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Tackling Fly-tipping - Keep Britain Tidy

Tackling Fly-tipping - Keep Britain Tidy

Who should you contact

Who should you contact if you have discovered fly-tipped rubbish on your land? This is a simple summary. If in doubt, consult the Fly-tipping Protocol. See page 7 for where to access the Protocol. Are there drums or other types of receptacles that may contain hazardous waste or is there a large quantity of asbestos (>5m 3 )? YES NO Is the waste dumped in water and causing pollution and/or posing a flood risk in a river, canal or other watercourse? YES NO How much waste has been fly-tipped? One large lorry load or less (20m 3 ) CONTACT THE ENVIRONMENT AGENCY Telephone 0800 807 060 – this is a 24 hour emergency hotline for the reporting of serious fly-tipping incidents. State that you wish to report a serious fly-tipping incident and your call will be routed to the appropriate person. For more general enquiries telephone: 08708 506 506, or check the website at: CONTACT YOUR LOCAL AUTHORITY You can find the contact details for your local authority in your phone directory or on the internet at: or Fly-tipping is a crime – you can also report incidents to the police If you are uncertain about which authority you live in, you can find out if you know your postcode: PcodeRequest.cfm?Chan=1 State that you wish to report a fly-tipping incident. If the switchboard operator is unsure where to route your call try asking for Environmental Services, Environmental Health or the Waste Department. Who to contact in Scotland Different arrangements are in place in Scotland. You can report incidents by phone, Dumb Dumpers Stop Line: 0845 2 30 40 90 or online: P10 WHO SHOULD YOU CONTACT IF YOU HAVE DISCOVERED FLY-TIPPED RUBBISH ON YOUR LAND?

Fly-tipping on your land If you are a victim of fly-tipping, you should record as many details as possible and contact the relevant authority as explained opposite. Take photographs of the waste as you found it. Talk to your neighbours to see if they saw anyone or anything suspicious. You will then need to decide how to deal with the waste that has been dumped on your land and, unfortunately, pay for the cost of disposal. It is unlikely that your local authority or the Environment Agency will clear the waste for you although they may provide other assistance or advice. Secure the waste Make sure the waste cannot escape or be interfered with. You may need to erect a temporary fence or bund. As well as protecting people and the environment until the waste can be removed, this will ensure that the evidence is left intact for any investigation. Dispose of the waste You are responsible for ensuring that the waste is disposed of correctly. Before you do this, check with the relevant authority that they have all the evidence they need for any subsequent investigation. You can seek advice from your local authority or from the Environment Agency. It is most likely to be your responsibility to locate a waste management operator to collect and safely dispose of the waste. Check that your contractor is operating legally. Call the Environment Agency on 08708 506506 and ask for a waste carrier registration check. Alternatively, you can check online ( search.asp?type=register). Prevent it happening again Use our tips to stop fly-tippers returning. WHO SHOULD YOU CONTACT IF YOU HAVE DISCOVERED FLY-TIPPED RUBBISH ON YOUR LAND? P11

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