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Study on Renewable Energy Resources, Oman - authority for ...

Study on Renewable Energy Resources, Oman - authority for ...


2. Mazoon Electricity Company Eng. Abdullah Al-Badri, General Manager Date: 24.09.07 at 09:00 h A. Basis for the meeting Subject: General information 1. Location and capacity for existing power stations, main transmission and distribution lines 2. Location and capacity for present isolated grid system. 3. Load centres including min., max. and average electricity demand. Information for main grid and for isolated grid systems 4. Number of present and future consumers in main grid and isolated grids 5. Plans for extension of power system, including capacity of plants, transmission and distribution lines 6. Information, e.g. annual reports. historic data (technology, efficiency, fuel consumption and age), maps and production cost (split in fuel, fixed and variable cost) of generation, transmission and distribution facilities. 7. Generation and transmission system expansion plans. Current and foreseen bottlenecks in the system. Load curves and factors. 8. Attitude to include renewable energy supply in the plans B. Comments received The questionnaire was discussed in detail. Answers will be prepared in writing. There are several unconnected villages in the area of Mazoon’s district. One of them is SALMAH close to Muscat in the mountains (about 30 inhabitants). The Company, Bahwan Group installed there a PV system for a common room. The electrical power is used for ventilators and refrigerator. Mazoon Electricity mentioned a special report regarding rural areas in the district that will be handed over with the annual reports and the answers to the questionnaire. C. Documents received • Answers on questions • Annual report 2005 and 2006 • Report on rural areas

3. Oman Power&Water Procurement Company Eng. Saleh Al-Rasdi, CEO Date: 25.09.07 at 10:00 h A. Basis for the meeting Subject: Biogas 1. Plan for new power generation of electricity (MW) 2. Types and amount of fuel of existing and future power generation plants 3. Efficiency of existing and future power generation plants 4. Cost for generation of electricity 5. Cost of fuel at present and forecast (next 20 years) 6. Annual reports 7. Attitude to include renewable energy supply in the plans B. Comments received Actually there are 7 gas fired power generation plants in Oman. All of them are backed-up by diesel power generation. The installed capacity amounts to 3600 MW. New capacity is planned for Salalah with 400 MW for Dhofar Power Company. Regarding the development of Al Duqm, the connection to the main grid is under planning and shall be finalized end of 2009 till 2010. Along with the growing demand of electric power in Al Duqm a local power generation plant will probably be implemented. Future plans are to connect Dhofar grid with MIS via the existing mini-grid of PDO. Eng. Saleh Al-Rasdi mentioned about potential for renewable energy in Salalah with wind energy and on other locations with hydropower plants. Due to the relatively low electrical power consumption in the winter period the balance capacity of the installed power generation plants could be used to pump water up in dams. Power consumption in winter period decreases to 1/3 of the peaks in summer period. The stowed water could thus power hydropower turbines in the hot season. For detailed meeting it was decided to meet with Mr. Alan Davis (Planning & Pricing Manager). C. Documents received • Annual report 2006 • Strategy report 2007 – 2013 (available on homepage)

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