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Academic Calendar 2012-13

Academic Calendar 2012-13

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 2-SCHOLARSHIPS, AWARDS, BURSARIES AND PRIZES Richard M. Haynes Bursary Award John Rowswell, M.Eng., P.Eng., P.E. Bursary Award Dr. Ken McLarty Research Award Dr. Lou & Mae Lukenda Charitable Foundation Award Elsie Anne Savoie Fine Arts Award Hannah Lois Morris Bursary Award Indigenous Student Assistance Fund Katherine Jean Dunster Student Award Living Learning Student Assistance Fund Métis Nation of Ontario OSSTF District 35 - AUSS Bursary Rotary Club of Sault Ste. Marie Supporting Science & Technology Bursary Award The Honourable Ray & Mary-Kay Stortini Bursary Award International Entrance Scholarships (5 X $1000) International students entering their first year of study in a degree program at Algoma University as a full-time student will be considered for an entrance scholarship. All international students interested in the scholarship must apply through the Scholarship and Awards Office and will be evaluated based on academic merit used for admission and the submission of a 500 word essay that highlights some aspect of their first few weeks on campus that affirms that Algoma University was the correct choice for their post-secondary education. In order to be considered, students must be enrolled in full-time studies (30 credits) in a degree program beginning the fall of each academic year. Each application will be evaluated and ranked individually. Deadline to apply is October 31. Algoma University will provide up to five scholarships annually valued at $1,000 each to International students entering their first year of post-secondary academic studies at Algoma University. The candidates must enroll in and maintain 30 credits over two consecutive terms of study at Algoma University to hold the award. This scholarship is non-renewable. Limited. Application required. International Continuing Scholarships (5 X $750) International students who continue their academic studies in an undergraduate degree program at Algoma University will be considered for continuing scholarships based on academic performance and progress (academic merit). Decisions on eligibility will be based on their grades from the previous academic year. Students considering these scholarships must apply through the Scholarship and Awards Office for consideration. Algoma University will provide up to five scholarships annually valued at $750 each to International students who have maintained an average of 80% or higher on 30 credits taken in two consecutive terms in the previous fall/winter academic session at Algoma University. Candidates must continue to be enrolled in and maintain 30 credits over two consecutive terms of study to hold the award. This scholarship is non-renewable. Limited. Application required. International Student Bursary (limited) International students studying full-time at Algoma University (minimum 24 credits) who demonstrate financial need due to exceptional circumstances such as dental, health, etc. will be considered for the bursary. Students considering these bursaries must apply through the Financial Aid and Awards Office for consideration. Applications will be considered on a case by case basis. Application required. GRADUATING AWARDS These awards are presented to graduating students. They are awarded on a competitive basis and application is required. Please visit for full descriptions and deadlines. Application forms are available from the Scholarship Office. Algoma U Student Humanitarian Award established in memory of Dr. Gerald Edson Mohamed Sar-Gin Developments (Sault) Ltd Student Award The R.N. Tagore Scholarship is an annual interdisciplinary scholarship ($500), awarded yearly to a student in his/her third or fourth year, graduating at the June convocation. Students will be nominated by their professors for one work of excellence – be it an essay, an honour’s thesis, a work of art or a music piece. GENERAL REGULATIONS ON SCHOLARSHIPS, AWARDS, AND BURSARIES 1. Entrance scholarships will be offered upon receipt of all academic records necessary for admission. Approximate date of final entrance scholarship announcements: early to late August, following receipt of final grades. 2. In-course scholarships and awards are available to students having completed at least two consecutive terms of fall/winter study and with a minimum of 30 credits with no failures at Algoma University. For students in co-operative education programs, the two terms of study may be separated by a continuous period of co-op employment of up to 12 months duration, but awards are calculated in May and spring session grades will not be considered as part of the 30 credits. For all others, first priority will be given to those who complete courses in a regular Septemberto-April session. Approximate date of in-course scholarship announcements: early September. 3. Unless otherwise stated, scholarships and awards are tenable only at Algoma University, and only if the candidate maintains an enrolment status appropriate with the award. For most scholarships, this means retaining a course load of 30 credits over two consecutive terms of fall/winter study. 4. Students who are found to be in violation of the Student Code of Conduct, Academic will be deemed ineligible and all university scholarships revoked for all subsequent terms. If the violation occurs prior to the awarding of the scholarship monies, the student will forfeit the award for the term. If violation occurs after the awarding of the scholarship for the current term, the university will not seek restitution, however, in both instances, the scholarship will be terminated for all subsequent terms. 20 ALGOMA UNIVERSITY

