The 2013 NSC Recreational Soccer Presentation - Paper Valley ...

The 2013 NSC Recreational Soccer Presentation - Paper Valley ...

Neenah Soccer Club (NSC)

Coach’s Meeting – Recreational Soccer Season (April 6, 2013)


1. Introductions

2. G/Y1 Training Opportunity

3. Important Dates

4. Equipment Handout

5. NEW!

6. Festival

7. Game/Play – Q & A

8. Referee Fees

9. Field Maintenance Project

10. Practice Fields

11. Volunteers

12. Flatgrass

13. Sportsmanship

14. Scrip Program

15. Other

16. Open Discussion

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• Carlton Sealock– Facilitator

– Director of Recreational Program/Registrar

• Marti Coan

– President of NSC

• Trish Zander

– Vice President of NSC

• Other Board Members in Attendance

– Tom Wanamaker – Coaching Director

– Carmen Dietz – Director at Large/Equipment/Scrip

– Lori Sealock – Treasurer

– Lori Napier - Secretary

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G/Y1 Training Opportunity

• We will have an opportunity to do a G/Y1 training for all coaches that are

interested in getting a coaching license.

• Here are the details:

– When: Sunday May 5, 2013

– Where: Valley Athletics (720 East Shady Lane, Neenah)

– Check In Time: 1:30 – 2:00PM

– Start Time: 2:00 – 5:00PM

– How: We will need you sign up on the WYSA website for this after the meeting.


– Instructor: Craig Carlson (Associate Director of Coaching)

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Recreational games start week of May 6, 2013.

• Pictures

– May 15 & 16 at Horace Mann Middle School

East Central Soccer Jamboree 2013

June 8 - 9, 2013

Appleton Soccer Complex

Appleton, WI

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• At the end of this meeting you will be able to pick up your soccer equipment.

• We have Dick’s Sporting Goods sponsoring our Recreational Program again this


• This year we will be having a meet and greet with the coaches at Dick’s

Sporting Goods store in Appleton (Located next to Best Buy off Wisconsin Ave).

• On April 13, 2012, Dick’s will be celebrating Neenah Soccer Day which means

all members will receive 15% off all goods purchased.

• We will have all of your jerseys available at the store to hand out to the players.

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Meet and Greet Times

• U5 – 9:00AM – 10:00AM

• U6 – 10:00AM – 11:00AM

• U7/8G – 11:00AM – 12:00PM

• U7/8C – 1:00PM – 2:00PM

• U9/10 C&G – 2:00PM – 3:00PM

• U11 – U19 – 3:00PM – 4:00PM

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• All Schedules will be posted online on our website. They are being managed by


• Please like us on Facebook!!

Follow us on Facebook and

• This will be our secondary communication tool when there is bad weather or

poor field conditions.

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• Good use of time and resources to help players enjoy the sport

• Coaching resource on site to help and encourage coaches and players

• Ease of practice planning and implementation through a curriculum

• Curriculum allows for the creativity and input of coaches and players

• Fun activities in the training portion can involve parents, siblings and


• All players exposed to age appropriate activities that enhance their learning


• Training and games are focused around the player’s interaction with the ball

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• Items needed for the season to start:

– In order for rosters to be approved and sent out I need this from each Coach

• Coach’s Pass/License Number

• Expiration Date

– E-Kidsafe Program

• This recently has changed at the State. No longer do they have the option

to “Bill the Club”.

• You will use the coupon code that allows you to key this in and the club will

be billed for this.

• Instruction on how to do this is included in the email on April 6, 2013 to all


– Coaches T-Shirt

• In order to match your team, we need your size. Complete the size on the

sheet before you leave. If you were not at the 10:00 – 11:30AM Coaches

Meeting on April 6, 2013 , please email your size ASAP to Carmen Dietz:

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GAME/PLAY Q & A - Continued

• Game changes

– U5 – U10 – If for any reason a game is changed or fields team out of play this

will be posted on our website on the main page.

• For all U5 – U6 games that are cancelled will not be rescheduled.

• For all U8 – U10 games that are cancelled due to weather, we will

reschedule. We will email all coaches to determine if we make up the


– U11 – U19 – All game changes will need to be submitted through Jae Cho

(Neenah Soccer Club’s Administrator).

• Email the following information to be able to request a change:

– Team Name (Your team) and Opponent Team Name

– Proposed Date

– Proposed Location

– Email from other coach agreeing to new date

– Email Jae Cho directly at:

– Instructions on how to change your games is located on our website:

Reschedule Games

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GAME/PLAY Q & A - Continued

• Medical Release Waivers

• Rosters - Additions will happen after our Dicks Sporting Goods Day.

• Rosters will be sent out by this Sunday. Contact you players by April 12,


• Additional Practices

• Assistant Coaches – More are better

• Team Parents – Should have one per team

• Team Gear

– Names on shirts, shorts, socks, shoes

• Snacks

– U5 – U10 is highly recommended for games!

• Please contact your kids prior to the Dick’s Sporting Goods Day that is taking

place April 13, 2012.

