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HazMat Presentation - Martin County, Florida

HazMat Presentation - Martin County, Florida

Pesticide Labels •

Pesticide Labels • Product name • Active ingredients • Signal word – Caution – Warning – Danger (Poison) • Precautionary statements 2008 Haz-Mat Review 36

Slide Activity Have the students turn to the pages of the ERG which shows the pictographs of all the placards and labels which we have discussed. Ask the students to select a label which would best identify the following materials: Liquid pesticide Gasoline An acid A gas used for killing insects An explosive Answer - Poison Answer - Flammable Liquid Answer - Corrosive Answer - Poison Gas Answer – Explosives Discuss the selection with the students. Reinforce that the material need not be absolutely identified in order to make a decision with regard to safety. 2008 Haz-Mat Review 37

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