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Study on Renewable Energy Resources, Oman - authority for ...

Study on Renewable Energy Resources, Oman - authority for ...

6. Ministry of

6. Ministry of Regional Municipalities Eng. Abdul Hakim Al-Zadjani, Director General Technical affairs Date: 26.09.07 at 12:00 h A. Basis for the meeting Subject: Biogas Questions related to biogas 1. Information on landfills: locations, size, depth, age, type of content 2. Locations of industries generating waste water (e.g. food industry, palm oil and slaughter houses) 3. Locations of major farms and number/type of animals 4. Data on waste water from the industries with effluents with high organic content (solid organic material after vaporisation) 5. Locations waste water treatment plants and amount of flow of biological waste water 6. Legislation regarding handling of waste water 7. Previous reports on the landfills and biogas potential in Oman General 1. Attitude to include renewable energy supply in the plans B. Comments received MRM operates around 300 trop-off sites for domestic waste. A new landfill is planned for Sur with the local Municipality of Sur. A similar project will be established in Adan area in 2009 (Dakhla region). 8 major locations with 7000 m3/day are: Sur, Ibra, Sumail, Nizwa, Ibri, Saham, Rustakh, Khasab and Barka. The waste treatment plants in all other cities (approximately 75) are very small and have capacity between 120 and 200 m3/day. Data about the food industry, slaughter houses etc. have to be collected from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. Further information about waste of farms, numbers of animals and so on can be collected from the Ministry of Agriculture. Industrial waste is not under the responsibility of MRM. Regarding the handling of waste, the legislation for OWWC and MRM are identical. Regarding landfill no reports are available and no studies are done right now. Positivity about renewables. Eng. Abdul Hakim Al-Zadjani mentioned to visit the oldest wind powered water pump in Oman in Matrah (Muscat) which was installed between 50 to 60 years ago. C. Documents received - No documents received

7. Sultan Qaboos University Dr. Ali Salim Al-Alawi, Dr. Hilal Al-Ismaily, Dr. Nabeel Al-Rawahi Dept. of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Date: 29.09.07 at 09:00 h A. Basis for the meeting Subject: R&D, studies 1. Overview of existing renewable energy systems in Oman including date of installation, owners, locations and types • types • year of installation • owners, energy generation 2. Information on performance of existing renewable energy systems including energy output and operation reliability 3. Types of R&D activities within renewable energy and R&D budget for this sector 4. Are there any plans for new, future R&D activities regarding renewable energy in Oman? If any, within which area and why are these areas prioritized 5. Which type of renewable energy technology is most suitable for Oman 6. Are there any norms and standards regarding installation of renewable energy (e.g. documentation solar panel efficiency, installation requirements ) 7. Norms, standards regarding renewable energy (e.g. documentation solar panel efficiency) 8. Attitude to renewable energy supply B. Comments received Several student projects in wind, solar (PV and thermal) identified, such as a PV solar car; research activities in combined solar thermal and seawater desalination. Wind study on the island of Masirah. PDO utilises hot steam for processing; Possibility for concentrator thermal systems for hot steam generation. Further information could eventually be collected from the Solar Conference at SQU in 2001. Data are available at the library. Project hot water systems for remote areas powered by wind energy. The following steps are focused: 1. Data collection 2. WASP and installation of measurement device 3. Search of sponsors for wind turbine installation Step 1 and 2 together requires approx. 10,000 to 20,000 OMR Wind conditions at the coastal line between Sur and Salalah during summer season (mid of June till mid of September) very strong. Inhabitants are leaving the coastal villages and are moving inside Oman at this time. Fishing is to dangerous due to high waves like in Ras Al- Hadd. For more reliable data higher measurement masts need to be installed.

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