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Music Notes Easter & Spring 2012 - Pine Lake Music

Music Notes Easter & Spring 2012 - Pine Lake Music

16 Jesus Died On

16 Jesus Died On Calvary’s Mountain By Victor C. Johnson SATB Victor Johnson has created a haunting and poignant setting of this classic American folk hymn that is ideal for Holy Week. Moderate 10/4196L Anthem 1.85 Jesus Is Lord Arr. by James Koerts SATB James Koerts gives us a stately, straight-forward arrangement of a well-known Getty hymn. This anthem powerfully reminds us through “the cry that echoes through creation” that Christ is Lord. It’s a great piece for any occasion. Moderate 281865 Anthem 1.75 Jesus Is Our Passover By Bert Stratton and Lloyd Larson SATB The divine imagery of the Paschal Lamb is central to understanding the sacrificial love as expressed in Christ. The highly effective music of this anthem brings a bittersweet quality to this Holy Week offering. Moderate 35028150 Anthem 1.80 Jesus Paid It All with Above All Arr. by Marty Parks SATB The timeless text of one of the great Easter season hymns is given a moving new melody and paired with a contemporary favorite to create a beautiful addition to a service for Good Friday or throughout the year. Moderate 080689851322 Acc. CD 24.98 080689982477 Orch. (CD-ROM) 49.95 080689093234 Anthem 1.70 Kingdom Come By Nicole C. Mullen Arr. by Bradley Knight SATB w/solo Bradley Knight has done an excellent job of translating this Nicole C. Mullen hit from her CD Captivated, into a great R & B arrangement for SATB choir and soloist. Moderate 005397494 Acc. CD 29.95 005384182 Anthem 1.75 005384148 Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 Lamb Of God By Twila Paris Arr. by James Koerts SATB This classic, hymn-like praise and worship song travels freely from contemporary sanctuaries to traditional halls alike. The arrangement is straight-forward and thoughtfully presented as a testament to the grace and mercy of Christ. Moderate 35028035 Anthem 1.90 Lay His Body Down By Pepper Choplin SATB Pepper Choplin dramatically captures the emotion of Holy Week with this mesmerizing choral round that vividly describes the removal of Christ from the cross and His burial in the tomb. Based on the timeless American hymn By The Waters Of Babylon by William Billings, this piece features multiple accompaniment options that lend to a truly moving performance. Moderate 99/2966L Acc. CD 26.95 10/4207L Anthem 1.95 30/2780L Instrumental Ensemble 29.95 30/2792L Orch. (CD-ROM) 59.95 30/2779L Orch. (paper) 59.95 Let The Nations Be Glad with Siyahamba Arr. by Daniel Semsen SATB w/solo Join the world in celebration with this one-ofa-kind praise anthem that combines an electric global voice of missions and worship with an African folk song and rhythm instruments. Moderate 080689852329 Acc. CD 24.98 080689094231 Anthem 1.85 080689983474 Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 Let The People Sing Hosanna By Victor Johnson SATB w/opt. percussion The joyous spirit of this anthem, with its catchy and repetitive harmonies and rhythms, will easily fill worshippers with the spirit of hosanna on Palm Sunday. A