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Software Manual SCD122U

Software Manual SCD122U


SCD122U Software Manual 2.2.1 Form to Tray Assignment The SCD122U printer driver offers predefined paper sizes corresponding to the display area. The predefined paper sizes are as follows. Setting Default Width Length 20 Columns x 2 Lines 20 Columns 2 Lines A4 210 mm 297 mm Letter ○ 8.5 inches 11 inches If you select "20 columns x 2 lines," the display area in the application will exactly match the display area on the customer display. Accordingly, you will be able to check the precise content of the customer display from within your application. Important: If you are using the control font, however, the characters entered in your application will not match the data on the display (since the control characters entered in the application are not shown as character data on the display). — 16 —

SCD122U Software Manual 2.3 Device Fonts The SCD122U printer driver provides device fonts. If you wish to display characters using the printer driver, you must select a device font. Important: When selecting a device font, be sure to set the correct point size (12 points). Available device fonts are as follows. Font Name Point Size Remarks SCD Font 12 Displays characters starting from the cursor position. SCD 1st Line Font 12 Displays characters starting from column 1 of the top line. SCD 2nd Line Font 12 Displays characters starting from column 1 of the bottom line. Control 12 Control font (See Chapter 2.4, below.) DATA1 12 Code-send font (See Chapter 2.5, below.) DATA2 12 Code-send font (See Chapter 2.5, below.) DATA3 12 Code-send font (See Chapter 2.5, below.) — 17 —

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