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Software Manual SCD122U

Software Manual SCD122U


SCD122U Software Manual ✸ Font Editor tab ASCII Code: [Save] [Load] [Clear Pattern] [Fill All Dots] Font Pattern [Download Character] [Clear Download Character] Enter ASCII value to be assigned to user-defined character. Save the user-designed character pattern into a file on the computer. Load a user-defined character pattern saved on the computer. Clear the dot grid. Fill all dots in grid (so that all dots are black). Enter a user-defined character pattern. Assign the user-defined pattern to the specified ASCII code. Cancel assignment of the user-defined pattern to specified ASCII code. (The ASCII code reverts back to its original character pattern.) ✸ Send by ASCII tab Send a character to the customer display by selecting the corresponding ASCII value from the table and the clicking [Send]. (Alternatively, double-click on the value.) You can use the Character View setting to select how the code values appear in the table: as decimal values, as hexadecimal values, or as characters. — 30 —

SCD122U Software Manual 5. SDK The SDK runs on Windows 2000, XP, and 32-bit Vista. The SDK includes sample program source code that can be used when programming in languages such as Visual Basic and Visual C. If you wish to use this feature, run a custom install when installing the SCD122U Windows driver, and opt to install this SDK. 5.1 Direct Communication The following folder holds the source code for a sample program that can be used for direct port access. \Program Files\StarMicronics\SCD122U\SDK\DirectCommunication 5.2 How to Use LD Auto Scan Dll The following folder holds the LDAutoScan.dll together with the source code for a sample program that makes use of this dll. \Program Files\StarMicronics\SCD122U\SDK\HowtoUseLDAutoScanDll Overview; This dll enumerates the SCD122U virtual COM ports that are connected to USB ports. If multiple ports are connected, pPortName returns a character string comprised of the port numbers separated by CR codes (ODh). BOOL WINAPI LDPort (LPSTR pPortName, DWORD c, DWORD *p_cNeeded, DWORD *pN ); Arguments pPortName c p_cNeeded pN [out] : Pointer to buffer storing the character string enumerating the port numbers. Returned as a multibyte string. [in] : Buffer size allocated for pPortName. [out] : Pointer to buffer size required for character string enumerating the port numbers. [out] : Pointer to number of enumerated ports. Return value TRUE : API terminated normally. FALSE : API terminated abnormally. — 31 —

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