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Music Notes Easter & Spring 2012 - Pine Lake Music

Music Notes Easter & Spring 2012 - Pine Lake Music

30 My Alleluia By

30 My Alleluia By Heather Sorenson SATB w/opt. violin & cello A personal statement of worship is contained in this simple and beautiful song of devotion. Soft syncopations, a fresh piano accompaniment and optional violin and cello obbligatos create a soothing contemplative moment for general use or responsorial song. There is an accompaniment CD available (35028026) that contains multiple titles, including this one. This was written for the 10th anniversary of the Alleluia Conference held at Baylor University each summer. Moderate 35028090 Anthem 1.95 My Heart Your Home Arr. by Jay Rouse SATB Moderate 797242269158 Acc. CD 24.98 797242269097 Anthem 1.75 797242269370 Rhythm/String Pts (PDF) 49.95 797242269271 Rhythm/String Pts (paper) 54.95 My Jesus I Love Thee By Dan Forrest SATB This new setting of the familiar hymn is both lyrical and powerful, breathing new life into the familiar statement of faith. The tender, gentle beginning builds to a strong final verse “In mansions of glory...I’ll sing with the glittering crown on my brow,” leaving us to thoughtfully consider the tender final statement, “If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, tis now.” Moderate BP1948 Anthem 1.80 My Soul’s Delight By Tom Fettke and Paul Tschesnokoff SATB One of Russia’s greatest composers meets one of this country’s best in a wondrous blend of the gifts of both. This magnificent anthem of adoration is suitable for any time of the church year. Moderate 36815 Anthem 1.95 No Not One Arr. by Cliff Duren SATB “...and there will never be a greater love - no not one.” Driving rhythms propel this praise song of the love of God. Moderate 765762148727 Acc. CD 29.99 9780834181540 Anthem 1.85 765762197008 Orch. (CD-ROM) 74.99 Nothing But The Blood Arr. by Dave Williamson SATB w/congregation Three favorite hymns, Nothing But The Blood, Are You Washed In The Blood and There Is Power In The Blood are arranged in an upbeat gospel style for choir and congregation. Moderate 005463029 Acc. CD 29.95 005463020 Anthem 1.65 005463038 Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 O Church Arise Arr. by John Hudson SATB With a convincing call to the believer, this Getty hymn arrangement is filled with confidence and promise as we “run with faith to win the prize.” Moderate 281915 Anthem 1.75 O Come And Sing Unto The Lord By Lloyd Larson SATB As a compelling, jubilant opener, this anthem is a perfect expression of full praise. Lloyd Larson has given us his signature classic style in this bright original. Pianist and choir will enjoy every moment of this new staple for your church choral library. Moderate 281907 Anthem 1.75 282020 Orch. 54.95 O For A Thousand Arr. by Keith Christopher SATB A familiar hymn is dressed up in contemporary attire here in this appealing and accessible setting. Moderate 08753411 Acc. CD 26.99 08753410 Anthem 1.90 