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HAZMAT Test.pdf - Martin County, Florida

HAZMAT Test.pdf - Martin County, Florida

7. According to the 2008

7. According to the 2008 Emergency Response Guidebook, for a large spill of compressed gas, toxic oxidizing, corrosive NOS (Not Otherwise Specified) Inhalation Hazard Zone C, i.d. #3306 you must isolate ________ in all directions. a. 100 ft b. 500 ft c. 750 ft d. 1,000 ft 8. T or F The six basic clues to recognition are - occupancy and location - container shape and size - placards and labels - shipping papers/facility documents - markings and colors - human senses 9. T or F The five modes of hazardous material transportation are rail, air, marine, highway, and pipeline. 10. According to the 2008 Emergency Response Guidebook, what page number in the blue pages would you find the material Copper Cyanide? a. 113 b. 117 c. 135 d. 103 11. Some classifications of containers are: a. Portable b. Fixed c. Transportation d. All of the above 12. Explosives are divided up in subdivision. Some of these are: a. Mass explosion hazard b. Projectile hazard c. Very insensitive explosives d. All the above 13. There are nine hazard classes. Some of these are: a. Explosives & gas b. Flammable liquids & solids c. Toxic & infectious substances d. All of the above

14. Infectious substances can be the following: a. Human blood b. Anthrax c. Bleach and water d. A and B only 15. Miscellaneous hazardous materials could be one of the following: a. Ice b. Quick Lime, Metallic Mercury & asphalt c. Cement d. None of the above 16. You have a train derailment at NE Dixie Highway and SR 707. You see on one of the over turned rail cars a yellow placard with OXIDIZER on it. Where would you find the shipping papers and facility documents? a. With the conductor b. At the train terminal c. At the train dispatch center d. At the shipping company office 17. What does MSDS stand for? a. Master Safety Data Sheets b. Manufactures Substance Data Sheets c. Material Safety Data Sheets d. None of the above 18. T or F Colors on Containers are always standard? 19. What does WMD stand for? a. Waste Material Destruction b. Weapon for Marine Details c. Weapon of Mass Destruction d. Weather Monitoring Device _____________________________________________________ 20. The difference between chemical versus biological incidents is, biological has: a. Rapid response b. Wide spread migration of the illness c. Gradual on set without odors or colors d. Natural indications e. B and C only

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