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Academic Calendar 2012-13

Academic Calendar 2012-13

Chapter 2 2-ANCILLARY

Chapter 2 2-ANCILLARY SERVICES Students have the responsibility to familiarize themselves with the Code of Student Conduct: Non-Academic and the conduct expected of them while studying at Algoma U. Students are both members of Canadian society in general and of the University community. Therefore, they must observe not only Federal, Provincial and Municipal laws but also Algoma U policies and regulations. Students should also recognize that membership in one community does not confer any form of immunity from the requirements or sanctions of the other. Regardless of the actions or inaction of any authority outside the university, a student found responsible for misconduct under this Code is subject to its disciplinary sanctions within the university system. DEFINITION OF A STUDENT: For the purposes of the Code, a student is any full-time, part-time, distance-education, audit-status, or non-credit student who, in her or his status as student, has access to Algoma U services, programs or activities. STANDARDS OF CONDUCT: Behaviour must adhere to all policies and procedures established by Algoma University, including but not limited to: - Residence - Health and safety - Campus Bar - Athletics and Recreation - All other Algoma University policies and protocols Students are expected to be responsible for their actions whether acting individually or in a group. A student host is responsible for the conduct of his/her authorized guest including any violation(s) of this Code to the extent that she/ he could have (i) reasonable foreseen the problem and/or, (ii) taken steps to prevent the violation and/or (iii) minimized the effect of the guest’s behaviour; Behaviour must not harm or threaten harm to any of the following: A) the safety and well-being of members or guests of the Algoma U community; B) the rights of members or guests of the Algoma U community; C) the proper functioning of Algoma U programs or activities, both on or off campus; D) the property (physical and intellectual) of the Algoma U or members or guests of the university community. For Policy Procedures, please visit The Student Resource Centre or visit our website: HUMAN RIGHTS OFFICER Confidential sessions to discuss such problems can be arranged by consulting the Human Rights Officer (Ext. 4112 or Algoma University does not provide crisis counselling or long-term personal counselling services for students, though referral service is available. ANCILLARY SERVICES AND REGULATIONS All buildings are designated as NO SMOKING areas. Designated smoking areas are available on campus. CAMPUS BAR SERVICES The campus bar, called The Speak Easy, provides all students and community members with a fun and safe environment to enjoy the entertainment provided by the Algoma University Students Union and student-sponsored special events and social gatherings. Along with live music, The Speak Easy provides a wide array of entertainment from Illusionists to comedians to hypnotists. The Speak Easy also offers a full rental package, which includes all bar, catering and DJ/music services. The Speak Easy is available for student club fundraisers. PARKING Parking is permitted in designated areas only. All students, visitors and staff are to park their vehicles in the main parking lot. There are spaces provided in the upper-lot for those with handicap permits. No parking is permitted on roadways or driveways and unauthorized parking could result in the vehicle being ticketed or towed away at the owners’ expense. Bicycles, while exempt from parking fees, must be parked in the bicycle racks provided on campus. Parking cards for each semester or by the year are available at the Cashier’s Counter in the Registration/Accounts office (Room SH312). Fees are $60.40 per semester or $181.20 for the year. Please note fees are subject to change. Fine Arts Studies students may inquire about special rates per term for parking at Algoma U and other institutions where classes are held. Daily users will be subject to a $3.00 parking fee upon each exit. 22 ALGOMA UNIVERSITY

