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Study on Renewable Energy Resources, Oman - authority for ...

Study on Renewable Energy Resources, Oman - authority for ...

According to SQU

According to SQU studies, wind and solar power are the only feasible options in Oman subject to the location. Important to meet also Dr. Adel from the electrotechnical department. Research program together with Electricity Technology Japan since approx. 9 years which will be determined next year. The subject: Impact on PV cells under the specific environmental conditions in Oman. The following internet link was recommended for more data about solar radiation and wind of Oman: Dr. Al-Alawi made its doctoral thesis in “An integrated PV-Diesel Hybrid Water and Power Supply System for Remote Arid Regions”. Dr. Saleh Suleimani published a paper on wind turbine for water pumping in Hayma (located close to Thumrait). C. Documents received • Published articles about renewable energy • Viability of Hybrid Wind-Diesel Power Generation in Fossil Fuel Rich Countries : A Case ong>Studyong> of Masirah Island, Oman

8. Ministry of Transport & Telecommunication Directorate for Transport and Ports Eng. Hamed Saud Al-Ramdani Date: 29.09.07 at 12:00 h A. Basis for the meeting Subject: Wave, Wind Wave energy related questions 1. Positions where wave data has been measured 2. Measured wave characteristics at the sea of Oman: wave length, wave height, wave directions (frequency), since the measuring started. Estimated max wave height (50 year wave) 3. Average water depth along Oman coast, preferably indicated on sea map. 4. Restrictions for installation of wave power stations in the sea Wind energy related questions 1. Locations of off shore/on shore wind monitoring stations, specified by coordinates and shown on map 2. Height above sea level of the wind speed and wind direction sensors at each station 3. Measurement period since Gov. started measuring (start date - end date (if any) for each mast. 4. By which frequency is the wind data measured (each second, each 10 minutes, each hour) 5. In which format are the raw data for wind speed, wind direction and temperature available (manual registration or digital registration) 6. Results of data analyses: • Hourly mean wind speed variation during a day • Monthly mean wind speed variation during a year • Annual mean speed variation (year to year variations) • Annual wind direction frequency (wind rose) • Annual wind speed frequency distribution (histogram) • Hourly, monthly and annual mean air temperature 7. Restriction for installation of wind power plants at harbours/on shore/off shore General 1. Attitude to include renewable energy supply in the plans B. Comments received Directorate General for Transport and Ports doesn’t have any marine data. It was proposed to meet with Royal Oman Navy (RON). C. Documents received - No documents received

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