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Academic Calendar 2012-13

Academic Calendar 2012-13

Chapter 2 2-CO-OPERATIVE

Chapter 2 2-CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATION CAREER SERVICES Co-op and Career Services Advisor Cindi Elgie, B.A., Ext. 4214, Career Services strives to meet the employment and career-related needs of all students at Algoma University. The office provides the following services: • Job Postings: On-Campus Positions Part-time & Full-time Positions Volunteer Opportunities • Résumé & cover-letter evaluation • Mock Interviews • Career/Job search Workshops • Career Resource Library • Online Career Fair Career Services is located in SH203. THE ARTHUR A. WISHART LIBRARY University Librarian: Ken Hernden, B.A., M.L.I.S. eServices Librarian: Robin Isard, B.A., M.L.I.S. Public Services Librarian: Michelle Atkin, B.A., M.L.I.S., Ph.D. Access Services Supervisor: Carol Wright Public Services & Collections Supervisor: Helen Pereira The primary objective of the Arthur A. Wishart Library is to develop and provide access to a well-rounded collection of learning resources in all formats to support the programs of study offered at Algoma University. The Library is an active member of the Ontario Council of University Libraries and the Canadian Research Knowledge Network. Library resources consist of more than one hundred thousand books, 12,000 government publication titles, three hundred current print periodical subscriptions and a selection of multimedia software. Forty plus databases are available to access tens of thousands of scholarly journals, many of them full text. The Library is wireless throughout and online resources are accessible to faculty, staff, and students both on and off campus via the Internet. Access to holdings of other libraries worldwide is achieved through an interlibrary loan system. The Library also actively develops unique research resources in its Archives & Special Collections and working in conjunction with the Shingwauk Residential Schools Centre, on its unique holdings. BOOKSTORE Follett of Canada is a division of the Follett Higher Education Group and is proud to serve the Algoma U faculty, staff, students and alumni. Follett offers a well stocked Campus Shop. In addition to textbooks, we offer general interest reading, stationary supplies, stamps, crested clothing and gifts. Recently Follett has introduced Online Text book ordering and also a Rent-a-Text Program. Students can benefit from Follett’s used book Buy Back program where used books are purchased and sold at a reduced price. If you are searching for a particular title, please drop in, we would be happy to special order it for you. For more information please view INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Email: Director: Daniel Reid, B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc. Helpdesk Supervisor: Rose Taylor, B.Sc. Network Administrator: Keith DeConto, B.Sc. Systems Administrator: Craig Diotte, B.Sc. Help Desk Analyst: Ryan Refcio, B.Sc. Academic Support Specialist: Mike Biocchi, B.Sc., M.Sc. Computing resources at the University are the responsibility of Information Technology Services, with offices, and technical facilities on the third floor of ICT wing, and student labs located in connecting wings. The department implements and manages all computing and network infrastructure on campus, residence, and consults with members of the University community to provide solutions in all areas of technology. ITS also provides technical support and training to faculty and staff. ITS provides network connectivity throughout the campus built on a high-speed fiber-optic backbone, complete with wireless infrastructure for convenience and accessibility. The network connects over 500 workstations, distributed throughout the campus, including student labs, faculty and staff offices, and residences. ITS manages all systems that provide critical computing services, such as business applications, e-mail, internet connectivity, research software, and data storage and archival. Each student is provided an account on the campus network, which they may use to access the internet, e-mail, and academic information such as grades. Students may also use any of the available lab PCs to access a wide range of programming tools, such as Java and C++, and applications, including Microsoft Office, SPSS, ArcView GIS, Maple, and the Adobe Creative Suite. 14 To acquaint students with the library’s facilities, collections and services and to strengthen research skills, tours and workshop sessions are offered. Staff members are pleased to answer questions and respond to requests for information. A principal benefit that any university brings to its community is its library, and for Sault Ste. Marie and the Algoma District, the Arthur A. Wishart Library is an important information source. The Arthur A. Wishart Library exists primarily to serve the needs of the students enrolled at Algoma University and the faculty of the university. However, adult members of the community, students from other universities and colleges, and high school students are welcome to use the library’s collections on the premises. For a nominal fee, members of the community may become registered readers at the Wishart Library and be accorded borrowing privileges. ALGOMA UNIVERSITY CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATION Co-op and Career Services Advisor Cindi Elgie, B.A., Ext. 4214 or Co-operative Education is designed to integrate academic and employment experience at the undergraduate level. Paid work terms allow students to gain experience in areas of career interest, or explore areas of possible interest, while academic terms build a solid foundation of theoretical and conceptual knowledge in the area of study. The Algoma University Co-operative Education program attempts to arrange suitable employment experiences for all co-op students, and to integrate employment into the student’s academic schedule.

