Thank you for your interest in the COMO Foundation Ambassador

Challenge 2010.

Tell us why you want to visit a particular partner, and you may win

a chance to visit East Timor, Guatemala, India, Nepal, Peru, Sri

Lanka, Thailand, or Vietnam!

Please read the Competition Rules carefully, and complete

the form that follows. Please return the form to Rachel.Chhoa- before 20 August 2010.

Thank you and good luck!

Ming Tan and Rachel Chhoa-Howard, COMO Foundation

Competition Rules:

1. Travel: The Ambassador is responsible for obtaining all tickets, insurance and visas necessary for the trip, with the assistance of your HR

department. These costs will be covered by your property, which will in turn be reimbursed by the COMO Foundation. Travel costs are

based on:

• Rail: sleeper rate for overnight trips, reserved seat rate for day trips.

• Air: tourist or economy class fare using the most direct route, at the lowest unrestricted fare.

• Travel to and from airport by reasonable means, public transport where possible and by taxi or alternative transport where public

transport is impossible.

2. Local Expenses and Subsistence: Once at the destination, each Ambassador will be hosted by the local partner, who will take care of

meals, housing and local transport.

3. Travel Stipend: In addition to covering travel, lodging and subsistence, the Ambassador will receive a travel stipend of USD 100.

4. Additional Subsistence: Reasonable costs for lodging, meals or incidentals en route to the destination will be covered by the relevant per

diem for the country based on the official United Nations rates, which are revised four times a year. The Ambassador is entitled to such

additional subsistence if their transits are more than four hours long. These rates may be modified, by the COMO Foundation, taking into

consideration special local arrangements. Where travel does not include an overnight stay, the actual cost of meals and incidentals up to

the UN rate less the local lodging rate will be reimbursed. These costs will only be covered if there are no direct connecting

transport options.

5. The time away from the property will be counted as annual leave.

6. If the Ambassador chooses to spend more time in the country beyond the programme planned by the local host, he/she will be responsible

for applying for further annual leave and covering all lodging, meals, transport and incidentals.

7. Your image, story, report and photos may be used by the Foundation for informational purposes.







1) For staff of COMO Hotels and Resorts: What does the COMO Approach mean to you personally?

2) What do you do outside of work that is most meaningful to you?

3) Which organization would you like to visit, and why?

4) What skills can you bring to your organisation? (Most organisations have stated specific ways in which you could contribute to their work,

please review organisation profiles and include language skills.)

5) What do you hope to learn that you will bring back to your work and colleagues?

6) Travelling is an adventure. Give us an idea of what your travel route will be, and how much you estimate it would cost. Please highlight any

visas you may need to travel (including any transit visas).

Please attach another document (words document only) if the space provided is insufficient.

The table below will help you plan your trip. You may want to consult a local travel agent or travel websites such as or Travelocity.

com. (Do note that, should you win, you will organise your travel arrangements in collaboration with your property/company’s travel planners.)

Partner Location Closest Airport (Code)

Café Clinic Timor


Casa de Acogida Mantay


Fundacion Tradiciones Mayas de Guatemala

Gentle Fund

Rebuild Sri Lanka /Habaraduwa Centre

Kala Raksha

Little Sisters Fund

Pattanarak Foundation

SEWA, Self Employed Women’s Association

Dili, East Timor Dili International Airport (DIL)

Cusco, Peru Lima International Airport (LIM)

New Delhi, India New Delhi (DEL) International Airport

Panajachel, Guatemala Guatemala City Airport(GUA)

Hue, Vietnam Danang Airport (DAD)

Kathaluwa, Sri Lanka Colombo Airport (CMB)

Kutch, India Ahmedabad International Airport (AMD)

Kathmandu, Nepal Kathmandu Tribhuvan Airport (KTM)

Ubonratchatani, Thailand Ubonratchatani Airport (UBP), via Bangkok (BKK)

Ahmedabad, India Ahmedabad International Airport (AMD)

Upon completion, please save this form and send it to

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