creative choice for a processional, it features a percussion accompaniment that is extremely accessible. Moderate 10/4189L Anthem 1.85 Lift High The Cross Of The Risen Christ Arr. by Lloyd Larson SATB This powerful resurrection anthem comes from Lloyd Larson’s Easter musical, Lift High The Cross and features two Easter hymns, Lift High The Cross and Brian Wren’s Christ Is Alive. Moderate C5732C Acc. CD 26.95 C5732 Anthem 2.10 C5732O Instrumental Parts 35.00 Lord I Give Myself To You By Victor C. Johnson SATB w/opt. violin Victor Johnson has taken a historic, powerful text and paired it with a lyrical, inspired new melody in Lord I Give Myself To You. An optional violin part adds additional poignancy to this already stunning piece. Moderate 99/2890L Acc. CD 26.95 10/4178L Anthem 1.85 Mercy Said No Arr. by Cliff Duren SATB w/duet “When sin demanded justice for my soul, mercy said NO.” This is a powerful duet ballad arranged by Cliff Duren. Moderate 765762147522 Acc. CD 29.99 9780834181427 Anthem 1.75 765762194502 Orch. (CD-ROM) 74.99 My Soul My Life My All By Charles McCartha SATB One of our most cherished sacred texts is treated to a sensitive musical rendering that calls us to consider the cross. Abundant unison singing assists in a quick learning process. Moderate 35028072 Anthem 1.80 No Grave Arr. by Cliff Duren SATB No Grave is a powerful, contemporary way to proclaim Jesus is alive again! Moderate 765762147621 Acc. CD 29.99 9780834181434 Anthem 1.75 765762194601 Orch. (CD-ROM) 74.99 O Blessed Cross Of Calvary By J. Paul Williams and Lloyd Larson SATB This is a J. Paul Williams text in a pensive setting appropriate for the average church choir. This piece is perfect for Good Friday and is equally useful for times of general worship when the cross and the sacrifice are being considered. Moderate BP1952 Anthem 1.80 O Sweet Exchange Arr. by Phillip Keveren SATB Christ’s death was exchanged for our redemption. This simple expression of a profound truth is beautifully portrayed in this tender song of gratitude. Moderate 080689854323 Acc. CD 24.98 080689096235 Anthem 1.70 080689985478 Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 On That Great Great Mornin’ By Mary McDonald SATB a cappella w/opt. solo Filled with the spirited triumph of Easter morning, this a cappella original from Mary McDonald features close vocal harmonies, regular syncopation and fun-to-sing passages of call and response. An optional solo offers the opportunity to showcase one of your singers and drives the piece to a rousing and celebratory conclusion. Moderate 10/4204L Anthem 1.85 Our God Rises Arr. by Dave Williamson SATB Upbeat and full of celebration, this is a joyful choice for your contemporary resurrection service. Moderate 765762147720 Acc. CD 29.99 9780834181441 Anthem 1.75 765762194700 Orch. (CD-ROM) 74.99 Prayer Of Gethsemane By Lowell Alexander and Tyler Castleton Arr. by Robert Sterling SATB Full of emotion and energy, this inspirational piece will find its way into Holy Week services and Easter programs as well. Moderate 08753449 Acc. CD 26.99 08753448 Anthem 1.90 08753450 Orch. 55.00 Prices are subject to change without notice.