08753412 Orch. 69.95 O Glorious Day Arr. by Jay Rouse SATB Moderate 797242269554 Acc. CD 24.98 797242274602 Acc. DVD 64.95 797242269493 Anthem 1.75 797242269776 Orch. (PDF) 69.95 797242269677 Orch. (paper) 79.95 O Magnify The Lord Arr. by Tom Fettke SATB w/opt. trumpet The classical sound of Melodie and Dick Tunney’s O Magnify The Lord is combined with, and complemented by All Creatures Of Our God And King in this majestic setting by Tom Fettke. With its subtle touches from Handel’s Messiah, stately choral writing and optional orchestral accompaniment, this piece is an ideal selection for Easter and throughout the church year. Moderate 99/2893L Acc. CD 29.95 10/4182L Anthem 2.10 30/2778L Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 30/2741L Orch. (paper) 69.95 O Master Let Me Walk With Thee By Mark Hayes SATB A beautiful setting of the timeless Washington Gladden text comes to life musically with a passion appropriate to the prayer. Melody, harmony and accompaniment blend seamlessly into a dynamic whole. Moderate BP1944 Anthem 1.80 O The Blood Arr. by Camp Kirkland SATB “O the blood of Jesus washed me. What a sacrifice that saved my life. Yes, the blood, it is my victory.” Moderate 08753414 Acc. CD 26.99 08753413 Anthem 1.90 08753415 Orch. 69.95 One Thing I Desire By Joseph M. Martin SATB The essence of devotion speaks through this reflective anthem based on scripture. After a brief introduction quoting I Love Thy Church O God, a steady, flowing theme develops a heartfelt prayer: “This is my heart’s desire, let me dwell in the house of the Lord, let me sing God’s praise, let me live in peace.” Moderate 35027768 Anthem 1.95 Only A God Like You By Tommy Walker Arr. by Heather Sorenson SATB The lyric of this song becomes a personal song of praise for every worshiper: “Only a God like You could be worthy of my praise and all my hope and faith.” Moderate 08753491 Acc. CD 26.99 08753490 Anthem 1.90 08753492 Orch. 55.00 Our Father By Robert Sterling SATB This melodic original brings new understanding to the words of this foundational scripture. Following the natural arch of the text, the music rises and falls effortlessly with caressing tenderness. As the anthem develops, the music grows in intensity to this regal, final affirmation: “For yours is the kingdom, and the power and the glory forever!” Moderate 35028105 Acc. CD 26.99 35028103 Anthem 1.80 35028104 Orch. (CD-ROM) 60.00 Our God Arr. by Travis Cottrell SATB Travis Cottrell has created a driving arrangement of the popular worship song from the Passion - Here For You CD. Moderate 005397506 Acc. CD 29.95 005384188 Anthem 1.75 005384154 Rhythm & Strings (CD-ROM) 29.95 Our Songs Shall Rise To Thee By Douglas Wagner SATB Two great hymns of faith are embraced by the compositional artistry of Douglas Wagner. He treads lightly, paying homage to the familiar sounds of hymnody while finding new chords and interesting additions that delight the ear and encourage the heart. Moderate 35028071 Anthem 1.80 Prices are subject to change without notice.

