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2200 Rep7 NS-09 2200 Rep8b NS-09 - City Of Belmont

2200 Rep7 NS-09 2200 Rep8b NS-09 - City Of Belmont

4.2 Constraints Various

4.2 Constraints Various constraints have also arisen during discussions with the City of Belmont, DPI Planning Officers and other stakeholders which have influenced the planning of the site. Constraints affecng the land include: • A Geotechnical study of the site has not yet been undertaken. There is some uncertainty regarding the quality of the fill that has been deposited in the south eastern poron of the site together with the ‘wet’ areas found centrally within the site. • The site is fortunate in having one large landowner (ie Lot 603 Tibradden Circle – WAPC); however, in general, the site has fragmented landownership. • One of the exisng privately owned lots fronng Fauntleroy Avenue has already been subdivided down the centre of the lot to create a tradional aached duplex lot. The subdivision of this lot to create a rear lot may be more difficult than those surrounding it as it would likely involve an amalgamaon/ subdivision. • Subdivison of exisng lots are constrained by exisng cadastre. • The City’s exisng stormwater pipe outlet extends into the south eastern poron of the site. This will need to be diverted/relocated in future development opons. • Porons of the site are located within the flood fringe. Any development of the land would need to be in accordance with 1 in 100 year flood levels and would need to achieve RL5.15. • The central-western poron of Lot 603 is seasonally damp and may need to be retained as Public Open Space. • Although services and infrastructure are accessible to the site, they may need to be upgraded to sasfy the proposed increase in density. • The City has advised that the design should take into consideraon the trees recorded by the Arboriculturalist and aempt to retain them wherever possible within public open space and road reserves. • Environmental and Engineering advice provided to date has been at a preliminary level. More detailed invesgaons and discussions with relevant agencies are required to occur. P.21 21 2200 2200 Rep7 Rep8b NS-09 NS-09

LEGEND Existing PAW Reserve No Vehicular Access EXISTING R20 URBAN LAND Existing Footpath Vehicular Access PARKS & RECREATION UNCONSTRUCTED Existing Built Strata Duplex RESIDENTIAL R20 Existing tree lined character of Fauntleroy Avenue with large frontage lots abutting Existing Houses Parks & Recreation Traf c Lights Parking Wet Area Drain Outfall UNCONSTRUCTED Existing vegetation and wet areas on Lot 603 WETLAND/DRAINAGE BASIN EXISTING R20/R40 URBAN Stormwater drainage outfall point Vista down lot 202 and the unconstructed portion of Lilian Grove Existing PAW providing connection to Great Eastern Highway P.22 Rep7 NS-09 2200-21 10.06.09 N.T.S OPPORTUNITIES & CONSTRAINTS PLAN FIGURE 15

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