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Music Notes Easter & Spring 2012 - Pine Lake Music

Music Notes Easter & Spring 2012 - Pine Lake Music

36 Nonseasonal

36 Nonseasonal Children's Musicals Follow U Created by Susie Williams and Luke Gambill Unison/2-Part Join the characters Abby, Stacy, Benjamin, Alex, Mona, Principal Able and Professor I. Noah Why, as they figure out why JJ is constantly late for school as well as seeing God work a miracle that keeps JJ at his favorite school. This non-seasonal musical includes many familiar songs originally made popular by artists such as Casting Crowns, Chris Tomlin, Paul Baloche, Israel Houghton, Hillsong and Fee. 43 minutes in length. Easy 4575720353 Acc. CD 90.00 4575720356 Acc. DVD 149.99 4575720358 Bulletins (100) 17.99 4575720352 CD 16.99 4575720355 CD Fun Pak 10.99 4575720357 Choral Book 7.99 4575720359 Posters (12) 17.99 4575720351 Set w/CD 10.00 Jonah’s Druthers Created by Cyndi Nine, Rob Howard and David Guthrie Unison/2-Part Hold onto yer horses and get ready for a true tale from the Good Book like you’ve never heard it before! Jonah, the prophet of Israel sends and receives telegraphs to and from the Living God on behalf of the people and all is fine, until the Lord tells him to go to that “dirty, rotten, flea-bitten foreign city called Ninevah” and preach against it! Instead of boardin’ the east-bound train to Ninevah, Jonah hops a west- bound stage to Tarshish! When a big storm comes up on the prairie, threatening to blow the stage over, the driver rolls the dice and up comes Jonah’s number as the one who must be angering “the gods.” Jonah is thrown off the stage and lands in, not a old, abandoned well, where he languishes for 3 days and 3 nights. know what happens from there! 45 minutes in length. Easy 892028002384 Acc. CD 90.00 892028002407 Bulk CD (10) 59.99 892028002377 CD 16.99 892028002391 Digital Resource Kit 69.99 892028002414 Set w/CD 12.00 892028002360 Singer’s Edition 7.99 Pine Lake Music & Lillenas Kids present a Children’s Music Workshop January 7, 2012 with Pamela Vandewalker and Cherry Garasi For more, visit Spend Awhile On The Nile Created by Christy Semsen Arr. by Daniel Semsen Unison/2-Part All aboard! Join Mr. Cruise (an overly-enthusiastic tour director) and his faithful daughter Liza on a boat trip up the Nile as they retell classic Bible stories. But there’s a problem: The stories are all wrong! It takes the kids of Ocean View Church who are on board to set the record straight and help Mr. Cruise understand the real truth about God’s enduring love and faithfulness to His people. Filled with fun and clever songs, this easy to present and perform musical is a creative breath of fresh air that’s as enlightening as it is worshipful and entertaining. Create a wonderful and unique music experience for your children’s choir and congregation with Spend Awhile On The Nile. For the first time ever, the studio orchestration is available (for free) on the instructional