Chapter 2 Co-operative Education is a certificate program taken concurrently with a relevant degree program. Co-op work terms are market driven; therefore, certain degree programs will offer more options. For instance, Computer Science, Information Technology, and Business Administration students have historically had more co-op work term opportunities than other degree programs. Although the co-op office solicits employers for placements, no student is guaranteed a work term placement opportunity. CO-OP PROGRAM REGULATIONS: Regulations for the co-op program include, but are not limited to, the following: • The Co-operative Education program is optional and requirements are in addition to the academic requirements for a degree program. Students may withdraw from the co-op program at any time and continue their studies in the usual manner. Withdrawal from co-op will not affect academic standing in the degree program. • Co-op courses are charged at the rate for their credit weighting (see Fee Schedule at the beginning of this Calendar for costs). The Introductory Career Skills course, COOP 0101, is counted as 1 “co-op credit” course and is charged accordingly. Each 4-month work term, from COOP 0201 to COOP 0302, is equivalent to a 3 “co-op credit” course. Deadlines and regulations for the payment of CO-OP course fees are the same as those for regular academic fees. • Algoma University’s Co-operative Education Office will maintain student records containing employer evaluations of work term performances, submitted work term reflection reports, and work term employment details. Co-operative Education student record files will be kept for a period of 12 months after completion of the co-op certificate. • All co-op students must maintain a 70% average in the degree program to be eligible for work term placements. A student who is not in good academic standing or is placed on academic probation will normally be required to withdraw from the co-op program for at least one term. Students will generally be readmitted if they regain their positive academic standing. Students failing work terms will normally be required to withdraw from the co-op program permanently. • Co-op students are expected to maintain full-time student status during study terms. Full-time study is defined as 12-15 credits per term for the co-op program. • Students are responsible for knowing all the academic regulations of their chosen program as well as all the Co-operative Education program regulations. In addition, co-op students are responsible for any additional regulations posted on the Career Services - Co-operative Education section of the Algoma U website ( CO-OP ADMISSION: To be eligible for admission into the Co-operative Education program and/or for eligibility status for work-term placements, students must: 1. Maintain an overall average of 70%, including all course attempts; 2. Successfully complete COOP 0101 within the first 3 semesters of study; 3. Register as a full-time student in any two out of the last four consecutive academic terms; and 4. Complete 30 credits in a degree program at Algoma University (students transferring into second year from another institution must complete at least 15 credits at Algoma University) WORK TERM INFORMATION: • The work/study sequence varies from one academic discipline to another. Upon request each student will be provided with a work/academic study schedule upon successful completion of the Introductory Career Skills course, COOP 0101. Students considering the co-op option should therefore plan to complete COOP 0101 in the first year of study. • It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of how work term placements will affect future course selection. It is strongly advised that co-op students consult with their academic advisor prior to committing to a co-op work term placement. Work terms will impact a student’s expected graduation date. In general, completing the Co-operative Education certificate will delay graduation by one academic year. Co-op work terms may require a repayment to OSAP of loaned funds or a reduction of funds from OSAP for a subsequent term of study. Co-op students in receipt of OSAP should consult directly with the Financial Aid Office when considering a work term placement. • The four-month work terms run from September 1 through December 31, January 1 through April 30, and May 1 through August 31. Work terms must be at least ten (10) weeks in length and employment must be full-time (min 35hrs/wk) for the duration of the placement paying at least $12/hr. Precise start and finish dates for work terms are established in consultation with employers and the Career Services. • Only students meeting the co-op admission requirements may apply for posted co-op placements. • Students who have particular career interests not covered by advertised co-op positions should consult with Career Services. Efforts will be made on behalf of such students to contact potential employers in the specific area of interest. • All students are expected to seek work term employment through the procedures arranged by the Co-operative Education program. Students wishing to arrange work term employment on their own should consult with Career Services. All positions must be evaluated and approved before they will be granted co-op credit status. 2-CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATION ALGOMA UNIVERSITY 15

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