31 Outshout The Lies Arr. by Harold Ross SATB Here is a call to outshout the lies of the enemy, speak loud the truth. Christ has overcome and the work is finished - spoken and it’s done. Moderate 08753417 Acc. CD 26.99 08753416 Anthem 1.95 08753418 Orch. 69.95 Overcome Arr. by Gary Rhodes Orch. by Tim Cates SATB w/worship leader Arranged for worship leader and worship-leading choir, this moving musical testimony is sure to help lead congregations in a time of heartfelt worship. Moderate 080689862328 Acc. CD 24.98 080689081231 Anthem 1.70 080689993473 Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 Poor Wayfaring Stranger Arr. by Keith Christopher SATB/SAB/TTB Choirs and ensembles alike will enjoy the down-home setting of this traditional spiritual. Moderate 08753679 Acc. CD 26.99 08753677 Anthem (SAB) 1.80 08753676 Anthem (SATB) 1.80 08753678 Anthem (TTB) 1.80 Pouring It Out For You Arr. by BJ Davis SATB Because the Lord is worthy, we keep pouring it - the cup of overflowing love from Him.Moderate 08753420 Acc. CD 26.99 08753419 Anthem 1.90 08753421 Orch. 69.95 Praise Is The Offering Arr. by Daniel Semsen SATB “Lord, we come to worship You. Lord, we bow our hearts in awe. By Your love, we are redeemed. We are Yours and You’re our God!” Moderate 08753423 Acc. CD 26.99 08753422 Anthem 1.90 08753424 Orch. 69.95 Precious Lord Take My Hand with I Need Thee Every Hour Arr. by Mark Hayes SATB Precious Lord Take My Hand w/I Need Thee Every Hour is full of gospel blues, swing rhythms and passages of call and response. This perfect Lenten or general-use anthem flows seamlessly from Thomas Dorsey’s much-loved tune into Robert Lowry’s I Need Thee Every Hour. Moderate 99/2913L Acc. CD 29.95 10/4203L Anthem 2.10 30/2772L Rhythm Parts 27.95 Proclamation Of Justice By Joseph M. Martin SATB With a vigorous gesture of praise, this anthem springs into life calling the faithful to devote themselves to equity, compassion and justice. This engaging anthem is a dramatic adaptation of an inspiring and often quoted scripture (Amos 5:24). Moderate 35028122 Anthem 1.80 Psalm Of Rejoicing By Joseph M. Martin SATB Here is an anthem of unbounded jubilation. Mixed meter and exciting syncopations articulate passages from the Psalms. The contrasting middle section is filled with expressive harmonies and lush choral writing. Moderate 35027329 Anthem 2.10 35027330 Brass Parts 30.00 Rejoice The Lord Is King Arr. by Patti Drennan SATB Your Sunday service is complete with this joyous arrangement of the victorious hymn we already love. Complete with brass, organ, choir and congregation, this piece allows everyone to join in the triumphant moment of praise. Moderate 281931 Anthem 1.85 282004 Brass Parts 24.95 Rejoice Ye Pure In Heart Arr. by Marty Parks SATB w/opt. organ Based on words from the Old and New Testaments, this processional hymn was originally written for a choir festival in the 19th century. Here Marty Parks sets the familiar words to the sturdy Hebrew melody, Leoni, before returning to the original refrain at the conclusion. Moderate C5749 Anthem 1.90 C5749P Organ Part 5.00 River Of Love By Mark Hayes SATB This work is part of the Gary Bonner Choral Series. Moderate 08753702 Acc. CD 26.99 08753701 Anthem 1.95 08753703 Orch. 55.00 Riversongs Arr. by Joseph M. Martin SATB w/opt. violin A choral cornucopia is waiting for you in this gathering of hymns and folk songs. Assembled around the metaphor of God’s waters of blessing, this arrangement suggests an authentic Appalachian sound with the violin obbligato adding a delightful element. There is an accompaniment CD available (35028026) that contains multiple titles, including this one. Moderate 35027957 Anthem 1.95 Rock Of My Salvation By Nicholas Meyer SATB This psalmist referred to God as “the rock of my salvation.” This offering allows your choir to affirm their faith and deep commitment to Christ. Moderate 281899 Anthem 1.75 Savior By Todd Rukes Arr. by Adam Lancaster SATB Savior is a dynamic praise and worship ballad to the end. Moderate 005290939 Acc. CD 29.95 005290921 Anthem 1.75 005290936 Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 See The Children Here Before Us By Jan McGuire and Pepper Choplin Arr. by Mark Edwards SATB w/cello From the Celebrating Grace Hymnal Series comes a hymn anthem that provides a much needed choral resource for children’s emphasis days. A delicate and tuneful melody supports the loving spirit of the text, and accessible part-writing keeps the focus on the expressive potential of this useful anthem. Moderate 35028008 Anthem 1.90 Shout To The Lord with How Great Thou Art Arr. by James Koerts SATB The character of the Almighty is declared in both of these favorites and in an achievable format that even the most numbers challenged choirs can feel good about. There is an accompaniment CD available (35028026) that contains multiple titles, including this one. Moderate 35028031 Anthem 1.90 Since I Laid My Burdens Down Arr. by Patti Drennan SATB A popular spiritual takes wings with this gospel toe tapper that touches our ears with an almost dixieland distinctive. After a slow, soulful introduction, the fun begins with the piano establishing a jazzy vibe that is unrelenting in its drive. There is an accompaniment CD available (35028026) that contains multiple titles, including this one. Moderate 35028066 Anthem 1.80 35028067 Orch. (CD-ROM) 35.00 Sometimes We Wait By Tom Grassi Arr. by Tom Fettke SATB In today’s world we want to believe that everything can be earned by pushing, by doing more. Yet Tom Grassi and Tom Fettke remind us in this moving ballad that “sometimes His answers come in time.” Moderate This anthem is available for instant download to members at DW-11-0604 Demo Track Stereo Acc. Track Anthem Vocal Only Sheet Music To ORDER: visit or call 1.800.241.3667

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