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h-cmd4001.pdf - Hyundai Electronics

h-cmd4001.pdf - Hyundai Electronics

SD/MMC cards/ USB

SD/MMC cards/ USB operations Please note: the MMC and USB modes are optional. Inserting the SD/MMC card/ USB device 1. Turn the power on. 2. Insert the USB device into the USB slot on the front panel. The playing mode will be changed into USB mode automatically. The unit will read the files automatically. 3. To insert the SD/MMC card into the proper slot press the OPEN button on the panel to detach it and insert the SD/MMC card into SD/MMC slot. The playing mode will be changed into Card mode automatically. The unit will read the files automatically. 4. To enter the SD/MMC mode or USB mode press the MODE button. USB/SD/MMC notes USB functions (flash memory type) MP3 music play. 1. SD/ MMC card support, 2in1 (SD/ MMC) support. 2. USB flash memory. 3. FAT 12/ FAT 16/ FAT 32 is possible - FAT 12/16 (dir: 200 support, file: 500 support), - FAT 32 (dir: 200 support, file: 500 support). 4. Filename: 32 byte/ Dir name: 32 byte. 6. Multi card reader not support. 7. USB 2.0 support. Note: USB format supports 2.0. 24

Capacity: up to 2 GB. SD cards brands: Cannon, Fuji film, Palm, Motorola, Microsoft, IBM, HP, Compaq, Sharp, Samsung, etc. Capacity: up to 2 GB. MMC cards brands: Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola, HP, Palm, Sanyo, Microsystems, etc. Capacity: up to 2 GB. Functions The Play/pause, Previous/next track/ FR/FF functions are same as for Discs (see the Discs operations chapter of this instruction manual). 25

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