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GAME/PLAY Q & A - Continued

Coaches Needed

Do you have any friends or contacts that would like to coach any of these ages?

• U6 Coed

• U7/8 Girls

– 2 Assistant Coaches

– 1 Assistant Coach

• U7/8 Coed

• U9/10 Coed

– 1 Coach

– 1 Coach

– 1 Assistant Coach

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• We would like to have the following fields made game ready for the season:

– Mahler Park

– Great Northern

– Lakeview

– O'Hauser

• We would be looking for donations of equipment, time, or funding to get the

following items:

– Road-grade roller (10,000# with vibration packing).

– Aerating unit or pay for aeration to be done on these fields as preparation for


– Overseeding to ensure that the fields germinate properly.

– Fertilization to ensure proper weed control and seed germination.

• Estimated cost of this would be $5,000.00.

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Referee Fees - 2013

• U5 & U6 – No Referees. The games are managed by the coaches.

• U7/8 – You will have 1 Referee per team.

• U9/10 and older – You will have 3 Referees. Offsides are called for our U9/10s.

• For all teams that have Referees, you must have separate envelopes for half of the

Referee fees. Please be sure that when you have 2 Referees you have two envelopes

and when you have 3 Referees you have three envelopes.

• If a Referee does not show up, you ONLY pay the Referees that are at the field.

Please email me every time a Referee does not show. All Referee inquires need

to come for resolution.

2012-2013 Modified Rules for all Neenah Soccer Club games

Info U8 U10 U11 / U12 U13 / U14 U14 U15 / U16 U16 U19 U17 / U19

Level Rec. Rec. Rec. / Classic / State Classic / State Rec. Classic / State Rec. Rec. Classic / State

Format 4 v 4 no GK 6 v 6 keeper included 8 v 8 keeper included 11 v 11 11 v 11 11 v 11 11 v 11 11 v 11 11 v 11

Center Referee fee $11 $13 $26 $36 $36 $46 $40 $46 $56

Two Assistant N/A $13 each $16 each $26 each $26 each $30 each $26 each $30 each $36 each

Referee fees

Duration of Game 4x10 2x25 2X30 2X35 2X35 2X40 2X35 2X35 2X45


Offside Not enforced Enforced Enforced Enforced Enforced Enforced Enforced Enforced Enforced

Penalty kicks None Enforced Enforced Enforced Enforced Enforced Enforced Enforced Enforced

Throw In Second allowed Lost Possession Lost Possession Lost Possession Lost Possession Lost Possession Lost Possession Lost Possession Lost Possession

Free kicks Indirect Only Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard

During kick

4 8 8 10 10 10 10 10 10

(allowed yards)

Ball size 3 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5

Slide tackling

All recreational teams are not allowed slide tackling

Goal Kick Rule

Keepers cannot punt or throw from penalty

area to penalty area. Someone must touch the

ball before it enters the other keepers penalty

area. If no one touches the ball then it results in

an indirect free kick at the mid field line.

Notes: Center Referee fee -each team pays 1/2 of the fee; Two Assistant Referee fees -each team pays 1/2 of the fee

All evening games in May for U-16 (Classic & Recreational - NOT STATE LEGUE) and above will be 2 x 35 minutes halves


No fields in Neenah will be open for practice during

the month of April!!

• Memorial Park (Neenah)

– Practice is not allowed until e-mail is sent out

– Limited availability (league games, Flatgrass – May, Upper Midwest – July)

• Southview Park (Neenah)

– U16 – U19 Recreational games will be here and Mahler

• Kensington/Greater Northern Park (Neenah)

– Primary used for Recreational League practices & games

• Lakeview School (Neenah)

– U13/14 games scheduled here

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• O’Hauser Park (Town of Menasha)

– 2 small sided fields (south side of road behind the pavilion)

• Mahler Park (Town of Neenah)

– 1 full field (south) out of play for repair

– Available

• 2 full fields (south & middle)

• 4 small sided fields (north)

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• June – EC Jamboree Tournament

• Board Members

• Special Committees

• Coaching

• Managers

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• Flatgrass has a new “World Sponsor”!!! We want to thank Scheels for

becoming our sponsor for Flatgrass for the next 4 years.

• Please continue to assist the club make our #1 fundraiser successful. You can


– Get volunteers, participate, bring your family!!!

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• Parent and Player Code of Conduct Agreement (This is included in the email

sent to all coaches on April 6, 2013) This should be gone through with the

parents before your first practice or game.

• Encourage positive sportsmanship by example. Remind fellow parents if they

get inappropriately carried away with their emotions during the game. Accept

these reminders graciously when offered by other parents.

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Scrip Program (Carmen Dietz)

• Scrip is available for 100’s of retailers

• 45% of Rebates earned go to member families, 55% to NSC

• Meet & Greet at Dick’s, purchase Dick’s gift card ($25 or $100, 8% rebate)

through Scrip and use for purchases next Saturday.

• Follow instructions in your packet to join.

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• Refs

– Younger – mentoring program (See more information on our website Referee


• NHS Varsity Games

– Come support the team!! Wear your Neenah Soccer Club jersey and have fun

watching soccer!!

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Thank you!

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