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Academic Calendar 2012-13

Academic Calendar 2012-13

“The Thunderbird has

“The Thunderbird has always been a part of the body and spirit of all native tribes of North America, figuring in stories, dances, religion, and everyday life. It gave to our people thunder, lightning, rain– cleansing and giving power to the earth, and to the people – power to survive and worship the Great Spirit. Today, it remains very important to us, symbolizing our long hope to emerge from a dark past into a bright future of cultural and spiritual freedom for our people in the land that our grandfathers left us. The Thunderbird is not a forgotten effigy on a weather-worn rock or on a string of beads. It is alive and as real to our people as the thunder, lightning and rain of every summer storm that is given to us.” Keewatinung Institute The Algoma University emblem, adopted in 1972, is a stylized Thunderbird. It was developed by Mrs. Dora de Pedery-Hunt, the well-known Canadian sculptor, from Indian pictographs in the Agawa Bay area. In 1996 alumnus Jane Scott Barsanti, a graphic designer, created the existing logo incorporating the thunderbird into the design. The Thunderbird, its freedom and strength represented by traditional colours, extends beyond the confines of the rectangle: Blue = Sky, Water Green = Land, Trees, Environment Red = Colour of the Pictographs; Bloodlines White = Hope, Purity, Snow, the North When filled with green, the Thunderbird resembles the shape of the white pine tree. In the logo, ‘A’ stands for Algoma, and is indicative of learning and achievement; it also suggests the shape of a teaching wigwam, which is the foundation of Algoma’s educational philosophy today.

Introduction VISION Biidaabin - A new dawn A university of international distinction enriching generations of diverse cultures and communities. Debwewin - Truth STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES • Algoma University instills pride in its identity through growth in quality and excellence. • Algoma University embraces the diverse composition of its student population and celebrates its distinctive mission for Anishinaabe education and research. • Algoma University takes a leadership role and engages with the communities it serves. • Algoma University grows by implementing new academic offerings that create a distinct university. HISTORY OF ALGOMA UNIVERSITY The desire to establish an undergraduate Liberal Arts College in Sault Ste. Marie originated as a broad citizens’ movement in the 1950s. In October of 1964, the Algoma College Association was incorporated by Letters Patent of the Province of Ontario. One year later, Algoma College was established as a non-sectarian institution affiliated with Laurentian University. In September of 1967, Algoma College opened its doors to its first students. Part-time enrolment expanded to over 1000 students by 1969-70. The year 1971 marked a significant turning point in the College’s history in respect to both program and facilities. In recognition of the rapid maturation of the College, the Department of University Affairs authorized the expansion of full-time in Arts to the full three years. In addition, in September 1971, the College was relocated to its own campus acquiring by lease, Shingwauk Hall and the Shingwauk site. In 1975, with the assistance of a grant from the Ministry of Colleges and Universities, the college purchased Shingwauk Hall and thirty-seven acres of land surrounding the buildings. On June 18th, 2008, the Government of Ontario dissolved Algoma University College and created Algoma University, Ontario’s 19th university. Algoma’s special mission, as outlined in its Charter, reads as follows: (a) to be a teaching-oriented university that provides programs in liberal arts and sciences and professional programs, primarily at the undergraduate level, with a particular focus on the needs of northern Ontario; and (b) to cultivate cross-cultural learning between Aboriginal communities and other communities, in keeping with the history of Algoma University and its geographic site. Algoma University is primarily a teaching university. The university’s first concern is meaningful, innovative and quality university education. Students at Algoma U find a broad choice of programs, covering the humanities, sciences, social sciences and professional areas such as Business. Faculty research supports teaching excellence, and student participation in basic and applied research is encouraged. In 2006, Algoma University signed a Covenant with the Shingwauk Education Trust, which commits both institutions to grow together, providing mutual support. Algoma University is proud to serve the Anishinaabe (First Nations, Métis and Inuit) people of the Algoma District and beyond, and the Covenant provides a firm foundation for future development of Anishinaabe education, both by Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig and by Algoma University. ALGOMA UNIVERSITY

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