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Juvenile Sexual Offenders - Martin County, Florida

Juvenile Sexual Offenders - Martin County, Florida

Situational Molester

Situational Molester Behavior (Sexually Indiscriminate) • Sexual experimenter • “Try Sexual” • No real sexual preference for children • Boredom with sex • Could be their own children • Provide children to other adults – sex groups • S&M • Collects adult pornography / some child porn Martin County Sheriff's Office 16

Situational Molester Behavior (Inadequate) • Social misfit • Mental retardation or psychoses • Shy teen – no friends • Mostly harmless but can kill • Curiosity and insecurity • Build up impulses • Loner – lives with parents • Difficult to express anger – explodes • Sexual torture • Victim could also be elderly • Might collect adult pornography Martin County Sheriff's Office 17

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