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Study on Renewable Energy Resources, Oman - authority for ...

Study on Renewable Energy Resources, Oman - authority for ...

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ecause of missing DNA in Oman. Energy sector structure and possible plans to privatise restructure and unbundled, especially electricity supply. Oman plans to privatise the power market in the following phases: • 1. phase: Power Stations • 2. phase: Transmission Companies • 3. phase: Distribution Companies Information, i.e. annual reports, from energy/electricity suppliers. Historic data (technology, efficiency, fuel consumption and age), maps and production cost (split in fuel, fixed and variable cost) of generation, transmission and distribution facilities. Generation and transmission system expansion plans. Current and foreseen bottlenecks in the system. Load curves and factors. See provided reports as mentioned above Information about and annual report from Regulation Authority. Regulations regarding renewable energy production and licensing of electricity producers. Report 2005 and 2006 have been provided digital Information material and annual report from Ministry of Energy including annual energy statistics like Energy balance, Energy trade, Demand and Supply forecasts. See provided reports as mentioned above Information about taxes and subsidies to electricity and other energy sources. The electricity market in Oman is officially subsidised only at the supply level. • Generation • Transmission • Distribution • Supply (Probably there is an additional subsidy in the system which is not officially shown. It’s masked in the prices of gas. Both the Omani gas production and purchased gas). Current generation cost for electricity, i.e. average short term generation cost and long run cost. Future expansion in electricity generation, what technologies and fuels are envisaged at what cost. • See provided reports as mentioned above • Especially for this point the prior study of the provided reports is recommended.

C. Documents received • Report AER 2005 on CD • Annual report 2006, Oman Power and Water Procurement Co. • Annual report 2005, Rural Areas Electricity Co. • Annual report 2005, Muscat Electricity Distribution Co. • Annual report 2005, Mazoon Electricity Co. • Annual report 2005, Majan Electricity Co. • Annual report 2006, Oman Electricity Transmission Co. • Project list of Oman Solar Systems LLC

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