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2200 Rep7 NS-09 2200 Rep8b NS-09 - City Of Belmont

2200 Rep7 NS-09 2200 Rep8b NS-09 - City Of Belmont Precinct Precinct Development Precinct 1 – Tradional Residenal Precinct (R20) The exisng privately owned residenal lots fronng Fauntleroy Avenue are coded R20 with an average frontage of 20 – 25 metres. These lots reflect the low density residenal nature of those lots on the opposite side of Fauntleroy Avenue which directly abut the Swan River. Opon One To retain the character of Fauntleroy Avenue, both Structure Plan design opons propose to allow for each of these lots to be subdivided into a front and rear lot(s) with the front lot retaining the exisng density of Residenal R20 (refer Figure 16). This will ensure that similar setbacks are maintained on either side of Fauntleroy Avenue. Due to the proposed lot sizes, the rear poron of Lot 244 Fauntleroy Avenue will be retained as an R20 lot to ensure that following creaon of the rear lot in accordance with the Structure Plan, further subdivision cannot occur. For a similar reason, Lots 254 & 256 Fauntleroy Avenue have been designated as R20/R40 coded lots ensuring that the R20 coding will control further subdivision; however, if the two lots wish to amalgamate creang a grouped dwelling site the R40 coding can be applied. Opon Two Figure 16: Precinct and R Code Plan Plates 1 & 2: Indicave Residenal R20 Lots P.25 25 2200 2200 Rep7 Rep8b NS-09 NS-09

Within both Structure Plan design opons three lots have been highlighted with an asterisk (*). It is recommended that Detailed Area Plans and/or Design Guidelines be prepared to reduce the front setback of these lots to ensure beer integraon with the proposed surrounding R30 medium density lots. Lot 6 Fauntleroy Avenue is not proposed to be subdivided as part of the Structure Plan. This lot has been retained as an R20 Grouped Housing lot with access either via Fauntleroy Avenue in the north or Lilian Grove in the south. The proposed dual access for the site allows a number of different design opons to be considered. Precinct 2 – Medium Density Residenal Precinct (R30) Within the centre of the subject site, to the rear of original Lots 7, 245, 248, 250 and 252, medium density residenal lots to a coding of R30 are proposed (refer Figure 16). These lots will ulmately provide a transion from the Residenal R20 lots in the north of the site, into the proposed coage lots located within the southern poron of the site. These lots have been coded R30 to reflect the same primary street setbacks proposed within the abung R40 coage lot precinct to the south. This will ensure a uniform streetscape is created within the new Development Area. Detailed Area Plans and/or Design Guidelines may need to be applied to the R30 lots to ensure improved streetscape design, parcularly as the majority of the R30 lots are proposed with angled frontages. These built form controls will also encourage improved surveillance of the adjoining Garvey Park. Precinct 3 – Coage Lot Precinct (R40) A Residenal R40 coage-lot precinct is proposed within the southern and eastern poron of the site over the previous Lot 603 Tibradden Circle and Lots 257 and 258 Fauntleroy Avenue. The coage lots are generally designed with a frontage of 12.5 – 15 metre frontages and 30 metre depths with lot areas of approximately 375m². Plates 3 & 4: Indicave Medium Density R30 Lots Plates 5 & 6: Indicave Coage and Studio Lots P.26 26 2200 2200 Rep7 Rep8b NS-09 NS-09

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