DVD. 40 minutes in length. Easy 080689860126 Acc. CD 90.00 080689750724 Bulk CD (10) 59.95 080689825224 CD 16.98 080689455179 Choral Book 6.95 080689348976 Digital Resource Kit 59.95 679143039125 Fun Kit 10.99 080689468094 Instructional DVD 29.95 080689549366 Set w/CD 12.00 The Lost Boy By Allen Pote and Tom S. Long Unison/2-Part The Lost Boy tells the story of Luke 2:39-52. Mary and Joseph lose track of twelve-year-old Jesus for three days. When they finally find him, he is sitting in his “Father’s house” - demonstrating with his questions a great understanding of God. Within the musical is a reassuringly human message: even parents chosen by God can lose a child, even a perfect child can give his parents anxiety. The message is sure to comfort anyone who has ever been a parent, a child or even those who have misplaced Jesus for a while. The musical can be produced with a minimum of costumes, props and scenery. It is short enough to fit into a worship service but is solid enough to stand alone. 25 minutes in length. Easy CGCD46 Acc. CD 34.95 CGCDP41 Bulk CD (10) 49.95 CGCD45 CD 10.95 CGC53 Choral Book 8.95 CGK29 Set w/CD 14.95 For a listing of all of our upcoming workshops & conferences, visit The Word Connection Created by Amy Sandstrom Shroyer and Michael Shroyer Unison/2-Part Hosted by Remi M. Burr, The WORD Connection game show takes contestants through a series of questions to test how well they know and understand the connection between our everyday lives and the Word of God, learning tons of scriptures along the way. As the winning contestant is crowned The Ultimate WORD Connector, we see the ultimate purpose of The WORD Connectionit’s not WHAT you know, but rather WHO you know that makes the connection between your heart and the WORD...JESUS! The Dovetailor provides step-by-step instructions for everything from your kick-off enrollment to the final rehearsal. The CD-ROM is full of ideas and suggestions designed to teach musical and spiritual concepts. 44 minutes in length. Easy 005400457 Acc. CD 90.00 005400459 Bulletins (100) 20.00 005400456 CD 9.98 005400453 Choral Book 7.95 005400458 Dovetailor (CD-ROM) 59.95 005400455 Instructional DVD 24.95 005400460 Posters (10) 20.00 005400454 Set w/CD 12.00 Nonseasonal Handbell All Creatures Of Our God And King Arr. by Jason W. Krug 3-5 Octave w/opt. bongo Level 3. Moderate HB406 Handbell Parts 4.95 All Creatures Of Our God And King Arr. by Linda Lamb 2 Octave Level 1+. Easy 2590 Handbell Parts 4.50 All Things Bright And Beautiful Arr. by Sondra K. Tucker 3-6 Octave Level 3-. Moderate HB418 Handbell Parts 3.95 Amazing Grace My Chains Are Gone Arr. by Linda R. Lamb 3-5 Octave w/opt. handchimes Level 3. Moderate 20/1599L Handbell Parts 4.95 Be Still My Soul Arr. by Lorie Line and Kevin McChesney 3-5 Octave w/opt. voices Level 2+. Easy CGA1261 Choral Score 1.75 CGB722 Full Score 16.95 CGB723 Handbell Parts 4.50 CGRP26 Instrumental Parts 19.95 Prices are subject to change without notice.

