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2010-2011 Winter Issue - the American Dwarf Hotot Rabbit Club

2010-2011 Winter Issue - the American Dwarf Hotot Rabbit Club

District Four Report

District Four Report Kate Pagliotti Arkansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahomo, & Texas No Report Received District Five Report Bob Bergene Illinois, Kansas, & Missouri Hello Dwarf Hotot breeders, Happy New Year to all! Well the new year is upon us, but first I have to reflect on this past fall and our trip to Minneapolis and the ARBA Convention. I did not show at this Convention this past year, but did attend for several days. I thought the numbers shown were great in both the Youth and Open division. Congratulations to Bill Whaley for winning BOB and BOS, a clean sweep!! Also congratulations to Caroline Waskow and Jordan Wolff for winning BOB and BOS in the Youth division. It is always such an honor to win at the ARBA Convention and also the Spring National. I was disappointed that the Blue-band Dwarf Hotots did not pass for the second time around, but wish Sonja Papakee well in her further endeavors with this work in progress. I like the Blue bands and also the Chocolate bands. It would be nice to see more Chocolate bands shown in our district. If anyone has any Chocolate bands for sale, I would be interested as I would like to start raising them also. Food for thought..... wouldn't it be great if we had Black, Blue and Chocolate varieties and were able to show them separate in each of their varieties?? Did I say that?!! Winter 2011 Dwarf Hotot News Page 13

Before you know it, we will be looking around the barn to see what we can take to the National Dwarf Hotot show. You know the entry deadline is April 1st and it is in Sedalia, Missouri at the Missouri State Fairgrounds. Get your reservation in soon as there are about half a dozen other nationals that same weekend. The Dwarf Hotot National will be Saturday, April 9th with an all breed show that will follow on Sunday. I hope you all have a great year in 2011 and meet with success at raising and showing your terrific Dwarf Hotots. District Six Report Alice Stark Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, & Puerto Rico Greetings from District 6! We are looking forward to spring weather and thawed hoses. It has been unusually cold this year. Despite that, I tend to get breeding done better in the winter than in summer. The problem is keeping the babies warm once they are born, especially this year. We have two oil-filled electric radiator heaters in our 16X16 barn and it keeps it warm enough so the barn does not go below freezing. Membership is steady in District 6—lost some, but gained some. We are looking forward to at least three shows here in Georgia in February and March. At least we are getting sanctions and people are showing. I hope everyone had a great holiday and I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2011. Your Ad Could be Here! Advertising Rates $10 for a Business Card $20 ¼ Page $30 ½ Page $40 Full Page $50 for a Commercial Patron’s Full Page Winter 2011 Dwarf Hotot News Page 14

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