Chapter 2 STUDENT HOUSING/RESIDENCE Co-ordinator of Housing & Conference Services: Rose Linklater, B.A., Ext. 4215 Algoma University guarantees a private residence room to all first year students who apply directly from high school and pay a deposit by June 1, 2012. All of the residence options at Algoma are wheelchair accessible and provide a secure and safe living environment, 24 hours a day. With evening and overnight security staff, trained Residence Advisors, a secure-access dorm building and 24-hour video surveillance, you’ll never need to worry about your safety or security. Living in residence gives you the full student experience and you’ll have more opportunities to make friends and get involved in activities and events around the campus. Campus life is always great, but it’s even better when the campus is your home. Algoma University has three styles of residence living - The Lou Lukenda Dorm, Spirit Village Town Houses, and the Downtown Residence located a short bus ride to campus. All residence facilities provide private rooms and many important amenities. First year student will be assigned to a new 96 bed dorm planned to open in the summer of 2012 and will be placed on a 7 day/week meal plan. For upper-year and mature students there are five-bedroom, townhousestyle units complete with a kitchen and living room; a meal plan option is available to townhouse residents. Upper year students can also apply to live at the Downtown residence that features independent living amidst convenient downtown amenities. All residences have dedicated Resident Advisors, Housing Offices, laundry facilities, common areas, internet and phone service. Residence Fees Residence fees* for September to April are: For a dormitory unit with at full meal-plan: $7,240 For a dormitory unit with a light meal-plan: $6,940 For a townhouse unit without a meal-plan: $4,660 Downtown Residence Fees For a single room: $4,960 For a single room with a meal-plan: $6,560 *fees are subject to change. Note that all prices include a damage deposit, refundable after move out pending the condition of the accommodations when you leave. Resident room Internet access is included. Residence applications will be sent to students with offers of admission to the University or are available online at Space is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, although priority may be given to first-year, out-of-town students. Algoma University also maintains an off-campus housing list. Listings are posted as provided by landlords; no attempt is made by Algoma University to inspect or evaluate the accommodations for suitability. Students are advised to visit the facilities and determine their suitability, as well as any rules to which they, as tenants, may be subjected to, before agreeing to rent. For more information, please contact the Coordinator of Housing and Conference Services at ext. 4215 or ATHLETICS AND FITNESS / THE GEORGE LEACH CENTRE Athletics & Recreation Director: Mark Kontulainen, B.Sc., B.A., M.H.K. Membership Services Coordinator: Brad Duquette The 39,000 square foot George Leach Centre (GLC) provides a wide range of athletic, fitness and recreation options for students of Algoma University as well as the broader community. The GLC’s gymnasium area features three regulation court surfaces, which accommodate a wide range of athletic activities such as badminton, basketball, cricket, indoor soccer, tennis and volleyball. One court has been specially designed surface for better tennis play. The gym area is surrounded by a 1/9th mile indoor walk/jog track. In addition, the facility offers an international-sized squash court, aerobic/multipurpose room, cardio and strength training rooms, and two outdoor tennis courts. A registered massage therapist is available for on-site appointments. The facility is open seven days a week, during the following hours: Monday to Friday 6:30am - 10:30pm Saturday 7:30am - 8:00pm Sunday 8:30am - 6:00pm Athletics and fitness activities focus on the development of a healthy lifestyle for students. Fitness testing and exercise prescription is available through a certified kinesiologist. Instructional programs include aerobics, ballroom dance, Tae Kwon Do, tennis, golf, yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, CPR, and first aid classes. Intercity sports participation includes a city men’s indoor soccer team and the centre is also home to Algoma University’s varsity teams the Thunderbirds. ALGOMA U THUNDERBIRDS Algoma University participates in the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) with varsity men’s and women’s basketball team. Algoma University also has a varsity curling team, varsity men’s & women’s indoor soccer teams, cross country running team and plan to add nordic skiing and wrestling next season. Participation on any Thunderbird Varsity team requires that each athlete be a full-time, registered student and adhere to OCAA academic guidelines. Algoma U provides student athletes with academic support to improve or maintain academic performance. The regular season for both teams runs from October to February and all home games are played at the George Leach Centre. Both teams create excitement for both the student-athletes and also for the student population. We look forward to great fan support from students, staff and faculty throughout the year. 2-ASSOCIATED ORGANIZATIONS ALGOMA UNIVERSITY 23

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