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2010-2011 Winter Issue - the American Dwarf Hotot Rabbit Club

2010-2011 Winter Issue - the American Dwarf Hotot Rabbit Club

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able to chew on them. Check them daily so your bunnies don’t get electrocuted or catch your barn on fire. After all of this, we still only have about a 50% conception rate. But if they do have a litter, we don’t have a problem losing them afterwards to the cold. Good luck to everyone with the breeding they’ll be doing this winter so we can have some Juniors on the show table this spring. District Nine Report Sally Turner Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC, & West Virginia ARBA Convention 2010 It was certainly a great year for District 9 at ARBA Convention this year. Before I recognize our Open and Youth who participated, I would like to congratulate all of the winners and exhibitors who made it out to Minnesota to participate and compete! I didn’t make it to Convention this year due to some unexpected surgery, but thanks to today’s technology I was able to hear (and see) the latest news as it was happening. OK, here we go - A HUGE Congratulations to Bill Whaley on his Open BOB and BOS wins! Other D9 members who placed in the top five were Marilyn Miller (5 th place Junior Doe), and Veronika Rodriquez (4 th place Youth Senior Doe), and Bill Whaley again (5 th place Junior Buck). Congratulations! There were also several D9 youth who participated in the Youth Contests including Sarah Gregory, Veronika Rodriquez, Devon Turner, Sydney Turner, and Lauren Turner. Here are some of the results of their efforts: Educational Contests – 1st place Posters – Devon Turner, Veronika Rodriquez, Sydney Turner, Lauren Turner 1 st place rabbit pillow – Sydney Turner 2nd place Essay - Veronika Rodriquez Team Judging - 2nd place, PA Intermediate Team – Veronika Rodriquez Limited Management Contest – Lauren Turner D9 Winner, 3rd Runner-up National Junior Achievement Contest – Sydney Turner D9 winner, 3 rd Runner-up National Winter 2011 Dwarf Hotot News Page 17

Congratulations to you all – it is very rewarding to see ADHRC youth being involved at all levels of participation at ARBA Convention! Upcoming Shows Two big shows are coming up in our District that kick off the new year – the PA State Farm Show, which will be held the first week in January, and the Super Bowl of Rabbit Shows in the Northeast– the PA State Convention, held the first weekend of February. I hope to see many of you there and if you have never attended our Convention, consider coming our way to show your Dwarf Hotots and enjoy some Mid-Atlantic hospitality! There are Open and Youth MADHC specialties scheduled for both days, plus our famous MADHC raffle table. Show your Dwarf Hotots four times in one weekend! Introducing New Dwarf Hotot Breeders , the Robertson Family! Hello to all! First we'd like to thank everyone for such a great welcome. MOE's Rabbitry is a fairly new rabbitry with our ARBA registration being less than a year old (January 2010). There are three owners of the barn, my husband William "Bill" Robertson, our 13 year old grandson Andrew Williams and myself Terry Robertson. MOE's started with "only one rabbit" as a 4-H project two years ago, a broken polish. But as everyone knows "how bunnies multiply"! Last March (at PaSRBA) we purchased our first pair of Dwarf Hotots from Beth Collins. We have met quite a few of the Mid-Atlantic members in the months that have followed and learned much from them. No matter how much you think you know about something you should always keep your mind open to new ideas, ways of doing and seeing things. Since that day at PaSRBA in March we have started registering our Dwarf Hotots, of which two are pending Grand Champion status with another Junior doe awaiting for her third leg in her Senior class showing. The Junior doe is one of our first breeding attempts. Hope to see and meet many more of our fellow Mid-Atlantic members at the up and coming shows. Until then good luck at the table and may the moon phases always shine on your nesting boxes. -Bill, Terry & Andrew Show Report: Delmarva R&CBA Show, Easton, MD – September 25 th , 2010 Show A – Judge: Robert Frizzell BOB – Wm. & Terry Robertson, Senior Doe BOS - Sharon Toon, Junior Buck Show B – Judge: Joseph Colucci BOB - Marilyn Miller, Senior Doe BOS - Christina Ritenour, Senior Buck Open Winners @ Tri-Co RBA BOS Sharon Toon & BOB Joyce Holton Winter 2011 Dwarf Hotot News Page 18

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