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IC36240 User's Manual - Asante

IC36240 User's Manual - Asante

The following is an

The following is an example of copying the running-config for use on the switch. Switch# copy running-config ? startup-config Copy to startup configuration tftp:[//A.B.C.D/filename] Copy to tftp: file system Switch# copy running-config tftp Enter TFTP Server IP Address [A.B.C.D]? Enter file name 'my-config' to copy? Reply to any prompts for additional information or confirmation. The prompt depends on how much information has been provided in the copy command and the current setting of the file prompt command. The command can also look like this example: Switch# copy running-config tftp:// Upload file ‘my-config’ to from running-config? [y/n] y Accessing tftp:// [OK] 487 bytes copied in time

In the following example, the software is configured from the file my-config at IP address Switch# copy tftp:// running-config Download file ‘my-config’ from to running-config? [y/n] y Accessing tftp:// [OK] 487 bytes copied in time

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