swimming and snorkeling. Your host can also arrange a

BBQ of freshly caught fish and is happy to serve up copious amounts of his local pineapple wine.

Day 10: Monday August 22nd 2011

Transfer by boat to mainland Lombok and onwards to the airport to catch your flight home.

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