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Music Notes Easter & Spring 2012 - Pine Lake Music

Music Notes Easter & Spring 2012 - Pine Lake Music

12 Your Great Name

12 Your Great Name Created by Gary Rhodes Orch. by Tim Cates SATB Your Great Name is an exciting multi-generational musical that is perfect for Easter or for a powerful service of praise anytime in the church year! Created and arranged by Gary Rhodes and orchestrated by Tim Cates, this collection by some of the most popular artists and songwriters is truly an event! From quiet and worshipful moments to lively and exhuberant celebrations, this musical worship experience lifts high the name of Jesus. You will love the arrangements of some of today’s most popular worship songs like Jesus Saves, Your Great Name, Always and Oh The Blood, and will be swept away by new arrangements of classic favorites like Because He Lives and Revelation Song. Your Great Name has been created to use many facets of your worship ministry, including solos, praise team and numerous congregational singing opportunities. 51 minutes in length. Moderate 765762144422 Acc. CD (click) 199.99 765762144224 Acc. CD (split) 95.00 765762144323 Acc. CD (stereo) 95.00 765762008038 Acc. DVD 199.99 765762144125 Bulk CD (10) 74.99 765762144026 CD 16.99 9780834181342 Choral Book 8.99 765762190900 Orch. (CD-ROM) 395.00 765762145528 Reh. CD 60.00 765762190801 Set w/CD/DVD 14.00 Anthems for Lent & Easter A Green Hill Far Away By Douglas Nolan SATB One of Christendom’s most valued texts is caressed with a sensitive new melody. Rising like a prayer, this tasteful treatment brings new insight to this poetic portrait of the cross. Moderate 35028048 Anthem 1.80 A New Hosanna By John Purifoy SATB Adapted from Scripture, this is a well-crafted anthem for Palm Sunday complete with optional handbell parts that give it a special appeal. Moderate 08753384 Anthem 1.80 08753929 Handbell Parts 15.00 A Processional Of Praise By Diane Hannibal, Arr. by Brad Nix SATB w/opt. trumpet Quoting the celebrated hymn tune Laudes Domini, this regal processional is an ideal opener and would be enhanced by a procession of banners or palms. Moderate 35028124 Anthem 1.95 A Sovereign Promise Arr. by Tom Fettke Orch. by Russell Mauldin SATB Using the hymn tune normally joined to Immortal Invisible, Tom Fettke gives us a showy symphonic anthem of Easter praise or anytime. Moderate 765762148628 Acc. CD 29.99 9780834181533 Anthem 1.75 765762196902 Orch. (CD-ROM) 74.99 Adore Him Arr. by Robert Sterling SATB w/congregation Robert Sterling’s elegant arrangement of this Christmas worship song incorporates a creative treatment of the chorus of O Come All Ye Faithful, making it an ideal choice for congregational participation. Moderate 080689822322 Acc. CD 24.98 080689042232 Anthem 1.70 080689954474 Orch. (PDF) 69.95 Alas And Did My Savior Bleed By John Purifoy SATB A beloved text receives a tender touch in this bittersweet choral for Holy Week. Long beautiful phrases help carry the words while rich harmonies add warmth and color. Moderate 35028147 Anthem 1.80 All Because Of The Cross Arr. by Robert Sterling SATB Congregations will love singing this well-crafted, dynamic song from the pens of Tony