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Music Notes Easter & Spring 2012 - Pine Lake Music

Music Notes Easter & Spring 2012 - Pine Lake Music

20 Instrumental for Lent

20 Instrumental for Lent & Easter What Wondrous Love By John Carter This is a collection of eight arrangements of hymn tunes for Holy Week set for solo instrument (in C or Bb) and piano. A wide range of styles is covered including some jazz sounds. Moderate IC2 Book 15.95 Keyboard for Lent & Easter Organ Solo Glory In The Cross Compiled by Dennis Eliot Ideal for many meditative moments, as well as the excitement of Palm Sunday and Easter, Glory In The Cross blends majestic hymns, gospel songs, spirituals and original melodies by some of your favorite composers. It’s a perfect programming tool for the busy organist. Moderate 70/1783L Organ Book 18.00 Sacrifice And Splendor Arr. by Mary McDonald This three-part suite is designed for a joyful Easter Sunday celebration, beginning with the fanfare-like prelude Christ Is Alive, followed by a meditataive offertory medley reflecting on the cross and concluding with a classical-style arrangement of Jesus Christ Is Risen Today. Moderate 70/1784L Organ Book 9.95 Piano Solo A Jazz Inspired Easter Arr. by Craig Curry These fresh-sounding, jazzy piano arrangements are great for church services, programs, concerts and recitals. A CD is included that features the composer at the piano performing all of the selections. It also includes optional bass and drum parts for six of the arrangements provided in PDF format. Moderate 36568 Piano Book 14.99 Ashes To Fire: The Piano Project Arr. by Lloyd Larson This keyboard collection is a creative resource particularly well-suited for the church year from Ash Wednesday to Pentecost. It contains a blend of new songs and old hymns in contemporary settings. Moderate 9780834178786 Piano Book 19.99 Piano Duet Palms To Victory Arr. by Gilbert M. Martin In this versatile collection are two hymns for Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, two designed for Jesus’ glorious Resurrection and a haunting setting of Ah Holy Jesus for Holy Week proper. Moderate 70/1754L Piano Duet Book 12.95 Piano-Organ Duet Organ/Piano Accompaniments For Hymn Singing 2 Arr. by Lani Smith Lani Smith has chosen ten of the most widely used and best-loved hymns of the season, from Palm Sunday through Eastertide. Each hymn contains an introduction, plus varied organ and piano accompaniments for each verse, to add new life to your congregational singing. Moderate 70/1770L Piano-Organ Duet Book 15.00 Prices are subject to change without notice.