17 Remember By Joel Shoemake Arr. by Kris Crunk SATB This rich representation of the first Communion, in SATB arrangement with Jesus as soloist, beautifully connects the Last Supper to Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. Includes an extended instrumental section for distribution of the elements. This anthem is available for instant download to members at DW-11-01-09 Includes: Demo Track Acc. Track (Split/Stereo) Anthem Vocal Only Sheet Music Resurrection Celebration By Barbara Furman and Heather Sorenson SATB Crown the day with alleluias as you sing this glorious anthem of praise. The main theme is instant in its appeal. Sharp rhythms and rustic abandon characterize its main section while a gradually contrasting legato section paints the scene of God’s redeeming work. Moderate 35028070 Acc. CD 26.99 35028068 Anthem 1.80 35028069 Orch. (CD-ROM) 60.00 Risen Today By Dan Forrest SATB w/organ & tambourine The solo organ introduction is the only nod to ‘traditional’ in this breathtaking setting of the Charles Wesley text, Christ The Lord Is Risen Today. Every musician will be challenged and every congregant will be stirred as the joy of the resurrection explodes measure by measure. Advanced BP1947 Anthem 1.95 BP1947A Tambourine Part 2.95 Savior’s Love By Michael Boggs and Jason Cox SATB w/solo & opt. narration “By grace I’m sheltered in the Savior’s love.” This contemporary ballad is arranged for choir, soloist and optional narrator. Moderate 005397495 Acc. CD 29.95 005384183 Anthem 1.65 005384149 Rhythm Parts (CD-ROM) 24.95 Saviour Arr. by Daniel Semsen SATB This majestic piece heralds the birth and life of our Savior with outstanding choral arranging and a thrilling climax. Moderate 080689830327 Acc. CD 24.98 080689050237 Anthem 1.70 080689962479 Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 Silently Tears Were Flowing By J. Paul Williams and C. J. Adams SATB w/opt. C instrument The words of Christ, as he hung on the cross at Calvary, are artfully depicted in this Lenten text by J. Paul Williams with music by C. J. Adams. The Savior’s prayer, “Thy will be done,” is wrapped in anguish and grief as the Good Friday story is recalled in this deeply moving setting, which features an optional part for C instrument. Moderate C5735 Anthem 2.05 Something’s Happening Arr. by Russell Mauldin SATB Arranger Russell Mauldin leads listeners on a journey from Bethlehem’s stable to Calvary in this richly orchestrated portrait of Jesus’ life. Moderate 080689853326 Acc. CD 24.98 080689095238 Anthem 1.70 080689984471 Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 Song Of Sorrow By Patrick Liebergen 2-Part Though only scored for two-part choir, this Holy Week lament has a power and conviction essential for the shadows of Holy Week. Utilizing a theme from Beethoven’s seventh symphony, the dramatic dirge-like pattern beats a steady reminder of the price of grace. Moderate 35028077 Anthem 1.80 Take Me Up The Hill By Jeff Ferguson Arr. by Dave Williamson SATB We all have times when we the busy-ness of this life blinds us to what is truly important. With this tender, heartfelt anthem, Jeff Ferguson and Dave Williamson reorder our priorities by encouraging us to let go of the things of this world and return to the cross, where real life began. Moderate This anthem is available for instant download to members at WT-068-09 Includes: Demo Track Acc. Track (Split/Stereo) Anthem Vocal Only Sheet Music That Eastertide With Joy Was Bright Arr. by Howard Helvey SATB w/organ & opt. brass quartet Based on a 5th century text and a 16th century melody, this majestic hymn includes the optional brass quartet parts. Moderate HMC2285 Anthem 1.90 That’s My King Arr. by J. Daniel Smith SATB Here is a strong gospel ballad that reflects on the cross. Moderate 765762149120 Acc. CD 29.99 9780834181588 Anthem 1.75 765762197404 Orch. (CD-ROM) 74.99 The Blood Of Jesus Arr. by Wayne Haun SATB Joined with The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power, this is heart-felt southern gospel at its best. Moderate 765762149229 Acc. CD 29.99 9780834181595 Anthem 1.75 765762197503 Orch. (CD-ROM) 74.99 The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power Arr. by Marty Parks SATB w/solo Marty Parks offers a memorable arrangement of the Andrae Crouch classic, paired with one of the church’s most beloved songs of redemption. Moderate 080689847325 Acc. CD 24.98 080689089237 Anthem 1.70 080689978470 Orch. (CD-ROM) 49.95 The Cross Before Me By Mike Harland and Jay Rouse SATB w/narration From the musical Into All The World, your choir will be blessed by this inspirational anthem. Moderate 005397499 Acc. CD 29.95 005467766 Acc. DVD 64.95 005384201 Anthem 1.65 005384167 Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 The Lamb Is Silent Now By Bert Stratton, Douglas Nolan and David Angerman SATB w/opt. cello The One who spoke the universe into existence is silent before Pilate and His accusers. We see in vivid detail His tender mercy. The plaintive cello line counterpoints with the flowing piano while gentle vocal writing creates a spirit of reverence and contemplation. Moderate 35028121 Anthem 1.95 The Power And The Glory Arr. by Cliff Duren SATB The power and the glory all belong to Jesus in purchasing and saving His people. This is a thoughtful and moving song. Moderate 765762148826 Acc. CD 29.99 765762008731 Acc. DVD 59.99 9780834181557 Anthem 1.75 765762197107 Orch. (CD-ROM) 74.99 The Tomb Stands Open By Lloyd Larson SATB/SAB w/opt. trumpet This energetic Easter anthem incorporates Beethoven’s Hymn To Joy along with original verses that portray the excitement of that Sunday morning. Lively syncopation contrasts a legato section that builds to triumphant finish. Moderate 99/2969L Acc. CD 26.95 10/4212L Anthem (SAB) 1.95 10/4211L Anthem (SATB) 1.95 30/2783L Brass Parts 29.95 To ORDER: visit or call 1.800.241.3667

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