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h-cmd4001.pdf - Hyundai Electronics

h-cmd4001.pdf - Hyundai Electronics


DUAL MENU MENU DESCRIPTION DUAL Set DUAL Zone function on / off. KEY Use keys at CURRENT or DVD VOL Adjust level of DVD volume, Support 50 levels. Default level is 15 RDS SETUP MENU MENU DESCRIPTION TA SEEK ALARM PI MUTE SOUND RETUNE LONGSHORT MASK DPI ALL EON TA DX LOCAL REG OFF-ON TA VOL Adjust level of TA volume, Support 50 levels. Default level is 15 EXPERT MENU MENU DESCRIPTION DX Set search radio station by DX or LOCAL mode. DX LOCAL STEREO Set radio audio at STEREO or MONO mode, STEREO MONO BEEP Set press keys‘s sound. 2ND ALL OFF LOUD Set loudness on or off. OFF ON SUB Set Sub Woofer output on or off. OFF ON WOOFER BACKLIGHT Set OSD BACKLIGHT:MIDHIGHLOW OSD COLOR Set OSD COLOR: DARK BLUEVIOLETLIGHT BLUE 18

CLOCK MENU MENU DESCRIPTION CLOCK Set CLOCK display time or not. Off / on. CLOCK ADJUST Set CLOCK ADJUST time Dual zone function DUAL ---DUAL ZONE function, DVD and RADIO output by the same time. Short press MEUN button, go into DUAL select, Press ON/OFF button to select,. When press ON, in DVD mode, DVD/DUAL will be displayed. When connect to one more monitor, DVD OUT play DVD, and AMP, LINE OUT and Sub woofer play Radio. When you select OFF, DUAL function does not work. If locked to Radio function, all buttons on front panel or remote control are only used to select Radio function. If locked to DVD function, all buttons on front panel or remote control are only used to select DVD. TILT function Short press MENU button go into Item TILT function select. This function is used to adjust monitor angel. Mode setting Change playing mode in a sequence of: RADIO =>DVD=>USB=>SD/MMC=>TV=>AV IN=>RADIO On-screen display (OSD) Press the OSD button to show the current mode information on the display. 19

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