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MCSO SOP 302.00 V (R) - Martin County, Florida

MCSO SOP 302.00 V (R) - Martin County, Florida


DATE Page 6 of 15 9/22/2009 F. Altering Weapons: All weapons authorized to be carried on or off duty will not be altered in any way outside of the manufacturer's specifications. G. Ammunition: All Sheriff's Office deputies will carry only ammunition issued by the Sheriff's Office in all authorized on and off duty firearms and extra ammunition pouches. Ammunition will be supplied by the Firearms Training Unit, and replaced not less than annually. Ammunition will not be altered in any way. 1. Ammunition for second firearms must be approved by the Firearm Training Unit and purchased by the individual deputy. H. Care of Firearms: Deputies will keep firearms secure and in good working order. Deputies shall not use or handle firearms in a careless or imprudent manner. I. Lost/Stolen Firearm: 1. The loss or theft of an employee's firearm(s) will be reported in writing through the chain of command to the department director. 2. The employee will also make a police report to the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction where the loss or theft occurred. 3. The employee will ensure that an entry is made into the NCIC/FCIC system. 4. A copy of all relevant reports will be forwarded to the Criminal Investigations Division by the employee's commanding supervisor. 5. If the firearm(s) is recovered, the employee will ensure that proper supplementary reports are filed and cancellation made in the NCIC/FCIC system. The weapon will be inspected by the Sheriff's Office armorer prior to being authorized for use. 6. Loss or theft of a Sheriff's Office owned/issued firearm due to negligence on the part of the deputy will be grounds for disciplinary action and reimbursement to the Sheriff's Office for the cost of the weapon when applicable. 7. The Sheriff=s Office is not responsible for any personally

DATE Page 7 of 15 9/22/2009 owned weapon/firearm stolen from a Sheriffs Office vehicle. 8. Weapon security is the responsibility of the deputy to whom the firearm is issued/owned. J. Police Officers appointed as Deputies - Firearms Qualifications: The policy of this agency regarding firearms qualification for Deputies is as follows: 1. Any municipal police officer sworn in as a Deputy Sheriff to work special assignments with this agency will meet the same firearms qualification as a regularly sworn Martin County Deputy Sheriff. This will include the initial qualification as well as adhering to our re-qualification schedule. 2. No police officer appointed as a deputy will be sworn in until the Division Commander he is assigned to attests to him having met our initial qualification. It will then be the responsibility of the unit supervisor he works for to issue him a schedule along with our deputies for his continual training. Arrangements should be coordinated with the Firearms Training Unit. 3. All police officers appointed as deputies are encouraged to carry firearms authorized under Section V (B) 2 (Firearms) and (3), above. They are also permitted to carry any firearms authorized by their respective law enforcement agencies. 4. The Sheriff or his designee may waive procedures in section J for the following circumstances: a. Police Officers borrowed under mutual aid agreement and temporarily assigned to Martin County Sheriff's Office. b. Any special or emergency circumstances which warrant immediate temporary assignment of a police officer from another jurisdiction to the Martin County Sheriff's Office. K. Surrendering Your Weapon: A deputy may be confronted by an armed person who has the advantage; however, the danger is not reduced by the deputy surrendering his weapon upon demand. Surrendering his weapon might mean giving away the only chance for survival. Therefore, a deputy should use every tactical tool to avoid surrendering his weapon.

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