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Music Notes Easter & Spring 2012 - Pine Lake Music

Music Notes Easter & Spring 2012 - Pine Lake Music

32 Song For The Nations

32 Song For The Nations Arr. by Jay Rouse Orch. by Camp Kirkland SATB Moderate 797242266393 Anthem 1.75 Speak And We Will Hear By Joseph M. Martin and James Michael Stevens SATB/2-Part w/opt. cello This prayerful call to God’s people to gather, listen to His word and know His presence combines lovely choral textures and sensitive writing to create an anthem that will inspire a meditative mood in your congregation. Moderate 99/2891L Acc. CD 26.95 10/4179L Anthem 1.85 Speak Your Name Arr. by Dave Williamson SATB w/solo This energetic, contemporary anthem is paired with the soulful favorite Blessed Be The Name, from the collection Speak Your Name. Moderate 005397500 Acc. CD 29.95 005384202 Anthem 1.65 005384168 Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 Standing On The Promises Arr. by Heather Sorenson 2-Part This addition to the Hymnz 4 Kidz series will keep your toes tapping and your hands clapping. Your children’s choir will love learning this fresh setting of the old gospel hymn complete with a fun encore reprise. Easy 08754058 Acc. CD 18.95 08754056 Anthem 2.25 08754057 Instrumental Parts 25.00 Stay Amazed Arr. by Brian Brown SATB This is a beautiful arrangement of a Gateway Worship contemporary praise and worship song. Moderate 005397490 Acc. CD 29.95 005384164 Anthem 1.65 005384144 Rhythm Parts (CD-ROM) 69.95 Steadfast Faith By Molly Ijames SATB This Eileen Berry text, taken from Hebrews 11, is profoundly set to a powerful tune and setting. With full “battlefield” orchestration and assertive piano, this is a prayer of faith that “weighs the joys to come above the pleasures lost.” Moderate 281840 Anthem 1.75 282038 Orch. 54.95 Steppin Out On Faith By Pepper Choplin SATB Pepper Choplin matches his new but memorable gospel song and text with a traditional hymn, He Leadeth Me, and winds up with the best of both worlds. Lively and fun, it will energize worship and encourage your people to do as the song says! Moderate 36903 Acc. CD 26.99 36901 Anthem 2.05 36902 Instrumental Parts 40.00 Stronger By Ben Fielding and Ruben Morgan Arr. by James Koerts SATB James Koerts’ setting of this powerful statement of faith is solid and great fun to sing. You will want your congregation to sing along! Moderate 08753889 Acc. CD 26.99 08753888 Anthem 1.90 Sweet Hour Of Prayer Arr. by Joseph Graham SATB a cappella The beauty of the unadorned voice eloquently speaks in this refined arrangement of a cherished hymn of faith. The time honored words of this prayer of petition provide a soft opener for worship or a choral response to the pastoral prayer. Moderate 35028125 Anthem 1.80 Sweet Jesus Arr. by Cliff Duren SATB w/trio Cliff Duren presents soul-stirring gospel choral writing at its best, showcasing male and female soloists and worship leading choir. Moderate 080689863325 Acc. CD 24.98 080689082238 Anthem 1.85 080689994470 Orch. (CD-ROM) 49.95 Symphony Arr. by Gary Rhodes Orch. by Tim Cates SATB w/solo Expansive and passionate, this is a worship-leading choir arrangement