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2010-2011 Winter Issue - the American Dwarf Hotot Rabbit Club

2010-2011 Winter Issue - the American Dwarf Hotot Rabbit Club

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judged like the Netherland Dwarfs, then why do we have a logo that is to Dwarfish? John is going to add a logo question to the survey. DR Reports - Marilyn asked why we don’t have a club report in the “Domestic Rabbit”? John explained that with the ARBA Elections (Candidate messages) and space restrictions, some articles had been cut. Tonna mentioned that she had a “Rabbits 101” cut and a Florida White Club report cut. John has sent reports within the ARBA deadline, but is no guarantee it will be included. He also explained that now as President, he does not feel he should be writing the reports. Laura Bock volunteered to write the reports. A motion was made by Tonna, 2 nd by Jedidiah Nissen, to allow Laura to write the reports. Motion carried unanimously. Newsletter – It was brought up there were many pages of sweeps. Topics should be separate from the reports. Also maybe make into a 2 column newsletter thereby saving space. Jed mentioned that Nebraska was not included under proper the District Directors report. Chat Room – Marilyn brought up she thought we needed a chat room just for Dwarf Hotots. Patty mentioned there used to be one but was corrupt with information and data. Discussion took place on content. Marilyn said it would be all “happy” no negativity. No selling of inferior rabbits on it. Marilyn volunteered to be the monitor and make sure nothing negative was on it. It will be all positive. It was then discussed to link it to the ADHRC website. Patty made a motion to link it to the ADHRC, 2 nd by Linda, more discussion took place. John made the comment “We have had some significant challenges as a board and over the last year. We are going to focus on our club and what is important to its members. We are going to stop the back and forth bantering of the board or it will destroy the club. This chat room will not be used in any way shape or form on a negative note. It must all be positive”. Patty revised her motion to have the chat room as a trial basis and to bring it up at the National Spring show in Sedalia at the board meeting before linking it to the ADHRC website. A hand vote was taken – 13 for the chat room, no one against, and 6 abstained. John spoke that this could be a slippery slope and could lead to negativity. If Marilyn needs help, she needs to reach out to the board. Rabbits USA – sent an ad rate for ads in their yearly magazine. Tonna read the prices and it was unanimously turned down due to the cost. Selection of ARBA Judges for the following year -This was tabled as we no longer obtain our judges in this manner. The C & BL needs to be updated. Good of the Club - Tonna read the statistics of the previous years of Dwarf Hotot shown at ARBA Conventions. 2005 – Indy - open 178, youth 77. 2006 – Ft. Worth – open 91, youth 44, 2007 - Grand Rapids – open 132, youth 64, 2008 – Louisville – open 147, youth 65 – 2009 San Diego – open – 108, youth 21 – 2010 Minneapolis – open 128, youth 79. A total of 784 open animals and 350 youth animals have been shown at the last 6 ARBA Conventions. Tonna spoke of articles/brochures on the website for members to print. Tonna’s goals for the future of the ADHRC are to unite the board and its members and have more membership input by means of articles in the newsletter. John’s spoke on this being the members club, not the board members club. We need individuals to step forward and volunteer. He would like to see the club participate in the upcoming survey. We should be a larger club and be showing 400-500 at conventions. We need to promote the ADHRC in a positive way and enjoy our hobby. He wants to try to have entries of 200 in open and 100 in youth at the ARBA Convention in Indianapolis. Sher said let’s make this a fun club! Adjournment – Jody Carlson made a motion to adjourn the meeting, 2 nd by Jedidiah Nissan, motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 10:50am. A group photo was taken. Winter 2011 Dwarf Hotot News Page 33

Winter 2011 Dwarf Hotot News Page 34

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