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2200 Rep7 NS-09 2200 Rep8b NS-09 - City Of Belmont

2200 Rep7 NS-09 2200 Rep8b NS-09 - City Of Belmont

In this opon it is

In this opon it is acknowledged that each of the landowners will be required to pay a cash-in-lieu contribuon to the City to compensate for the lack of POS provided on site. It is expected that the cash-in-lieu component would be used to connue with the upgrading of the nearby Garvey Park and access points to the Swan River. Within Opon Two, 3032m 2 of open space has been provided abung Lilian Grove, having regard to Council’s aspiraons for the site. The area that has been idenfied as public open space is considered to be the area that has the most significance in terms of exisng dampland and associated vegetaon. Retenon of this public open space area also reflects the recommendaons made within the Garvey Park Precinct Study Development Concept Plan. 5.3.5 Servicing Strategy To ensure the successful implementaon of these Structure Plan elements, a Servicing Strategy is required to be prepared by the individual developers/proponents of the site or by Engineers appointed by the City. This report will be required to ensure that there is no impediment to the future residenal development of the site. The exisng drainage outlet adjacent to Hay Road has not been retained on the basis that it represents limited conservaon value and drainage oulow can be redirected to the proposed public open space area and exisng wetland in Garvey Park. The shorall of 368m 2 of public open space will also need to be provided as cash-inlieu. With respect to the damp area and drainage outlet, it should be noted that the Department of Water (DoW) does not support the creaon of arficial lakes or permanent open water bodies (basins) when they involve the exposure of groundwater or require the modificaon of a wetland type. This would include the excavaon or lining of lakes that require groundwater to maintain water levels in summer, or the converng of a dampland into a lake. The reasons for this posion primarily relates to environmental and health concerns, such as hydrology, water quality, mosquitoes, midges, algal blooms and acid sulphate soils. As such, removal of the drainage outlet and damp area would be consistent with DoW’s posion. P.29 29 2200 2200 Rep7 Rep8b NS-09 NS-09

P.30 Rep7 NS-09 2200-19A 29.06.09 N.T.S DA8 STRUCTURE PLAN - OPTION 1 FIGURE 17

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