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Composition of the lunar surface as will be seen ... - ResearchGate

Composition of the lunar surface as will be seen ... - ResearchGate


1 - 4 SHKURATOV ET AL.: COMPOSITION OF LUNAR SURFACE FROM SMART-1 Table 1. Composition of 15071 Soil Separates Size Range

SHKURATOV ET AL.: COMPOSITION OF LUNAR SURFACE FROM SMART-1 1 - 5 Figure 3. Clementine mosaic with 1 km resolution for NW portion of the lunar nearside. correspond to the different suites of optical parameters. Mostly, the differences are small (see below). [27] We also compare our results with similar results from Lucey et al.’s [2000a, 2000b] approach. To find the abundance of TiO 2 and FeO and optical maturity parameter OM we use Lucey’s equations: FeO% ¼ 17:43 arctan A ð 950 Þ=A ð 750 Þ y Að750Þ x 7:56; ð2Þ TiO 2 % ¼ 3:71 arctan A ð 415 Þ=A ð 750 Þ z 5:98 ; ð3Þ Að750Þ qffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffi OM ¼ ðAð750Þ xÞ 2 þ½Að950Þ=Að750Þ yŠ 2 ; ð4Þ where x = 0.08, y = 1.19, and z = 0.42. 3.2. Chemical/Mineral Composition [28] We start with the estimation of TiO 2 . The earliest relationship between the TiO 2 abundance in mare soils and the slope of spectral continuum in the visible range was established by Charette et al. [1974]. In terms of UV/Vis ratios, say A(400 nm)/A(560 nm), relatively ‘‘blue’’ basalts are Ti-rich and relatively ‘‘red’’ basalts are Ti-poor [see, e.g., Pieters, 1978]. More advanced methods to optimize this correlation were used by Johnson et al. [1991], Blewett et al. [1997], Lucey et al. [1998, 2000a], and Shkuratov et al. [1999a]. One of the problems with this relationship is a strong nonlinearity of the correlation; for Ti-poor materials the correlation is practically absent. Various explanations of this empirical relation have been proposed [Pieters, 1978, 1993; Shkuratov, 1982; Lucey et al., 2000a], but complete consensus on the origin of this relationship has not been forthcoming. [29] Using equation (1) with proper coefficients from Table 2 and simulated AMIE/SMART-1 data we have estimated the distribution of TiO 2 on the lunar surface. Results are presented in Figure 4. Qualitatively, this distribution is very similar to what one can find in many other works [e.g., Johnson et al., 1991; Blewett et al., 1997; Lucey et al., 1998, 2000a; Shkuratov et al., 1999a]. The distribution is well correlated with UV/Vis color index [c.f. Whitaker, 1972]. This is amazing, as the simulated AMIE/SMART-1 data do not use UV range at all. Thus the information about the UV-Vis behavior of lunar spectra is latently contained in the NIR part of the spectra. The range of TiO 2 variations near 0.1–12% seems to be quite reasonable. [30] The small inserted frame in Figure 4, which presents ratios of the TiO 2 distributions that correspond to Clem-

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