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Academic Calendar 2012-13

Academic Calendar 2012-13

Chapter 4 4-COMPUTER

Chapter 4 4-COMPUTER SCIENCE COSC 4516 Symbolic Computation This course provides an introduction to the use of computers for symbolic (i.e. exact) mathematical computation. This involves traditional calculations such as analytic differentiation and integration of functions, and solving of systems of equations. Topics will include algorithms for fast integer and polynomial arithmetic, homomorphism methods, computation of polynomial greatest common divisors and factorization. Prerequisites: COSC 1046, MATH 3056. (LEC 3) (3 cr) COSC 4606 Data Management Systems Logical models of data bases; relational, network and hierarchical DBM’s. Integrity and security. Query languages and query optimisation. Normal forms. Prerequisites: COSC 2007 and COSC 3707. (LEC 3, TUT 1) (3 cr) COSC 4706 Directed Studies II A detailed study of a topic in computer science under the direction of a faculty member. The material is normally consistent with a 4th-year computer science course not formally listed in the department’s current offerings. The course may combine assignments, mid-terms, a final exam, a seminar, and a formal final report. Prerequisites: Permission of the department. (3 cr). COSC 4806 Web Data Management An introduction to the design and implementation of web interfaces to database systems. Web data models, web query languages, change management systems, and website management are discussed. Prerequisites: COSC 2307 and COSC 2956. (LEC 3) (3 cr) COSC 4906 Expert Systems An introduction to expert systems with an emphasis on decision support systems and their application in a business environment. Prerequisites: COSC 2007. (LEC 3) (3 cr) COSC 4926 Human-Computer Interaction Human-computer interaction is a multidisciplinary field concerned with the design, evaluation and implementation of interactive computing systems for human use. The interrelationships among the various disciplines that participate in HCI are studied, with particular emphasis on computer science issues. Coverage includes techniques for user interface design, interaction paradigms, and current trends in HCI research and development. Prerequisites: Completion of 2nd year core program in Computer Science, or completion of 3rd year core program in E-Business Science, or department’s permission. (LEC 3) (3 cr) SERVICE AND PRACTICAL COURSES COSC 1701/1702, 1801 and the courses numbered in the range 2831 to 2976 are practical courses oriented toward professional development. Students registered in degree programs in Computer Science may include at most 6 credits from these courses toward the concentration requirements of their degree. However additional courses from this list may be counted as general electives. COSC 1701 Computer Applications I This is a general introductory course in personal computing with special emphasis on the applications of microcomputers. The general concepts of computing will be reviewed. Students will gain practical experience in the use of software including word processors, spread sheets and database systems. (LEC 3, TUT 1) (3 cr) COSC 1702 Computer Applications II This course is a continuation of COSC 1701 and introduces the students to advanced features of personal computing including some basic principles of programming. Attention will be given to the effective use of computers in various disciplines and to their impact on those disciplines. Prerequisite: COSC 1701 or permission of the department. (LEC 3, TUT 1) (3 cr) COSC 1801 Introduction to E-Commerce An introduction to electronic commerce from a management and technical perspective. The course is designed to acquaint students with current and emerging electronic commerce technologies. Topics include: networks, security and privacy issues, various internet business models, legal and social issues, and the use of web development and database tools. (LEC 3) (3 cr) COSC 2831 Computer Software for the Sciences The basic software tools applicable to the Sciences are presented. This includes statistical tools such as SPSS or Mintab, spread sheets, and numerical tools such as Maple, Mathcad or Matlab. Prerequisite: MATH 1036 or 1912 or permission of the instructor. (LEC 3) (3 cr) COSC 2936 Programming in APL This course involves a detailed study of the most recent generation of the APL language. This includes nested arrays, functions, operators, syntax, binding strengths, userdefined operations, recursion, auxiliary processors and shared variables. Applications in the following areas will be examined: data processing, business, finance and the mathematical sciences. (LEC 3) (3 cr) COSC 2946 Object Oriented Programming Using Java Topics covered include object-oriented Java application programs, Java applets and graphical user interface components, exception handling, programming with threads, files and network communications using stream socket programming, and TCP/ IP. Prerequisite: COSC 1047 or equivalent object oriented programming experience. (LEC 3) (3 cr) COSC 2947 Object Oriented Programming Using C++ This course provides an intensive introduction to object-oriented programming in ANSI C++. Topics covered include the non-object-oriented fundamentals of C++, pointers, classes, I/O streams and file processing, application of classes to data structures, templates and the standard template library. Prerequisite: The Java version of COSC 1047 or equivalent object-oriented programming experience in a language other than C++. (3 cr) COSC 2956 Internet Tools Various internet tools and services are examined. These include advanced editors, Java, JavaScript, web browsers, ftp, and the creation and maintenance of web pages and web sites. The course emphasizes the integration of these tools into a programming environment. Prerequisite: COSC 1046. (LEC 3) (3 cr) ALGOMA UNIVERSITY 82

Chapter 4 COSC 2976 Mathematical Computation using Maple An extensive introduction to the Maple symbolic computation language is given. This is applied to problems involving calculus, vector calculus, linear algebra and differential equations. Prerequisites: MATH 1037, MATH 1057, COSC 1046 or equivalent programming experience. (LEC 3) (3 cr) 4-COMPUTER SCIENCE ALGOMA UNIVERSITY 83

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