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Study on Renewable Energy Resources, Oman - authority for ...

Study on Renewable Energy Resources, Oman - authority for ...

4. Oman

4. Oman Waste Water Company Eng, Omar Khalfan Al-Wahibi, CEO Date: 25.09.07 at 13:00 h A. Basis for the meeting Subject: Biogas 1. Waste management structure 2. Waste management documents 3. Current waste accumulation, quantity development and composition 4. Which type of industry/consumers produce the waste water 5. Present mode of handling of waste water: how is the waste water transported to the waste water plant, what is it used for? 6. What are the expenditures for handling the waste water? 7. Have there been any considerations for utilizing waste water for biogas production? 8. Attitude to include renewable energy supply in the plans B. Comments received OWWC is only responsible for waste water in the area of Muscat. All the rural areas are under the responsibility of the Ministry of Regional Municipalities. A third company is responsible for Salalah. Solid waste is managed by other authorities. The infrastructure of waste water management is under development. It is targeted to reach 80% coverage in 2013. The today’s yearly amount of waste water is around 43,000 m3. The activities are actually concentrated on the higher populated areas. There is no biogas production due to small amount of waste. Waste is partly used for fertilizer production. A new composting facility shall start operation in 2010. The capacity was not communicated. The yearly operational cost of OWWC amounts to 2.6 m USD. The attitude to renewables was very positive. The shortage of gas should especially taken into consideration when talking about renewables. C. Documents received • Annual report 2006

5. Royal Oman Police (ROP) Colonel Ahmed Darwsh Al-Zadjali Khalid Al-Shabibi, Director of Projects Ahmed Mohd. Hatim Al-Balushi, Project Maintenance Eng. Bashir Al-Farsi, Electrical Engineer Date: 26.09.07 at 10:00 h A. Basis for the meeting Subject: Wind, Solar, Geothermal 1. Type of renewable energy technology, date of installation and capacity 2. Operation and performance experience (generated output, technical availability, type of problems) 3. Local operation and maintenance skills for this type of renewable energy technology 4. Implementation and operation costs for the systems 5. Attitude to include renewable energy supply in the plans B. Comments received ROP is very interested to implement renewables in their power supply concept. BOT projects are the most favourable projects in this regard. They mentioned that solar could be still too expensive for feed-in solutions compared to the gas generated electrical power in Oman which is subsidised. ROP purchases electric power on a basis of 50% of the official tariffs in Oman. They are interested to investigate more on the feasibility of wind power generation (for example for the island of Masirah). ROP is only looking to supply power for there own buildings like prisons, academies etc. The average power demand of these buildings lies between 500 and 1000 kW. The new prison next to Nizwa (name???) is planned to have 1.8 MW. ROP is ready to invest in renewables even if the power production is more cost intensive than comparable gas fired power generation. The amortisation period can be up to 20 years. ROP asked for the delivery time of one 5 MW wind power station and of smaller systems with around 600 kW. ROP operates one solar power unit on Daymaniyat Islands for radio base and radar stations with installed capacity of 2.0 kW. C. Documents received • Wind date (measurements in 50 m height)

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