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Software Manual SCD122U

Software Manual SCD122U


SCD122U Software Manual 3 If you are using Vista, the User Account Control dialog appears. Click [Continue]. The following dialog appears, and the wizard prepares for installation. Note that it may take some time to complete the installation. The time required varies according to the environment. 4 Click [Next] 5 Enter user information. Enter your user name and organization, and select whether the driver shall be available to everyone or only to you. Then click [Next]. — —

SCD122U Software Manual 6 Select the install type. To install the standard feature set, select Typical. Then click [Next]. The "typical" installation will install the USB driver, the virtual serial port driver, and the OPOS driver. It does not install features such as the OPOS sample program, OPOS check tools, and the SDK. If you wish to use these other features, select Custom instead, and then select each feature you wish to install. 7 Click [Install] to begin the installation. 8 When installation is completed, the following dialog appears. Click [Finish] to close the wizard. — —

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