Wood and Robert Sterling. Moderate 080689844324 Acc. CD 24.98 080689086236 Anthem 1.70 080689975479 Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 All Glory Laud And Honor Arr. by Richard A. Nichols SATB Richard Nichols has given us a breathtaking arrangement of one of the oldest songs in our hymnology. Perfect for a Palm Sunday celebration, this piece joins several musical voices to welcome Christ in Jerusalem. “To Thee now high exalted, our melody we raise!” Moderate 281808 Anthem 1.75 281964 Brass Parts 24.95 All We Like Sheep By John Purifoy SATB A foundational scripture for all believers (Isaiah 53) is lovingly presented in this sonorous choral tapestry. Like a delicate tonal watercolor, this portrait of grace is replete with word painting and shimmering harmonies that seem to beckon the listener to introspection. Moderate 35028107 Anthem 1.80 Alleluia He Lives By Joel Raney SATB For Easter day, this spirited anthem combines voices with organ or piano and optional brass and handbells in a glorious exclamation that the risen King lives! An appearance of Beethoven’s Hymn To Joy in the middle section adds to the joyous effectiveness of this dynamic setting. Moderate C5731 Anthem 2.10 C5731P Brass & Handbell Parts 24.95 An Easter Acclamation By Roger Thornhill and Brad Nix SATB Set your alleluias free with this lilting invitation to joy. Rich SATB writing provides fullness to the sound, and the bright tempo engages the spirit of this instant classic. Moderate 35028004 Anthem 1.80 At The Cross By Rueben Morgan and Darlene Zschech Arr. by Keith Christopher SATB This modern worship song paired with a hymn standard provides a special worship moment for any service with an emphasis on the cross. Moderate 08753435 Acc. CD 26.99 08753434 Anthem 1.90 08753954 Instrumental Parts 35.00 At The Foot Of The Cross By Michael Popham, Regi Stone Arr. by Hal Wright SATB There is no view more clear than the view from the foot of the cross, and that sentiment is expressed beautifully in this anthem for SATB choir with soloist. This anthem is available for instant download to members at WT-032-08 Includes: Demo Track Acc. Track (Split/Stereo) Anthem Because He Lives Arr. by Lloyd Larson SATB Because He Lives has become a standard Easter hymn for congregations the world over. Lloyd Larson has done a masterful job of bringing this hymn into the choral anthem format. Not just for Easter, it is a song of victory and promise and praise. Moderate 08754050 Anthem 2.35 Behold The Lamb Arr. by Larry Shackley SATB/SAB Touching lyrics and moving music capture the depth of emotion as Jesus is crucified on the cross. “They came to crucify a man, but sacrificed a Lamb.” It’s ideal for Holy Week worship services. Moderate 99/2972L Acc. CD 26.95 10/4218L Anthem (SAB) 1.95 10/4217L Anthem (SATB) 1.85 30/2788L Orch. (Paper) 59.95 30/2789L Orch. (CD-ROM) 59.95 30/2790L Instrumental Ensemble 29.95 Beneath The Cross Arr. by Robert Sterling SATB Robert Sterling offers an elegant choral arrangement of this Easter hymn from Keith and Kristyn Getty. Moderate 080689845321 Acc. CD 24.98 080689087233 Anthem 1.70 080689976476 Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 Prices are subject to change without notice.