Nonseasonal Adult Collections Bill & Gloria Gaither Diamond Celebration Arr. by Jay Rouse SATB This collection of exciting and dynamic medleys features some of the Gaither’s most well-known selections in honor of Bill Gaither’s Diamond birthday year celebration...come join the chorus... something good is about to happen! Titles include: Fully Alive, I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary, Jesus Is Lord Of All, Peace Be Still, Plenty Of Room In The Family, There’s Something About That Name, He Touched Me and more. Moderate 797242273551 Acc. CD 70.00 797242273490 Choral Book 4.50 797242273773 Orch. (PDF) 175.00 797242273674 Orch. (paper) 185.00 Everlasting Arr. by Dave Williamson SAT(B) Although worship music has changed in many ways over the last twenty years, what hasn’t changed is the need for inspiring melodies and worshipful lyrics that touch the heart. Everlasting brings together ten powerful songs of praise that are remembered by many and new to others. Veteran arranger Dave Williamson has set these timeless songs in a contemporary style for today, resulting in a Kingdom-building book that allows these songs once again to usher singers and worshippers alike to the Throne of God. Titles include: Awesome God, Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord, El Shaddai, Great Is The Lord, How Beautiful and more. Moderate 080689864124 Acc. CD 90.00 080689754722 Bulk CD (10) 59.95 080689831225 CD 16.98 080689458170 Choral Book 8.95 080689478673 Orch. 350.00 080689675027 Reh. CD 59.95 080689018084 Rhythm Parts 49.95 080689556364 Set w/CD 10.00 080689864421 Stem Mixes 199.95 Everlasting Praise 3 Arr. by Mike Speck and Stan Whitmire Orch. by Wayne Haun and Chris McDonald SATB w/congregation This incredible release in the Everlasting Praise line is a must-have! Mike Speck has done it again with over sixty inspirational favorites that can be sung as part of medleys or as individual songs. Flexibility is the key as you choose the best format for your needs from these southern gospel standards, beloved hymns and classic praise choruses. This timeless resource for congregation and choir is a practical, accessible and dynamic songbook for worship in all styles. It’s a great resource for years to come. Moderate 765762143029 Acc. CD (split) 99.99 765762143128 Acc. CD (stereo) 99.99 9780834181199 Choral Book 9.99 765762142923 Double Stereo CD 19.99 765762190108 Keyboard Ed. (loose-leaf) 59.99 765762190207 Orch. (CD-ROM) 495.00 765762193109 Set w/CD 25.00 New Time Gospel Signature Series 2 Arr. by Jay Rouse SATB Here is a second volume of the best-selling minicollection, New Time Gospel Signature Series, featuring the songs of Karen Peck and arranged by Jay Rouse. Titles include: Love With All Your Heart, Don’t Worry About The Waves and Faith. Moderate 797242267352 Acc. CD 70.00 797242267291 Choral Book 4.50 797242267574 Orch. (PDF) 100.00 797242267475 Orch. (paper) 110.00 Now And Then Arr. by Sheldon Curry SATB In this collection, you will find songs for all of the liturgical seasons - Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Pentecost and communion, all arranged in a fresh Appalachian style. From the longing of Great Jehovah to the unbridled joy of Resurrection Jubilee, this is a journey you don’t want to miss. Songs for the heart, Songs for all seasons, Songs from the mountain presented in Now And Then. Titles include: Come Thou Long Expected Jesus, Appalachian Cradle Song, Great Jehovah, Resurrection Jubilee, We Gather To Recall The Night, Come Holy Spirit and Heavenly Dove. Moderate 36966 Acc. CD 90.00 36963 Bulk CD (10) 60.00 36962 CD 19.99 36960 Choral Book 8.99 36965 Instr. Parts (CD-ROM) 175.00 36964 Instr. Parts (paper) 250.00 36961 Set w/CD 16.99 The Instant Worship Choir Collection Various Arrangers SATB The Instant Worship Choir Collection is packed with twenty dynamic arrangements that can be ready in an instant. Perfect for small and large choirs alike (depending upon the circumstance: “slim” Sundays, summer choir, special event choir, snow choir, during busy seasonal rehearsal times) or whenever you want an easily-prepared song your choir is guaranteed to enjoy presenting. Easy 080689867125 Acc. CD 90.00 080689757723 Bulk CD (10) 59.95 080689834226 CD 16.98 080689461170 Choral Book 9.95 080689479670 Orch. (CD-ROM) 350.00 080689677021 Reh. CD 59.95 080689559365 Set w/CD 12.00 The Sunday Singer Spring/Easter 2012 Various Arrangers SATB Designed for smaller-sized church choirs, this mini-collection includes arrangements by Dennis Allen, Keith Christopher and Tom Fettke. Moderate 08753936 Acc. CD 49.95 08753939 Bulk CD (10) 39.95 08753937 CD 14.99 08753935 Choral Book 4.95 08753940 Choral Book (10) 39.95 08753943 Kit 79.95 08753942 Set w/CD 12.00 Well Seasoned Praise Arr. by Marty Parks SATB/Unison This “smorgasbord of favorites” serves up some singable settings from trusted arranger Marty Parks. Designed primarily for senior choirs, Well Seasoned Praise is also appropriate for small choirs or large choirs with limited rehearsal time. Two versions of optional narration are included: one for use prior to each song as a simple spoken “set-up” in worship when the songs are used separately, or another version for using the songs as a complete musical - perfect as a spring worship concert, a “dinner on the grounds” homecoming (recipes included) or other similar events. A bonus three-song patriotic musical is also included making this book a resource you’ll use time and again! Easy 080689866128 Acc. CD 90.00 080689756726 Bulk CD (10) 59.95 080689833229 CD 16.98 080689460173 Choral Book 8.95 080689676024 Reh. CD 59.95 080689558368 Set w/CD 10.00 When The Stars Burn Down Arr. by Travis Cottrell SATB Travis Cottrell once again delivers a remarkable and passion-filled, thirteen song modern worship choir project that will have your choir, praise team and praise band worshipping God through song to minister to your congregation and community. Moderate 4575719943 Acc. CD 95.00 4575719944 Audio Wav Files (DVD-ROM) 250.00 4575719942 CD 16.99 4575719947 Choral Book 8.99 4575719948 Orch. (CD-ROM) 350.00 4575719955 Reh. CD (Alto) 5.00 4575719952 Reh. CD (Bass Guitar) 7.00 4575719957 Reh. CD (Bass) 5.00 4575719951 Reh. CD (Drum) 7.00 4575719953 Reh. CD (Guitar) 7.00 4575719954 Reh. CD (Piano/Keyboard) 7.00 4575719950 Reh. CD (Soprano) 5.00 4575719956 Reh. CD (Tenor) 5.00 4575719941 Set w/CD 10.00 4575719946 Worship Slide Kit(CD-ROM) 39.99 Yes My Jesus Loves Me Arr. by Mary McDonald SSAA Yes My Jesus Loves Me is a delightful anthology of six anthems for women’s voices. Featuring an engaging combination of traditional favorites and newly composed choruses, this budget-friendly collection offers titles in a variety of musical styles that appear here for the first time for SSAA voices. Moderate 45/1171L Choral Book 6.95 21 To ORDER: visit or call 1.800.241.3667

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