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Study on Renewable Energy Resources, Oman - authority for ...

Study on Renewable Energy Resources, Oman - authority for ...

15. Petrol Development

15. Petrol Development Oman (PDO) Corporate Planning Steve J. Van Rossem, Corporate Planning Manager (UCPM) Richard R. Terres Ph.D, Corporate Strategy & Portfolio Manager (UCS) Date: 29.09.07 at 14:15 h A. Basis for the meeting Subject: Wind, Solar, Geothermal General questions 1. Type of renewable energy technology, date of installation and capacity 2. Operation and performance experiences (generated output, technical availability, type of problems) 3. Local operation and maintenance skills for this type of renewable energy technology 4. Implementation and operation costs for the systems 5. Basis for determination of fuel cost for domestic users and for export 6. Actual costs of fuel and their forecasts Questions related to geothermal energy 1. Locations of bore holes: • along the northern coast (from Khasab to Qurayyat) (app. within a 20 km belt along the coastline) • along the southern coast (from Dalkut to Sadah) • (app. within a 20 km belt along the coastline) • on the island Masirah • at Ibri, Hayma and Thumrait 2. Data form the boreholes: • depth • temperature gradient • presence of water/steam • temperature of water/steam 3. Seismic surveys in Oman 4. Domestic fuel subject: oil, coal and gas. 5. Attitude to include renewable energy supply in the plans B. Comments received Both managers pointed out that the right of property of all data belong to PDO and its shareholders and are subject to approval. PDO operates over 5000 well drillings in more than 120 oil fields in Oman. All oil fields are located in block 6. Some of them pump less than 500 bpd. PDO operates actually app. 600 MW installed electric power generation plants. Till end 2007 the capacity will be extended up to 900 MW (One power plant with more than 100MW; the others are smaller power stations with 30 to 50MW). These power plants are fired by non-associated gas (natural gas). This capacity is nearly exclusive used by PDO.

The power grid of PDO grew along with the development of the drilling activities. Therefore the grid is actually not adapted for high load. PDO is producing 7 barrels of well water per barrel of crude oil (5 to 6 million barrels of water a day). Most of the produced well water is re-injected in the same or new wells. The average temperature of the well water was estimated to 86C°. Regarding geothermal power it was mentioned that hot springs in the mountain region and around Muscat could be more suitable. On some locations in a depth of 5000 m the temperature of the well water was only 10K hotter than the outside temperature with around 55C°. In order to analyse the geothermal potentials and the data available with PDO it was recommended to plan a meeting between a geothermal expert of COWI and a geologist of PDO. The existing implementations of solar energy systems are minor. PDO uses hot steam for production process which is generated by gas firing. If solar thermal systems are competitive a combined solution (gas/solar) could be possible. PDO is interested in wind power generation and in the results of our study. Under certain conditions PDO would be a co-investor in a wind power generations station. C. Documents received • Facts sheet as of July 2007

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