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MCSO SOP 302.00 V (R) - Martin County, Florida

MCSO SOP 302.00 V (R) - Martin County, Florida


DATE Page 4 of 15 9/22/2009 one (1) magazine holder for duty usage. 7. Firearms must be purchased at the deputy's own expense, if the deputy is carrying a pistol/revolver other than Sheriff's Office issue. Sworn members wishing to carry any other firearm on-duty may choose one from the approved weapons list. The member will be responsible for purchasing the weapon, holster, magazines and magazine holder at his or her own expense. 8. The Sheriff's Office will provide deputies with one uniformed holster, ammunition pouch /speed loaders. If the deputies change firearms which require a different holster, ammunition pouches/speed loaders, the deputies will purchase these at their own expense. On-duty uniform deputies will carry their firearms in a Level III Holster, unless assigned to a specialized unit which requires tactical holsters. The finish will compliment the rest of the duty belt. Other holsters may be approved individually by the Training Unit by submitting a request through the chain of command. 9. Deputy sheriffs not in uniform who are authorized to carry firearms will have the option of carrying either the approved revolver in a barrel length of not less than two (2) inches or a semi-automatic pistol as approved in section 1b and 3, above. 10. Deputies on duty but in plain clothes should keep their firearms concealed whenever possible. If a deputy=s firearm is in plain view, his/her badge will also be worn in plain view. 11. On duty uniform personnel shall carry a minimum of two loaded magazines for semi-automatic/automatic firearms or twice the number of rounds necessary for a revolver to be fully loaded, upon their person. C. Off Duty Firearms: 1. Any firearm approved for on duty use may be carried when off duty by authorized uniform and non-uniform personnel. 2. Any pistol/revolver that the Firearms Training Unit has inspected and approved may be carried. 3. Deputies who are not on duty and not in uniform will assure that their weapon is concealed from public view.

DATE Page 5 of 15 9/22/2009 4. All Sheriff's Office Reserve II (Auxiliary) deputies will be prohibited from carrying a firearm while not serving in an on-duty status with the Martin County Sheriff's Office. a. This shall not prohibit a Reserve II from obtaining a permit from the State of Florida to carry a concealed firearm while off-duty. b. If a Reserve II carries and/or uses a firearm while not in an on duty status with the Martin County Sheriff's Office, he/she is not acting under the color of law nor the authority of the Sheriff, but acting as a private citizen. Any and all applicable State laws, Federal laws, county and municipal ordinances apply to that person as any other private citizen. D. Second/Backup Firearms: All Law Enforcement personnel may carry a second/backup firearm. This weapon may be carried in conjunction with but not limited to the personnel's primary approved on/off duty weapon. Second/backup firearms include the following: 1. Any approved on duty/off duty weapon. 2. Any other weapon which has been submitted for inspection and approval to the Firearms Training Unit. The inspection by the Firearms Training Unit is to ensure the reliability and safety of the weapon. 3. Second/backup firearms will be concealed from plain view. 4. Second/back-up firearms shall only be carried by deputies who have shown proficiency with the firearm. 5. An approved second/back-up firearm may be carried as an Aonly@ weapon under the following circumstances: a. As long as concealment of firearm does not pose a threat to employee or innocent by-stander of accidental discharge during participation of an activity; and b. Clothing worn by employee specific to the activity in which employee participates precludes carrying approved off-duty firearm; E. Trigger Shoes and Accessories: The use of trigger shoe and/or trigger accessories on firearms is prohibited.

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