37 Breathe On Me Breath Of God Arr. by Michael Mazzatenta 3-5 Octave Breathe On Me Breath Of God with Jesus The Very Thought Of Thee. Level 2. Easy AG35308 Handbell Parts 4.50 Come Christians Join To Sing Arr. by Jason Krug 3-5 Octave Level 2. Easy 2581 Handbell Parts 4.50 Easy To Ring Praise And Worship VI Arr. by Peggy Bettcher 3-5 Octave Titles include: Beautiful One, Speak O Lord, Mighty To Save, Everlasting God, You Raise Me Up, The Wonderful Cross, Your Grace Is Enough, The Power Of The Cross, There Is A Higher Throne, Before The Throne Of God Above and Amazing Grace My Chains Are Gone. Level 1-2. Easy 2582 Handbell Book 12.95 Fantasia On Trentham By Jason W. Krug 3-5 Octave w/opt. handchimes Level 2+. Easy 20/1601L Handbell Parts 4.50 Give Me Jesus Arr. by Anna Laura Page 3-5 Octave w/opt. handchimes Level 3. Moderate CGB727 Handbell Parts 4.50 He Is Exalted By Twila Paris, Arr. by Michael Ryan 2-3 Octave w/opt. handchimes Level 1. Easy 20/1609L Handbell Parts 4.95 He’s Got The Whole World Arr. by Valerie W. Stephenson 3-5 Octave Level 2. Easy CGB739 Handbell Parts 4.50 He’s Got The Whole World By J.D. Frizzell 3-5 Octave Level 2+. Easy 20/1610L Handbell Parts 4.50 Holy Manna Arr. by Karen Thompson 2-3 Octave w/opt. handchimes For five to seven ringers. Level 2. Easy CGB736 Handbell Parts 4.50 I Will Sing Of My Redeemer Arr. by Lloyd Larson 3-5 Octave Level 2. Easy 2591 Handbell Parts 4.95 Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee Arr. by Anna Laura Page 3-5 Octave Level 3. Moderate HB413 Handbell Parts 3.95 Keep Your Lamps Arr. by Michael J. Glasgow 3-6 Octave w/opt. handchimes Level 3. Moderate 2586 Handbell Parts 4.50 Let There Be Peace Arr. by Douglas Wagner 3-5 Octave Level 2+. Easy 30/2730L Concert Band Parts 49.95 20/1592L Handbell Parts 5.25 20/1591L Keyboard/Full Score 9.95 Nearer My God To Thee Arr. by Michael Coe 3-7 Octave w/opt. handchimes Level 2+. Easy 20/1598L Handbell Parts 4.95 Playful Interlude On Jesus Loves Me Arr. by Douglas E. Wagner 2-3 Octave w/opt. handchimes Level 3. Moderate 20/1605L Handbell Parts 4.50 Poor Wayfaring Stranger Arr. by Sondra K. Tucker 3-6 Octave Level 3. Moderate HB417 Handbell Parts 3.95 Reflections On Endless Song By Michael Ryan 2-3 Octave w/opt. handchimes Level 2. Easy 20/1607L Handbell Parts 4.50 There Is A Balm In Gilead Arr. by Cynthia Dobrinski 3-7 Octave w/opt. handchimes Level 2+. Easy 2594 Handbell Parts 4.50 This Is My Father’s World Arr. by Anna Laura Page 2-3 Octave or 3-5 Octave Level 1+. Easy CGB734 Handbell Parts (2-3 Oct.) 4.50 CGB735 Handbell Parts (3-5 Oct.) 4.50 Trust And Obey Arr. by Michael Helman 3-5 Octave w/opt. handchimes Level 2+. Easy 20/1183L Handbell Parts 4.50 Worthy Of Worship Arr. by Bill Ingram 3-5 Octave w/opt. handchimes Level 2. Easy 2589 Handbell Parts 5.25 You Raise Me Up Arr. by Joel Raney 3-5 Octave w/opt. cello Level 2+. Easy 2592P Cello Part 2.50 2592 Handbell Parts 5.25 Nonseasonal Instrumental Be Still My Soul Arr. by Faye Lopez and Jennifer Whitcomb Flute Duet Be Still My Soul is a flute duet book with an optional solo flute insert. Each of the nine duets is accompanied and offers you options of being used as duets or solos. Titles include: All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name, Be Still My Soul, The First Noel, Speak O Lord, In My Life Lord Be Glorified and more. Moderate 277012 Flute Duet Book 15.95 Creative Hymns #2 Arr. by Ed Hogan Ed Hogan has creatively arranged five hymns in fresh popular styles, with rhythm section or piano accompaniment. The printed book includes the solo parts. An enhanced CD is included with the book and has printable PDF files with solo/piano scores, rhythm/piano parts for “live” accompaniment, stereo accompaniment tracks and stereo demonstration tracks to help your players get the songs prepared. Moderate 765762192805 Brass Quartet Parts 59.99 765762192904 String Quartet Parts 59.99 765762193000 Woodwind Parts 59.99 New Orchestra Titles Arr. by Ed Hogan Part of the Allegis Orchestral Series, this title is creatively arranged in a popular style that your instrumentalists and congregation will love. With three accompaniment options (piano, live rhythm or recorded rhythm tracks), this will fit the needs of any size group, from eight players to a full orchestra. Moderate Everlasting God 765762191907 Printed CondSc w/PDF pts 69.99 Grace Great Than Our Sin 765762191709 Printed Cond Sc w/PDF pts 69.99 I Will Sing Of My Redeemer 765762191600 Printed Cond Sc w/PDF pts 69.99 In Christ Alone 765762192102 Printed Cond Sc w/PDF pts 69.99 Jesus Messiah 765762192003 Printed Cond Sc w/PDF pts 69.99 Wonderful Grace Of Jesus 765762191808 Printed Cond Sc w/PDF pts 69.99 To ORDER: visit or call 1.800.241.3667

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