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2010-2011 Winter Issue - the American Dwarf Hotot Rabbit Club

2010-2011 Winter Issue - the American Dwarf Hotot Rabbit Club

Defined Rolls of

Defined Rolls of Officers/Directors and Communication on Events – John is going to write a “job description” and SOP regarding the defined rolls of the board and what is expected of them. Survey – John is going to compile a survey to be included in the newsletter asking the membership what is important to them and where they would like to see the ADHRC go in the future. We hope the membership responds to the survey. Specialty Clubs – All affiliated specialty clubs have a free web page to list their shows, results and any other club happenings. It can be found by clicking on the club name. This is not being utilized to its fullest potential. All clubs are encouraged to send club information, shows, etc. to the webmaster. Membership/Sanctions – Tonna gave a report of sanctions issued from Nov. 1, 2009 through Nov.1, 2010, Open was 278, Youth was 189. New members were 53, renewing members were 48 (includes family/individual), Non renewed members were 37 (approximately 7 households were multiple members). Tonna was a little disappointed with the drop in membership but as John pointed out it’s still an 8% growth. Breed Auction – At this point we know of only 2 animals being donated for the auction. We hope more will be donated before Wednesday. Good of the Club – All board members present agreed we need to unite the board, which will ultimately unite the membership. Adjournment - John made a motion to adjourn the meeting, 2 nd by Patty, meeting adjourned at 11:40. ADHRC General Membership Meeting Minutes @ 2010 ARBA Convention November 8, 2010 Meeting was called to order at 9:05 am. Roll call of Officers: Present: President Jennifer Milburn, Sec./Treas. Tonna Thomas, Past President John Mingus, District 3 Director Patty Percy, District 5 Director Bob Bergene, Director 6 Director Linda Parsons, Director 7 Director Laura Bock. Incoming District 6 Director Alice Stark came in as the new officers/directors were being announced. A quorum was present to conduct business. Not Present: Vice President Joyce Holton, District 1 Director Reni Lucido was taking part in the youth contests, District 2 Director JayMe Phillips, District 4 Director Kate Pagliotti, District 5 Director Bob Bergene, District 8 Director Shelly Bryan, and District 9 Director Sally Turner. Enough board members were present for a quorum. Reading of previous meeting minutes - Minutes of the Executive Board Meeting were read. Patty made a motion to accept the minutes as read, 2 nd by Marilyn Miller, motion carried. Patty made a motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the previous annual meeting as they were printed in the Winter 2009 Newsletter, 2 nd by Sher Callen, motion carried unanimously. Report of Officers – President - President Milburn, as an active member since 1988, continues to have a passion for the Dwarf Hotot. She hopes the board will continue to move forward with the upcoming SOP/job description that John is going to compile. The new Standard of Perfection is out and takes effect January 1, 2011. All photos were the choice of the Standard Committee and the ARBA. Vice President Report – No report sent. Secretary/Treasurer Report – Sanctions issued – Open 278, Youth 189. Memberships - New members 53, Renewing members 48 (includes family/individual), Non-Renewing members 37 (which includes approximately 7 households. Finances – As of 10-31-2010 General Fund CD - $3069.80 (2.150% interest maturing 11-5. The new rate will be 1.25%) Scholarship Fund CD - $742.53 (not including interest of 1.850% - matures 2-2011. General Fund Interest Checking account - $5462.96 (before bank statement and interest of .350%). Total Money Assets - $9275.29 as of October 31, 2010. Laura Bock made a motion to approve the Secretary/Treasurers report, 2 nd by John, motion carried unanimously. Past President Report – John is looking forward to sending out his survey as to what is important to the ADHRC members. We all have a common goal and we need to focus on it, the Dwarf Hotot. John mentioned there is always a challenge for quality stock. He would like all members to step forward and pass out membership application. When you sell a Dwarf Hotot you could add it to the selling price or better yet, pay their membership for the first year. He is compiling a survey to be included in the next newsletter to see what direction the ADHRC members would like to see our breed and club go. We won’t know unless the survey is returned. District 3 Report – Patty, Chris & Mary Patrykus still are the most active members in WI. One exhibitor has been given an application twice, but has still failed to join. Why? District 6 Report – Linda thanked all of District 6 for their support over the years. She will continue to work on her blue bands and is considering applying for a COD. Winter 2011 Dwarf Hotot News Page 31

