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Welcome to Practical Components - Standard ICs

Welcome to Practical Components - Standard ICs

Glossary Alloy = A

Glossary Alloy = A combination of two or more elements whereby at least one of them is a metal. Array = A group of elements arranged in rows and columns. BGA = Ball grid array BQFP = Bumpered quad flat pack Castellation = A leadless termination used on LCC packages for connection to the printed circuit board. Coplanarity = Related to surface mount, how flat the leads are referenced to the seating plane. CQFP = Ceramic quad flat pack CSBGA = Chip scale BGA CSP = Chip scale package DRAM = Dynamic random access memory Dummy Component = A mechanical package, typically without the silicon die. Used to verify the manufacturing process inexpensively. FC = Flip chip HASL = Hot air solder leveling Heatsink = A device that absorbs and drains off heat from hot objects, re-radiating it into the surrounding environment. JEDEC = Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council MCMBGA = Multichip module BGA MQFP = Metric quad flat pack LCC = Leadless chip carrier LPI = Liquid photo imageable OHM = The unit of resistance PCMCIA = Personal Computer Memory Card International Association PQFP = Plastic quad flat pack PLCC = Plastic leaded chip carrier QFP = Quad flat pack SMD = Surface mount device SMOBC = Solder mask over bare copper SMT = Surface mount technology SMTA = Surface Mount Technology Association SOIC = Small outline integrated circuit SOJ = Small outline “J” leads Solder = A readily meltable alloy of tin and lead used to bond component connections. SOP = Small outline package SSOP = Small shrink outline package SOT = Small outline transistor TAB = Tape automated bonding using tape for leads rather than bonded gold wire. TQFP = Thin quad flat pack TSOP = Thin small outline package TSSOP = Thin, Shrink Small Outline Package 62 Practical Components • Phone 1-714-899-8309 • Fax 1-714-899-8599 • •

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