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MCSO SOP 302.00 V (R) - Martin County, Florida

MCSO SOP 302.00 V (R) - Martin County, Florida


DATE Page 10 of 15 9/22/2009 authorized by the Director of Law Enforcement Operations will be assigned specialized weapons. These deputies must demonstrate proficiency at least on an annual basis. These weapons will be carried and utilized when authorized by a supervisor. 2. Special weapons which are not being utilized, will be kept secured and in a case in the trunk of the deputies assigned vehicle, residence, or other secure area. 3. Gas weapons will only be utilized by those deputies that have been trained and have shown proficiency in there use. 4. Any uniform or non-uniform personnel will be prohibited from carrying any type of knife other than a lock back, or ordinary pocket knife, unless authorized by the Director of Law Enforcement. 5. Nothing in this standard operating procedure will preclude the Sheriff or his designee from authorizing the use of special weapons in an emergency situation. Q. Unsafe Weapons: 1. If upon inspection, a Certified Firearms Instructor determines that a firearm is unsafe in any manner, he/she may take custody of that weapon for further inspection and determination. An explanation must be made in writing to the Director of Law Enforcement via the Chain of Command as to the reason(s) why the weapon was removed. 2. Immediate arrangements must be made to temporarily replace the firearm, so as to prevent the member from being unable to perform their duties. This shall be the responsibility of the Certified Firearms Instructor who took custody of the weapon, unless exigent circumstances prevail. R. Firearms Proficiency: 1. Deputies shall carry only those firearms for which current proficiency has been demonstrated. Carrying sport firearms for hunting or other lawful sports, pursuant to Florida law, is exempt from this procedure. 2. Firearms qualifications standards and procedures and records for service firearms shall be established and supervised by the Firearms Training Unit, all of whom are certified weapons instructors. All personnel authorized to carry firearms shall qualify no less than twice

DATE Page 11 of 15 9/22/2009 annually unless otherwise directed by the Sheriff. 3. Proficiency standards and procedures and records for Second/Backup firearms shall be established by the Firearms Training Unit. 4. Firearms instructors shall have the duty and responsibility to disqualify deputies for substandard firearms proficiency on the basis of unsafe handling or insufficient weapon orientation regardless of proficiency score. 5. Failure to Maintain Firearms Proficiency: a. Pursuant to Rules & Regulations 8.1.1, deputies are required to maintain competence and to demonstrate proficiency with their primary service firearm. b. Deputies who fail to maintain competence with their primary service firearm, as evidenced by unexcused expiration of firearms qualification or by demonstrated inability to meet firearms qualification requirements, shall receive at minimum, a counseling and shall be temporarily assigned to duties which do not require firearms or assigned vehicles, for a period not to exceed two (2) calendar weeks. 1. While assigned to temporary duty, additional on-duty counseling and training shall be provided. Re-testing shall be conducted within the maximum two (2) week temporary reassignment period. 2. Deputies who fail to demonstrate competence with a primary service firearm following reassignment, training and re-testing shall be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with Section 8.1.1 of the Sheriff's Office rules and regulations. 3. Any Reserve/Auxiliary who does not qualify will immediately be suspended from their respective unit, until such time as they do qualify. The Firearms Training Unit will provide training and retesting within 30 days. or whenever scheduling permits. c. Deputies shall not be assigned to duties requiring firearms unless firearms proficiency requirements are

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