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2010-2011 Winter Issue - the American Dwarf Hotot Rabbit Club

2010-2011 Winter Issue - the American Dwarf Hotot Rabbit Club

Convention Auction

Convention Auction Results ADHRC Silent Auction Selling Price Trio of Dwarf Hotots ..........................................................$300 Donator – Patty Percy – Doe The trio of Dwarf Hotots was purchased by John Nyberg and Donator – Tonna Thomas – Bred doe donated to a new member, Leah Descamps of Springfield, MO. Donator – JayMe Phillips – Buck Purchaser Stacking Cages – Donated by Kammalop Cages ...................$120 Kathy Jongenelen, KS Embroidered Towel Set – Donated by Alice Stark ................$75 Takaaki Akune, Japan Doc’s Enhancer – Donated by Heinold Feeds ......................$20 Karen Brown Original Art – Donated by Sher Callen .................................$8 Marilyn Miller, PA Total Silent Auction Total ..................................................$523 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ADHRC Breed Auction Selling Price Purchaser ADHRC Fund ADHRC Scholarship Donator – Jody Carlson – Doe ..............................$130 Roger & Sandy Wycoff $65 Donator – Jody Carlson – Buck ............................$50 Nathan & Lisa Boxell $25 Donator – Tonna Thomas – Doe ..........................$100 Roger & Sandy Wycoff $50 Donator – Bayli Gregorich – Buck ........................$75 Roger & Sandy Wycoff $37.50 Donator – Alice Stark – Buck................................$50 Laura Bock $25 Donator – Jean Greg – Buck.................................$50 Jody Carlson $25 Donator – Bayli Gregorich – Buck ........................$150 Jedidiah Nissen & Sonja Papakee $75 Totals $605 $65 $237.50 Thank you to all donors & buyers!!! ADHRC Board Meeting Minutes @ 2010 ARBA Convention November 7, 2010 Meeting was called to order at 9:19 am. Roll call of Officers: Present: President Jennifer Milburn, Sec. /Treas. Tonna Thomas, Past President John Mingus, District 3 Director Patty Percy, District 5 Director Bob Bergene. Incoming District 6 Director Alice Stark present to observe only. Not Present: Vice President Joyce Holton, District 1 Director Reni Lucido was in the youth contests and could not make it, District 2 Director JayMe Phillips, District 4 Director Kate Pagliotti, District 6 Director Linda Parsons, District 7 Director Laura Bock, District 8 Director Shelly Bryan, and District 9 Director Sally Turner. Enough board members were present for a quorum. Reading of the minutes of the Executive Board Meeting in Pueblo, CO - Patty made a motion, 2 nd by Bob to forgo the reading as they were printed in the newsletter. Motion passed unanimously. Reading of the minutes of the annual meeting in San Diego – Patty made a motion, 2 nd by Bob to forgo the reading of the minutes as they were printed in the newsletter. Motion carried unanimously. Committee Reports: Audit Committee - Jennifer has not seen Jean Gregg who is the chair and Kate is not present. Jennifer will find someone to audit the books. Ad Committee – No Report sent - Bob would like to see rates per year. Rates discussed and Bob made a motion to have rates as follows: $10 – B. Card, $20 – ¼ page, $30 for ½ page, $40 for full page and $50 for a full page commercial company. All rates for a year. Motion 2 nd by John, motioned carried. Winter 2011 Dwarf Hotot News Page 29

Youth Report – No report sent Scholarship Report – There was an applicant but failed to meet the age or minimum requirement. Standard Committee – The Standard is now complete and no changes will be made until 2015. Photos in the standard were placed by the Standard Committee and the ARBA. Election Committee – Jennifer thanked them for their completion of counting the votes and having a short turn around to the board. Editor – No report sent– but the board acknowledged the newsletter looks great. Promotional Report – No report sent- JoBeth was unable to make it but Levi Campbell is bringing the promo items. Sweepstakes – No report, but Bill will be at the General Membership meeting and has a few items to discuss. In the minutes from the General Membership meeting in San Diego, the consensus was that if the member renews within the 60 day grace period, they receive their points. If they do not renew, their points are dropped from the time their membership expired. Unfinished Old Business: Jennifer brought up that in the past the ADHRC Board has awarded Life memberships to those members who have been long term members, dedicated to the ADHRC through promoting both ADHRC and our breed. Roger Cota, Susan Birmingham- Kather, Nell & Bob Warren and Jack & Fern Ternes have been awarded in the past. The Board has not awarded an Honorary Membership for 4-5 years. She would like to see this happen on a yearly basis. Bob made a motion to award Life memberships to Tonna Thomas, Jennifer Milburn and John Mingus. Patty 2 nd the motion, motion carried unanimously. Announcement of New Officers/Directors: John Mingus will be the current President and Alice Stark will be District 6 Director. Both will take their positions at the end of old business in the General Membership meeting. New Business: The newsletter was the first topic. The cost of printing and mailing the newsletter is becoming a concern. It is felt slight cutbacks are needed. A - Reports by Directors were discussed. Directors are encouraged to limit their reports to one page and if the Editor has a specific topic for which the director also sends in an article, it shall be listed separately. All information regarding specialty clubs, state/national youth contests are encouraged to be added to the free club page via the ADHRC website or the respective club/state website. B – What should be in every newsletter was discussed. The following shall be included in each newsletter. 1. Offficers/Directors mailing address 2. Current Committees 3. Affiliated Clubs 4. Deadline dated for newsletters. Those are to be the 30 th of each yearly quarter. 5. Sweeps – make it into 2 columns and limited to 6 pages. Maybe in future to have placements to only 10 place. The full list is on the web and more current. 6. New/Renewal Members 7. Important dates to remember 8. A list and photos of promotional items 9. An updated membership application which includes the box for receiving the newsletter electronically 10. More membership input is needed 11. Topic sections could include an In My Opinion (IMO) Awards Policy - The policy was discussed and no revisions were needed. Board response on e-mails - E-mails were discussed that have transpired between board members over the past year. It is encouraged to keep the e-mails to a minimum and keep them crisp and clear and to the point. If a response is required, add to the RE line, Action Required, and a date for replies. Discussion regarding the e-mail 30-40 late show reports from Bill. No Director responded and it was felt this was part of their duties. In the future, if there are late show reports, the director of the respective district shall contact the secretaries to see what the problem is. It was discussed that maybe we need to have monthly status reports. Since most correspondence and club business goes through the Secretary, when she sends out an e-mail stating club business, it will be noted to be review and validate the receipt of report. Guidebooks – Our present guidebook is outdated. The items not current are; affiliated clubs, ARBA & ADHRC wins, C & BL, ads included by non-breeders, the Standard of Perfection is not current. Tonna showed a guidebook from the Rhinelander Club which is 8 ½ X 5 1/2 three ring binder. It could be updated throughout the years thereby saving printing costs and having outdated guidebooks. Presently we have approximately 125. This will be brought up at the general membership meeting to see if the members want to start a new guidebook. th Winter 2011 Dwarf Hotot News Page 30

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