of power and awe. The reverence of the presence of God and His creation compels listeners to worship through the pulsing rhythm of this exciting anthem. Moderate 080689864322 Acc. CD 24.98 080689083235 Anthem 1.85 080689995477 Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 Taste And See By Tommy Walker Arr. by Linda McCrary-Fisher and Tommy Walker SATB w/solo & praise team Your choir and congregation will be drawn into worship with this arrangement from Tommy Walker’s CD, The Pursuit Of God. Moderate 005397351 Acc. CD 29.95 005384208 Anthem 1.75 005384072 Rhythm & Strings (CD-ROM) 29.95 Taste And See That The Lord Is Good By Lloyd Larson SAB Using a middle-eastern flair, Lloyd Larson gives us this SAB anthem that is sure to fill a vital spot in your church service. Moderate 281956 Anthem 1.65 Tell The People To Sing By Susan Naus Dengler and Lee Dengler SATB This festive anthem is a jubilant command for music and praise. An excellent choice to open any worship service, this song offers an engaging rhythmic syntax coupled with extremely singable SATB sonorities. Moderate 35028043 Anthem 1.80 Tender Shepherd El Shaddai By Susan Bentall Boersma and David Lantz III SATB Comforting words adapted from the Psalms display the tenderness and nurturing leadership of Christ, the Good Shepherd. Moderate 35028126 Anthem 1.80 That’s My King Arr. by Dave Williamson SATB w/solo This high-energy, gospel proclamation, complete with reprise, will have everyone clapping. Moderate 005397350 Acc. CD 29.95 005384192 Anthem 1.65 005384070 Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 The Holy Heart Arr. by Mary McDonald SATB This sacred song takes us on a journey into the heart of Christ’s mercy and grace. Crafted to perfection, this arrangement uses the richness of the choir to go from the whispered silence to soaring crescendos of praise. Moderate 35028034 Anthem 1.90 The Journey By Cynthia Clawson Arr. by Larry Shackley SATB A powerful prayer for strength and faith in the journey of life, this has a gentle gospel feel that is supported by either piano or orchestral accompaniment. The engaging melody and inspired lyrics are a compelling message for all in the midst of life’s challenges. Moderate 99/2902L Acc. CD 26.95 10/4187L Anthem 2.10 30/2750L Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 30/2749L Orch. (paper) 69.95 The Master Has Come Arr. by Joseph M. Martin SATB An engaging folk tune in the receives an exciting treatment capturing a sense of Celtic joy and life. Pleasing, accessible part writing enables quick learning. The brilliant orchestration provides an excellent track or live performance. Moderate 35028162 Acc. CD 26.99 35028160 Anthem 1.80 35028161 Orch. (CD-ROM) 60.00 The Runner’s Song By Joseph M. Martin SATB This commissioned anthem was written in memory of a runner who made an impact on the community of faith in which he participated. Finding scriptures that enabled this perspective, the composer crafted an anthem that tonally paints the effect of running the good race and even soaring with victory. Moderate 35028117 Acc. CD 26.99 35028115 Anthem 1.95 35028116 Orch. (CD-ROM) 60.00 Prices are subject to change without notice.

