International Women's Day 08 - Walgett - WAMS

International Women's Day 08 - Walgett - WAMS





On the 10th March 2008, WAMS hosted an International Women’s

Day Event. The theme this year was “100 Years of Women in Paid

& Unpaid Employment” which was targeted to all women within

the Walgett Shire.

The event commenced with the Women of Walgett Shire

Walk – Fox Street March from Euroka Street to Walgett

Sporting Club.

The goal was to celebrate the achievements of Women

within Walgett Shire and recognise the rights of Women

globally by facilitating a high profile march through Walgett

Central Business District.

WAMS Officers on the day were Georgiana N Butt (Sexual

Health Coordinator/Registered Nurse), Matty Fields (Public

Health Officer), Annette Kennedy (Aboriginal Health Worker

Midwifery Program) and Karnie Walford (Family Health


Partner Organisations included Walgett Shire Council, Country

Women’s Association, NSW Premier’s Office and Office for Women.

On the day fifty nine women from the Walgett Shire participated in the March. Nine

Walgett Community College Primary School Student’s participated and another thirty

women attended the breakfast and Community presentations at Walgett Sporting Club.

Senior Constable Tim Preston marched along side his family in support for Walgett Shire

women and assisted Walgett Police in traffic control for the event.

Participants who marched were from various locations within the Shire including Walgett,

Collarenebri and Lightning Ridge. Many marched with infants and young children displaying

a respect for those pioneer Women of the past, and a belief in the young generation who will

be our future Women of Walgett Shire.

Inspired by the International theme of 100 Years of Women in Paid and Unpaid

Employment, WAMS wanted to recognise the contributions and achievements

that local women have made and continue to make within our community.

Walgett Shire Council keenly supported this concept and thus a partnership

was formed to showcase our local Women for International Women’s


WAMS began designing a banner to be carried down Fox Street in

celebration of the achievements of our local Women in paid and

unpaid employment. Local businesses and Community Members were

asked to contribute a photograph of women who may have inspired

them in some way or lead by example for inclusion in the banner.

WAMS also collected images of Women in work within Walgett Shire

today to represent the work of Women in past enabling such varied

choice of employment in the present.

Walgett Aboriginal Medical Service Co-operative Ltd. 37 Pitt St (PO Box 396) Walgett

NSW 2832 Ph: (02) 6828 1611 Fax: (02) 6828 1201 Email:





With our proud banner in hand, WAMS coordinated the opening if International

Women’s Day 2008 with a march down Fox Street to showcase how inspiring

our local women are. WAMS gave a variety of beaded necklaces to

participants in the colours of International Women’s Day – Green,

White/Gold and Violet representing growth, new dawn and strength.

These colours also stand for ‘Give Women the Vote”.

Walgett Country Women’s Association coordinated a scrumptious

cooked breakfast followed by the presentation of awards for

Women nominated by the Community and coordinated by Walgett

Shire Council. The following Women were recipients:

Rural Relations Award Ms Jill Roughly

Indigenous Innovation Ms June Barker

Community Contribution Ms Barbara Moritz

Customer Commitment Ms Linda Schemtzer

Women with Vision Ms Jan Gudgeon

The Special Award* Mr Tim Preston

(*Those who support Women within our Community)

WAMS were thrilled to have received five nominations for Women within

the Organisation who have contributed to the Walgett Community. The

Nominations were:

Phyllis Tighe

Cheryl Amidy

Amy Townsend

Christine Corby

Georgiana Butt

Customer Commitment

Customer Commitment

Rural Relations

Women of Vision

Women of Vision

A larger number of participants attended for the Women of Walgett Shire Walk, some of whom had

travelled to attend the event. Having the opportunity to represent Walgett Women and walk for such an

inspiring event was truly rewarding. Organisers and Community Representatives stated how lovely it was

to see so many WAMS employee’s in uniform attending the march to show their support for the event

- comments that made us as WAMS Women very proud indeed!

Many positive comments were made about how ‘refreshing’ and ‘important’ the morning had been.

WAMS beaded necklaces were also an important contribution with many women wearing

them during the march and stating they were a significant symbol of Women’s Rights.

Walgett Community College Primary School Students held the banner at the

completion of the march being a symbol of hope of future generations of Women

within our community. The partnerships formed and strengthened during the

event between WAMS, Walgett Shire Council and other participants is one of the

highlights of this activity being a representation of what Women can achieve when

united in action.

The WAMS International Women’s Day Banner was one of the many highlights

of this event that may continue to grow and reflect the inspiring women of our

community for future generations.

The ability to work in partnership with other organisations is a reflection of

the commitment WAMS have to the Walgett Community and building on these

networks is vital to ensuring successful health promotion events for the future.

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