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2200 Rep7 NS-09 2200 Rep8b NS-09 - City Of Belmont

2200 Rep7 NS-09 2200 Rep8b NS-09 - City Of Belmont

In some areas, including

In some areas, including lots within the north-eastern poron of the site, the depth of the proposed coage lots has been reduced to 24 metres. This product type is referred to as a ‘studio lot’ and has worked well in other new residenal areas within the metropolitan region. We believe this lot type will provide an alternave housing product to aract purchasers such as first home buyers. Of all the proposed R40 coage lots, only the lot on the corner of Tibradden Circle and Lilian Grove achieves the required minimum lot size to be further subdivided. If an applicaon for subdivision is received over this lot, development will enable the future dwellings to face each street respecvely. The key difference between Opon One and Opon Two is the deleon of eight R40 lots from Opon Two. As a result an R40 grouped housing site has been incorporated within the second design opon. Development on the R40 lots (parcularly the studio lots, those fronng Garvey Park and the grouped housing lots) will need to be controlled through a Development Applicaon, Design Guidelines or a Detailed Area Plan. These built form controls will ensure dwellings address the public realm as well as provide an amenable streetscape. 5.3.3 Road Network The proposed road network within DA8 is highly legible and permeable ulising exisng unconstructed road reserves and providing a direct connecon to surrounding roads. Access into the subject site will be via the unconstructed poron of Lilian Grove which, via Lot 202, intersects with Tibradden Circle to the south. To prevent the creaon of an intersecon with poor sightlines at Lilian Grove and Fauntleroy Avenue, the City’s Engineer has recommended that Lilian Grove be terminated at its northern end and converted into a cul-de-sac ensuring sole access from Tibradden Circle in the south. The extension of Lilian Grove through Lot 202 Tibradden Circle has been proposed in accordance with previous designs prepared for the WAPC. Lot 202 Tibradden Circle, like Lilian Grove, is idenfied as ‘Parks and Recreaon’ but is not idenfied as an unconstructed road reserve. Discussions with the WAPC will therefore need to be undertaken to ensure road access over Lot 202 Tibradden Circle is supported. If Lot 202 Tibradden Circle cannot be converted into a road reserve, the southern end of Lilian Grove will need to be designed as a cul-de-sac and the northern end will need to be redesigned to provide access via Fauntleroy Avenue. P.27 27 2200 2200 Rep7 Rep8b NS-09 NS-09

Within Opon One, a loop road designed to the standards of a 12m wide Local Access street is provided to facilitate access to all lots. This road will straddle the boundary of Lot 603 Tibradden Circle and the adjoining rear boundaries of Lots 248, 250, 252, 254 and 256 Fauntleroy Avenue. To ensure the land required to construct this road is provided the City of Belmont will either support legal agreements with the affected landowners or will compulsory acquire them under Secon 3.55 of the Local Government Act and Part 9 of the Land Administraon Act. 5.3.4 Public Open Space The subject site directly abuts Garvey Park and provides excellent connecvity via the internal road network and proposed pedestrian access ways to the Swan River. Future development of the subject site will also assist in improving surveillance of the park. Opon Two alters this loop road, proposing the creaon of a cul de sac to access the future proposed lots. At the southern end of this cul de sac pedestrian access to Garvey Park is retained through locaon of the public open space. Within both opons a low trafficked 8m access way is provided in the north eastern poron of the site. This access way conforms to the minimum dimensions stated within Development Control Policy 2.6 and also conforms to the definion of a Special Purpose Street within Liveable Neighbourhoods. This 8m access way does not provide through-access for vehicles but allows for pedestrian and cyclist connecon through to the PAW reserve to the Swan River. Bollards are provided in the centre of the 8m access way to prevent through vehicular access. In regard to pedestrian and cyclist access through the site, the Structure Plan has been designed to provide easy access to the Swan River, Garvey Park and Great Eastern Highway ensuring excellent connecvity with the City’s exisng trails plan. Plates 7 & 8: Garvey Park As outlined within the Land Use Summary in Secon 5.3.1, a total POS contribuon of approximately 3,400m² is required. Within Opon One, in accordance with the City’s LPP17 (which doesn’t generally support the creaon of small pocket parks in close proximity to large areas of open space), the DA8 Structure Plan does not propose any new areas of open space or addions to Garvey Park. P.28 28 2200 2200 Rep7 Rep8b NS-09 NS-09

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