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2200 Rep7 NS-09 2200 Rep8b NS-09 - City Of Belmont

2200 Rep7 NS-09 2200 Rep8b NS-09 - City Of Belmont

3.4 Service

3.4 Service Infrastructure 3.4.1 Drainage and Service provision As shown on the aached Infrastructure Plan prepared by the City of Belmont (refer Figure 13), an exisng stormwater pipe outlet runs into the south eastern corner of the site creang a drainage ouall/wet area within the lowest point of the site. The City of Belmont’s Engineers have provided advice that the exisng stormwater pipe outlet and watercourse would need to be diverted along Tibradden Circle and down Lilian Grove to discharge into the exisng basin. The Infrastructure Plan also shows the locaon of other key services which can be extended into the site however this needs to be supplemented by further servicing informaon provided by the City of Belmont at me of approval. To ensure development of the site can occur, we recommend that discussions with the Water Corporaon, Swan River Trust, Western Power and Alinta Gas be entered into to confirm drainage, sewerage, water supply and power supply provisions for the site. Figure 13: City of Belmont Infrastructure Plan Source: City of Belmont LEGEND Subject Site P.17 17 2200 2200 Rep7 Rep8b NS-09 NS-09

3.4.2 Exisng Road Network The site is well serviced by exisng road infrastructure. The site is located within close proximity to Great Eastern Highway, which is classified as a ‘Regional Road’ and has historically been one of Perth’s most important transportaon routes, linking with Graham Farmer Freeway, Roe Highway and Tonkin Highway. A controlled intersecon is provided at the juncon of Great Eastern Highway and Fauntleroy Avenue, providing safe access to Great Eastern Highway from the subject site. A secondary access from Great Eastern Highway is also provided via an uncontrolled intersecon at Lilian Grove. The exisng residenal lots in the north of the site are accessed directly from Fauntleroy Avenue which also acts as the main vehicle route to Garvey Park and the Swan River. 3.4.3 Pedestrian Accessibility An exisng well landscaped and aesthec pedestrian access way is provided opposite Lot 603 between Tibradden Circle and Lilian Grove, allowing linkages to main public transport networks and businesses along Great Eastern Highway. This access way also provides a vista and direct connecon from the Highway to Garvey Park. A second pedestrian access way also exists to the north of the site between Lot 501 and Lot 228 Fauntleroy Avenue. This reserve provides an opportunity for a pedestrian link and key access point from Fauntleroy Avenue to the Swan River. There is also an exisng pedestrian footpath along Fauntleroy Avenue where it abuts DA8, providing access from the key recreaonal areas in Garvey Park through to Great Eastern Highway. Hay Road and Tibradden Circle also provide access to Lot 603 Tibradden Circle and an unconstructed road reserve for Lilian Grove exists adjacent to Lot 603 which could be constructed as an alternave means of access. P.18 18 2200 2200 Rep7 Rep8b NS-09 NS-09

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