13 Blessed Be Arr. by Robert Sterling SATB w/solo A minor-key, pulsing energy flows through the heart of this original offering for Palm Sunday: “Blessed be the One who comes in the name of the Lord.” Moderate 080689846328 Acc. CD 24.98 080689465093 Acc. DVD 34.95 080689088230 Anthem 1.70 080689977473 Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 Christ Arose Arr. by Cliff Duren SATB Warm up the B3! Here is a gospel-flavored version of a faovrite resurrection hymn. Moderate 765762148925 Acc. CD 29.99 765762008830 Acc. DVD 59.99 9780834181564 Anthem 1.75 765762197206 Orch. (CD-ROM) 74.99 Christ Is Risen By Mia Fieldes and Matt Maher Arr. by Dennis Allen SATB Accessible for all SATB choirs, this modern hymn is sure to become an Easter worship favorite. Moderate 005397498 Acc. CD 29.95 005384200 Anthem 1.65 005384166 Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 Christ Is Risen Alleluia Arr. by Mark Hayes SATB w/opt. congregation This regal Easter anthem from Mark Hayes brings a spectacular Baroque flavor while incorporating the famous Handel chorus from Judas Maccabeus. Opening with a thrilling choral fanfare and followed by a strong homophonic section and an enjoyable fugue, Christ Is Risen Alleluia is sure to become an Easter standard! Moderate 99/2968L Acc. CD 26.95 10/4210L Anthem 1.95 30/2782L Brass & Timpani Parts 29.95 30/2791L Orch. (CD-ROM) 59.95 30/2781L Orch. (paper) 59.95 Christ Is Risen Hallelujah Arr. by Keith Christopher SATB Fanny Crosby’s text comes alive when paired with the beloved Hyfrydol tune making for a spectacular Easter morning anthem. Moderate 08753857 Acc. CD 26.99 08753540 Anthem 1.80 Christ We Do All Adore Thee Arr. by William David Young SATB William David Young blends one of the church’s most beautiful chorales from Dubois’ The Seven Last Words Of Christ with the timeless hymn, Fairest Lord Jesus. This is a choral gem not to be missed! Moderate 35091 Anthem 2.05 Cleansing Fountain By William Cowper Arr. by Carolyn Hamlin SATB Sustained confidence and assurance of Christ’s sufficiency are hallmarks of Cowper’s prized hymn of faith. Carolyn Hamlin’s steadfast rhythm is easily mastered and her setting mirrors the text in an illuminating way. It’s perfect for Lent, Easter or any general worship service. Moderate 35095 Anthem 1.95 Come Into God’s Wide Embrace By Mary McDonald and Herb Frombach SATB w/opt. C instrument This compassionate communion anthem calls us to experience God’s loving embrace and to remember the sacrifice of His son. Mary McDonald’s melody and rich accompaniment paired with an emotional text make this piece great for communion or Maundy Thursday. Moderate 99/2910L Acc. CD 26.95 10/4199L Anthem 1.95 Concertato On Jesus Christ Is Risen Arr. by Robert Lau SATB w/brass qrt./congregation Using an original tune, here is a lofty, triumphant hymn setting to blend your congregation and choir. The optional brass parts (2 trumpets, 2 trombones) and congregational part are included in the score. Moderate HMC2286 Anthem 1.80 Concertato On Welcome Happy Morning Arr. by Robert J. Powell SATB w/organ & congregation Robert Powell offers a joyful, yet accessible option for joining choir and congregation Easter Sunday. Moderate HMC2284 Anthem 1.55 HMC2284A Brass Parts .00 Crown Him Mighty King Arr. by David T. Clydesdale SATB Here is high energy praise to the Risen Christ using the hymn Crown Him With Many Crowns as a foundation. Moderate 765762147829 Acc. CD 29.99 9780834181458 Anthem 1.75 765762194809 Orch. (CD-ROM) 74.99 Crucified By Craig Courtney SATB The events leading up to the crucifixion are compared and contrasted while the repetition of the word “crucified” reminds us of the inevitability and the finality of the act. Set for SATB choir and piano, this piece will draw the congregation into the Golgotha experience in a stunning way. Moderate BP1953 Anthem 1.95 Fanfare Savior By Allen Pote SATB w/organ Allen Pote has composed a new fanfare setting of this universal expression of Easter triumph for organ, brass, timpani and handbells. A choral introduction and conclusion utilizing a powerful Easter text from Bryan Jeffery Leech bookend what will surely be an instant classic. Moderate 08754051 Anthem 2.25 08754052 Instrumental Parts 35.00 For Choir And Congregation Vol. 2 Arr. by Patti Drennan SATB w/organ & piano Patti Drennan continues her series of congregation resources with this latest product devoted to Lent, Holy Week and Easter. Three favorite hymns (Crown Him With Many Crowns, Hosanna Loud Hosanna and When I Survey The Wondrous Cross) are introduced with organ and piano accompaniments especially designed to enhance your congregational participation with hymn singing. Moderate 35028064 Anthem 2.25 For Sinners Slain By Travis Doucette Arr. by Don Marsh SATB w/solo For solo and choir, this power ballad describes the powerful victory of the Risen Lamb and then overflows in waves of worshipful song. Moderate 005290924 Acc. CD 29.95 005290922 Anthem 1.75 005290937 Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 From Jesus’ Side Arr. by Russell Mauldin SATB From the Garden of Eden to the empty garden tomb, this creative modern hymn speaks to the heart about our new life in Christ. Moderate 080689848322 Acc. CD 24.98 080689090233 Anthem 1.70 080689979477 Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 Gethsemane with The Power Of The Cross Arr. by Lloyd Larson SATB Through the arranging of Lloyd Larson, the anguish and wretchedness of Christ’s fateful death comes full circle by segueing into The Power Of The Cross. The music moves from dramatic and minor to tender and major, ending prayerfully, making this a perfect anthem for Good Friday. Moderate C5744 Anthem 2.15 Glorious Day Arr. by Travis Cottrell Orch. by Dennis Allen SATB w/solo This driving power ballad features a soloist, as heard on the Casting Crowns CD. The text lends itself to Easter use but will be appropriate any Sunday. Moderate 005397497 Acc. CD 29.95 005384185 Anthem 1.65 005384165 Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 To ORDER: visit or call 1.800.241.3667

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