33 The Saving One Arr. by Adam Lancaster SATB w/solo Moderate 005397355 Acc. CD 29.95 005384212 Anthem 1.65 005384076 Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 There Is A Redeemer By Melody Green Arr. by David Hamilton SATB w/duet a cappella David Hamilton has created a beautiful a cappella arrangement of this inspirational classic. Moderate 005384203 Anthem 1.65 There Is A Redeemer Arr. by Mary McDonald SATB Melody Green’s classic worship song receives a majestic choral treatment in this striking arrangement by Mary McDonald. Opening quietly with men’s voices alone and building to a dramatic, worshipful conclusion, this setting is enhanced by the optional lush orchestration that beautifully underscores the lovely vocal textures. Moderate 99/2909L Acc. CD 29.95 10/4198L Anthem 1.95 30/2766L Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 30/2765L Orch. (paper) 69.95 These Are They Arr. by Camp Kirkland SATB Moderate 797242272356 Acc. CD 24.98 797242272295 Anthem 1.75 797242272578 Orch. (PDF) 69.95 797242272479 Orch. (paper) 79.95 They Need To Hear It From You By Don Blackley and Patti Drennan SATB/TTBB This rollicking gospel original is a brilliant call to sing the good news to every land. There is an accompaniment CD available (35028026) that contains multiple titles, including this one. Moderate 35028152 Anthem (SATB) 1.80 35028153 Anthem (TTBB) 1.80 This Is God’s House By Jeff Ferguson and Regi Stone Arr. by Jim Hammerly SATB w/solo or worship leader Arranged for worship choir and soloist or worship leader, This Is God’s House is an upbeat and uplifting anthem that serves as a reminder that we, burdens and all, are welcome in the house of the Lord. Every soul can seek God’s face in God’s house! Moderate This anthem is available for instant download to members at RS-019-13 Demo Track Acc. Track (Split/Stereo) Anthem Vocal Only Sheet Music Lead Sheet Rhythm Chart Trumpet, Trombone charts Score PowerPoint This Is My Father’s World Arr. by Mary McDonald SATB w/congr. & opt. C instr. Mary McDonald’s inspired setting of the timeless hymn This Is My Father’s World incorporates a rich choral treatment and a rhapsodic piano accompaniment to create a truly fresh arrangement. Moderate 99/2908L Acc. CD 26.95 10/4197L Anthem 1.95 30/2764L Handbell Parts 19.95 To The Glory Of God By Cindy Berry SATB Here is classic Cindy Berry in this stirring rendition of choral praise. The lyric, “To the glory of God I will sing” will inspire both choir and congregation. Moderate 08753864 Anthem 1.90 Trilogy Of Praise Arr. by Joseph M. Martin SATB Here is a splendid menagerie of favorites that serves as an affirmation of worship and song. An extended introduction leads us into richly harmonized versions of three time honored hymns, I Will Sing The Wondrous Story, Praise To The Lord The Almighty and O Worship The King. The piano part is sufficient for successful performances but don’t miss the amazing orchestration by Brant Adams. Moderate 35028076 Acc. CD 26.99 35028074 Anthem 1.95 35028075 Orch. (CD-ROM) 70.00 Truly Free By David Lantz III SATB w/opt. solo This is a bright and breezy gospel-swing setting of a text based on John 8:32 “and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” A solo line with the choir singing back-up is a delightful way to feature a soprano or tenor. Moderate BP1949 Anthem 1.95 Turn Around And See By Heather Sorenson SATB This song is a very personal testimony that brings an important perspective to the journey of faith. The thoughtful text asks the listener to “look and remember” the ways that God has cared for us and brought us through the winding road of life. There is an accompaniment CD available (35028026) that contains multiple titles, including this one. Moderate 35028089 Anthem 1.95 Valleys Of Grace By Carolyn Hamlin SATB Sometimes our valley experiences become our most cherished spiritual moments because they deepen our walk with the Lord. With an expressive melody and a notable chorus, this message of hope and assurance drives deep into the heart of the human experience. Moderate 35028127 Anthem 1.80 Wade In The Water Arr. by Mark Hayes SATB/TTBB w/opt. solos Blues nuances and stylized vocals that are easy to master and great fun to sing characterize Mark Hayes’ dynamic arrangement of this traditional spiritual. It also has a remarkable accompaniment for piano four-hands or an optional twohands piano accompaniment. Moderate 99/2906L Acc. CD 26.95 10/4193L Anthem (SATB) 1.95 10/4194L Anthem (TTBB) 1.95 Waiting Here For You Arr. by Dennis Allen SATB The crux of the song is in the chorus, “If faith can move mountains, let the mountains move. We come with expectation, waiting here for You.” Moderate 08753866 Acc. CD 26.99 08753865 Anthem 1.90 Waves Of Praise By Molly Ijames SATB With lush, rolling accompaniment and artistically-painted voices, this anthem creatively reminds us of the breadth of praise that belongs to God. Your pianist and vocalists alike will be swept away in the beauty of this simple expression of praise. Moderate 281832 Anthem 1.65 Wayfaring Stranger By Larry Shackley SATB Larry Shackley’s arrangement of this American folk favorite is a stunning portrayal of life’s journey through hardship and loneliness and the comfort that lies “over Jordan...over home.” Blues harmonies in the accompaniment beautifully support accessible vocals. Moderate 10/4185L Anthem 1.85 We Believe By Don Besig and Nancy Price SATB Here is a contemporary credo for the worshipping church. “We believe we are called to be God’s light into the world, so all may see, we believe we are called to share the promise of God’s Word.” Moderate 35028039 Anthem 1.80 We Fix Our Eyes Arr. by Bruce Cokeroft SATB This refreshing, modern hymn will quickly become a favorite with your choir and congregation. Moderate 005397496 Acc. CD 29.95 005384184 Anthem 1.65 005384150 Orch. (CD-ROM) 69.95 We Praise You O God By Julia Cady Cory, Joseph M. Martin and David Angerman SATB From the driving opening to the final punctuated chords, this anthem is a brilliant paean of praise that is rich with choral opportunities to encourage worship. Moderate 35028081 Anthem 1.80 To ORDER: visit or call 1.800.241.3667

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