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HazMat Presentation - Martin County, Florida

HazMat Presentation - Martin County, Florida

Chemical versus

Chemical versus Biological Incident Chemical incidents can be identified by the following: • Rapid onset of medical symptoms characteristic of chemical exposure • Natural indicators • Chemical residue and odors • Indications of a hazardous materials release, i.e. plume or cloud Biological incidents can be identified by the following: • Gradual onset of medical symptoms without obvious odors or colors • Wide spread migration of the illness • Infectious individuals transmitting to others 2008 Haz-Mat Review 48

Unit 2 Summary • Goals of recognition and identification – Recognize, Classify, Identify • Six clues to the presence of hazardous materials – Occupancy and location, container shape and size, placards and labels, shipping papers and facility documents, markings and colors, the human senses • There are nine general classes of hazardous materials 2008 Haz-Mat Review 49

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