District 7 Report – A recent show had 53 Dwarf Hotots shown. Even the judges were surprised. Laura likes John’s idea of either adding the membership fee to the selling price or paying the first year membership. Laura is going to start reaching out to members in her district. No reports sent from – District 1, District 2, District 4, District 5, District 8 and District 9. Committee Reports – all except for the Sweeps are in the Board Meeting minutes. Sweepstakes Report –Bill Whaley started out by stating he can only enter the reports he received. The late reports are coming consistently from the same club secretaries. He will give 2 months over the 30 day due date, to receive the report. When members do not renew, Jennifer read what the members decided in meeting in San Diego. The consensus was that if the member renews within the 60 day grace period, they receive their points. If they do not renew, their points are dropped from the time their membership expired. That is acceptable for Bill. Discussion took place on “Unit” showing (which is where adults and youth show together). ARBA Rules prohibits adults showing in youth. So if the child showed once in open in the “Unit” then in youth, the points can’t be applied either due to the ARBA Rules. The sweepstakes program does not allow for the crossover. Bill has spoken to the family and they are going to change their way of showing. Members must remember to show under the same name all the time. Discussion on youth showing for part of the sweeps year as a youth and then when they turn 19, show under youth where do the points go? It was the consensus of the members present that once Bill receives a show report shown as an “open” exhibitor all points are then moved to open. We currently know of one member that has not informed Bill they have turned 19 and are showing as an adult with an adult membership. Bill will double check the membership list birthdates for any more that may have turned 19. Topic omitted from the Board Meeting minutes - Jennifer brought up that in the past the ADHRC Board has awarded Life memberships to those members who have been long term members, dedicated to the ADHRC through promoting both ADHRC and our breed. Roger Cota, Susan Birmingham- Kather, Nell & Bob Warren and Jack & Fern Ternes have been awarded in the past. The Board has not awarded an Honorary Membership for 4-5 years. She would like to see this happen on a yearly basis. Bob made a motion to award Life memberships to Tonna Thomas, Jennifer Milburn and John Mingus. Patty 2 nd the motion, motion carried unanimously. Unfinished Old Business – There was no old business to discuss. Jennifer turned the meeting over to the new incoming President, John Mingus. Incoming Director 6 Alice Stark walked in just in time to be announced as new officer. New Business - Guidebooks – Our present guidebook is outdated. The items not current are; affiliated clubs, ARBA & ADHRC wins, C & BL, ads included by non-breeders, the Standard of Perfection is not current. Tonna showed a guidebook from the Rhinelander Club which is 8 ½ X 5 1/2 three ring binder. It could updated throughout the years thereby saving printing costs and having outdated guidebooks. Presently we have approximately 125. The Rhinelander Guidebook was passed around for the membership to see the style. The cover is printed directly on the book for a cost of $5.23 for 135. 135 books were printed with 51 2-sided pages, some in color. The paper printing was $471.21. Staples has this style binder for approximately $5-$6 per binder. Tonna found a website that will sell them for 360 binders for $3.64 each with no tax or shipping. They will have a clear front so we can slip in a cover page and one on the back for an ad. Sher Callen brought up we should auction off the back cover via internet auction. She will look into what that involves. With this style guidebook, we could update entire pages instead of mailing labels to be placed over blank show results and having a loose Standard of Perfection and Constitution and B-Laws. John asked for a motion to have the new guidebook made into the Rhinelander format when we do it. Jennifer made a motion, 2 nd by Linda, motioned carried unanimously. An amendment was added to the motion to keep Tonna as editor as she has all articles, photos, etc. on file. Cher, Laura & Marilyn will also be a part of the committee. Motion passed unanimously. Bill stood up and said if the new guidebook included his deceased wife’s dedication along with others, he would give up to $500, to help defer the cost of printing. The members present expressed their thanks. ADHRC Booth –Jennifer mentioned for all members to go by the booth and participate in the silent auctions. Discussion took place about the reason for a silent auction and not a raffle. It was Director 5, Bob Bergene’s idea to promote our breed through a donated trio of Dwarf Hotots and a stacking cage. He made the deal with KammaLop Cage company that anything we received on the cages, would be split with KammaLop. Indianapolis ARBA Convention – Booths are $225 for a single and $210 for each additional. Jennifer made a motion to have a single booth, 2 nd by Alice, motioned carried unanimously. Indy Committee: Volunteers were asked for. Booth Chair – Marilyn Miller, Breed Chair & Superintendent – John Mingus, Breed Secretary – Jennifer Milburn, Recorder – Patty Percy. Awards – Will be co-chaired by Sher Callen and Alice Stark. It was explained about how the awards process was applied and it must be approved by their Director. New Logo - Patty brought up we need a new professional logo. Tonna said she is currently working with a professional advertising company that is going to come up with a new logo. She said she was not going to bring it up until she had it in hand. The cost of the “professionally done logo” will be donated. She mentioned that If we do not want our breed Winter 2011 Dwarf Hotot News Page 32

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