Chapter 2 5. Scholarships and awards are first applied against tuition fees. 6. All awards will be credited to the student’s account in two instalments, half in each of the next two academic terms. Any unused balance will be paid to the student by cheque. If the student does not register for the winter term, the second instalment will be withheld and the funds will be returned to the scholarship/bursary fund. 7. In the event that a student withdraws or fails to retain an appropriate registration status after an award has been allocated, tuition refunds will be issued to the scholarship/bursary fund and the student, pro-rated in accordance with amounts originally contributed to the tuition by each. 8. The University reserves the right to withhold any award for which there is no suitable candidate in any year. 9. In order that scholarships and bursaries may be equitably distributed, the Scholarship Committee reserves the right to restrict the value of scholarships that any one student may receive. 10. In cases of doubt or the necessity of interpretation of any qualification or regulation, the decision of the Scholarship Committee will be final. 11. The University reserves the right to change the description and/ or value of all scholarships, awards and bursaries as necessary. STUDENT SERVICES Student Services Advisor: Karen Bailey-Hudson, B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed. Ext. 4212 STUDENT SERVICES CENTRE Located in Room SH206, Student Services is a safe space on campus to receive health and counselling referral services, post graduate advising or to access support materials dealing with various aspects of student life. The department also plays a support role in assisting the Algoma University Students’ Union (AUSU) to co-ordinate various events as well as administer the Student Health Plan. Through Student Services, there is information on: health services, applying to Faculties of Education, Law School, Graduate School, and Leadership Training. In addition, students are encouraged to get involved in on-campus events and activities, including Frosh Week. First Generation Students can access additional support through the Student Services Centre. The First Generation Project provides support services to first generation students, such as mentorship programming, outreach and access to information that is fundamental to achieving student success both on-campus and in the community. If your parent(s)/ guardians did not complete college, university, or an apprentice program in Canada you are a First generation Student. For more information contact “CODE OF STUDENT CONDUCT” (NON-ACADEMIC) Problems, not necessarily academic in nature, often have a bearing on a student’s ability to cope with his/her studies. Students are obligated to follow the Student Code of Conduct (non-academic), which is published on the Algoma U website or at the Office of the Registrar. A breach of this Code that has an impact on any student or staff at Algoma U should be reported to the Director of University Services immediately. ALGOMA UNIVERSITY POLICY ON CODE OF STUDENT CONDUCT (NON ACADEMIC) Algoma University (Algoma U) is committed to establishing and maintaining an environment conducive to effective teaching and learning. Algoma University also encourages social activities and recognizes the freedom of expression and the rights of individuals. The Code of Student Conduct: Non-Academic deals with the general Non-Academic behaviour of students, individually and collectively, as members of the University and/or its constituent parts, in nonacademic, social, or recreational settings, whether on or off campus. TO WHOM THIS CODE APPLIES: The Purpose of this Student Code of Conduct is to outline the limits of conduct considered inline with the goals and the well-being of the Algoma University community, and to ensure established procedures are followed when students fail to meet the accepted standards. The Director of University Services is responsible for the Procedures to which this Policy refers. This code applies to unacceptable conduct by students while on campus or when acting as a delegate or designated representative of Algoma University and/or of a recognized student organization in events off-campus. ALGOMA UNIVERSITY 21 2-STUDENT SERVICES

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