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Regional Rehabilitation Centre - RBU

Regional Rehabilitation Centre - RBU

Model of performing a

Model of performing a specific occupation A defined person, doing a defined occupation, in a defined environment/context person Environment Occupation REGION VÄSTRA GÖTALAND SAHLGRENSKA UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL Regional Rehabilitation Centre QUEEN SILVIA CHILDREN´S HOSPITAL

91 Challenges for individuals with SB in getting an activity done § Not being motivated/ might be difficulties with having an idea § Planning /sequencing; where to start in what order- or…I don’t start § Initiate –going from thinking to action § Problem solve and adjust – using online information and re-plan/re-initiate (notice and respond) § Enacting; calibration and spatial orientation § Ending ; change focus REGION VÄSTRA GÖTALAND SAHLGRENSKA UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL Regional Rehabilitation Centre QUEEN SILVIA CHILDREN´S HOSPITAL

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