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2200 Rep7 NS-09 2200 Rep8b NS-09 - City Of Belmont

2200 Rep7 NS-09 2200 Rep8b NS-09 - City Of Belmont


1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Purpose The purpose of this Structure Plan and supporng report is to enable the City of Belmont to facilitate and guide the long term subdivision and development of the Ascot Development Area 8 (DA8) site. The Structure Plan report has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of Clause 10.18 and Schedule 14 of the City of Belmont Town Planning Scheme No. 14 (TPS14). The Scheme idenfies the site as a Special Control Area, and more specifically as Development Area 8 (DA8), requiring the preparaon and adopon of a Structure Plan prior to the development of the land. 1.2 Project Area The project area, defined as DA8, is located within the suburb of Ascot within the City of Belmont. The site is strategically located approximately 8.5km east of the Perth central area with direct access via Great Eastern Highway (refer Figure 1). The subject site is triangular in shape and is bounded by Fauntleroy Avenue to the north; the unconstructed Lilian Grove to the west; exisng Luke Place R20 Precinct (bounded by the eastern boundary of Lot 258 Fauntleroy Avenue) to the east; and Hay Road and Tibradden Circle to the south. Garvey Park and the Swan River are within close proximity to the subject land. The Ascot subject site was idenfied as a Development Area in 2006 through its inclusion within Amendment 49 to TPS14. This Amendment was iniated to introduce Structure Plan provisions for priority development areas within the City. The Ascot DA8 subject site was specifically considered due to the large individual landholding located within the site; the demand from exisng residences to redevelop their properes; and the proximity of the site to Garvey Park. The two Ascot DA8 Structure Plan design opons have been prepared by Chappell Lambert Evere on behalf of the City of Belmont to idenfy the exisng physical condions of the site; assess potenal opportunies and constraints on the site; and provide clarity and guidance to Council and the Community in the future development of the site. Figure 1: Locaon Plan P.1 1 2200 2200 Rep7 Rep8b NS-09 NS-09

1.2.1 Land Ownership The subject site comprises approximately 3.5ha of land in mulple ownership with the largest land parcel (Lot 603 Tibradden Circle) owned by the WAPC (refer Table 1, Figure 2 & Appendix 1). The remainder of the site consists of ten (10) green tle and two (2) strata tled, privately owned, lots fronng Fauntleroy Avenue. Single dwellings have been constructed on the majority of these lots. Table 1 – Land Ownership Details Lot Details Ownership Land Area (ha) Lot 6 Fauntleroy Avenue BE Kennedy & SH Wu 0.1243 Lot 7 Fauntleroy Avenue SC Sharp 0.1031 Lot 244 Fauntleroy Avenue SR & SJ Loynes 0.1320 Lot 245 Fauntleroy Avenue WP & J Bennier 0.1621 Lot 248 Fauntleroy Avenue WP Bennier 0.1573 Lot 250 Fauntleroy Avenue D Figliomeni 0.1260 Lot 252 (1) Fauntleroy Avenue RC McPherson 0.0712 Lot 252 (2) Fauntleroy Avenue SD Jones 0.0712 Lot 254 Fauntleroy Avenue YM Ayres 0.1654 Lot 256 Fauntleroy Avenue C & JA Sykes 0.1662 Lot 257 Fauntleroy Avenue E Toronyi 0.2314 Lot 258 Fauntleroy Avenue E Toroyni 0.2195 Lot 603 Tibradden Circle Western Australian Planning Commission 1.6922 TOTAL 3.4219 1.3 Methodology In preparing the Ascot DA8 Structure Plan report, meengs were held with the City of Belmont and the WAPC/ Department for Planning and Infrastructure (DPI) to obtain relevant planning, environmental, engineering and traffic informaon for the site. Background studies were reviewed and informaon, regarding the local history of the development area, was obtained. Following the collaon of all available informaon, site inspecons were undertaken by Chappell Lambert Evere to establish the current use and physical aributes of the subject site and to assist in the preparaon of an opportunies and constraints analysis and plan. From this it was possible to prepare a Structure Plan for DA8 to demonstrate the most appropriate future development outcome for the site. Following discussions with Planning Officers a second design opon was prepared to provide Councillors with two varied opons to consider for adopon. Recommendaons have also been made in regard to implementaon of the plan and further work required. P.2 2 2200 2200 Rep7 Rep8b NS-09 NS-09

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